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Welcome to Diamond Version! Glad to see you. You've made the right choice, coming here. For only here can you witness battles the likes of which this world has never yet seen. O, ye will tremble. O, ye will cower. O, ye may even say wows. But it's here.

Diamond Version is the culmination of a thousand years of blood, sweat, and tears. It is the last stand against the nihilistic apathy that threatens our peaceful Pokebattlian land. No longer content to sit idly in the darkness, Diamond Version sits idly in the light instead!

Diamond Version began on April 14, 2009, which was 10 years after Red Version published its first battle. It lasted until Octobuary 56, 3356, when it was part of the Google Federation's latest round of acquisitions.

Whoops, a spoiler. Ah well. They won't notice just one...

Diamond Version Battle #001: Missingno.'s Visit April 14, 2009
10 years ago on this day, a neuron fired in the head of a young man named Jason Ross which compelled him to write what is known as a PokeBattle. To celebrate this, we've written a battle which pays tribute to the original battle itself. MISSINGNO. knows where you live. MISSINGNO. is at the door. MISSINGNO. is compelling you to leave comments.

Diamond Version Battle #002: It's Not Rocket Science April 14, 2009
As if one battle today weren't enough, we've got another one. This time with James. In this battle, James learns three things... 1) Meowths are overpaid, 2) Words are everything, and 3) Being dead is very much like being alive except the hours are poor, and the individual minutes are even worse.

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