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Welcome to PokéBattles!

PokéBattles is a comical series of parody fanfiction combining some elements of the Pokémon universe with other anime, video games, and the real world. In fact, most PokéBattles don't have even any Pokémon in them! If this sounds interesting to you, or even if it doesn't, you should read Red Version PokéBattles. This was the first PokéBattles site created by a young Jason Ross back in 1999, and it's still pretty funny to this day. It's a good introduction to what PokéBattles is all about.

For the most part, each 'battle' is a short story which usually culminates in an actual fight between two characters. The most unique part is the style with which a battle is written. Lines in red text are the Narrator, and lines in aqua text are the Player. The Narrator always speaks in the same style as the narrator in the Pokémon games, with lots of capitalized nouns and verbs. Often times in PokéBattles, the Narrator is given a personality as well. The player can be anyone, and is usually filled by one of the main characters of whichever PokéBattles version you happen to be reading at the time. The style of writing for the player is normal. Following is an example of both:

Welcome to POKéBATTLES! I am the NARRATOR!
Hello, welcome to PokéBattles! I'm the player!

So, you've written a PokéBattle of your own, and want to put it on the site? Awesome! Head on over to Pearl Version, which is where you can post your battle!

We're still working on building up the site's content, but be patient and we should have it all ready to go pretty soon. In the meantime, go read Red Version!

Here's a quick list of what the different areas of the site are all about. On the left menu we have:

  • Diamond Version: These are where the official PokéBattles of go, written by our own crack team of licensed PokéBattle Writers. (currently not activated)
  • Pearl Version: Fan Battles go here. If you write a battle and you'd like to get it on the site, send it in and we'll put it up at Pearl!
  • Platinum Version: These are the forums for, where we talk about anything and everything.
  • Network: This is where we rank and list all the PokéBattles fan sites. (currently not activated)
  • Ruby Version: Not used yet. (currently not activated)
  • Sapphire Version: Not used yet. (currently not activated)
  • Emerald Version: Not used yet. (currently not activated)

The right-side menu holds archives of the older generations of PokéBattles. From top to bottom:

  • Red Version: Archives of the original PokéBattles website written by Jason Ross. (in progress)
  • Blue Version: Archives of fan battles that were written for the original PokéBattles website. (in progress)
  • Green Version: Archives of the tournaments that were held at the original PokéBattles website. (currently not activated)
  • Yellow Version: Archives of the old PokéBattles forums, from the old message boards.
  • Gold Version: Archives of almost all the old PokéBattles Network websites. They were seperate websites from the main site created by fans, and ranked weekly based on quality on the official site by Jason Ross. (currently not activated)
  • Silver Version: Archives of the short-lived PokéBattles: Advanced.
  • Crystal Version: Not used yet. (currently not activated)

Thanks for visiting our site, and we hope you enjoy your stay.

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