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Fanfic Fanfic Revolution 5thMIX takes place between Red Version Battles #136 and #137.

War of Worlds
Fanfic Fanfic Revolution 5thMIX

Color Key: Red Version / Earth

Part One

The Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX arcade machine sat silently in the desolate land known only as the Path Between Worlds.  Or perhaps not silently.  It was incessantly replaying the same eight bars of music, and yelling such ear grabbing phrases as "COME HERE AND PLAY!" and "STAY AWHILE AND LISTEN!" in Deckard Cain-like fashion.  But all of this fell only on the deaf ears of John Movius and Green Valkyrie, two unfortunate souls foolish enough to love each other from opposite sides of the War of Worlds.
  "Oh, fair maiden..."
  "Oh, gentle sir..."  (This fairly well sums up the basis of their relationship.  Touching, isn't it?)
  "Do you suppose we'll ever meet again?"  Green Valkyrie's eyes wavered in typical anime fashion as she clung to her fiancé.
  "Perhaps in the next world," replied Movius sadly, "Or... who knows?"  he gave a weak shrug.  "Perhaps after the dust has settled."  With that, he separated himself from the beautiful warrior, hoisted his Large Steel Cage of Holding, and walked back toward New World.

* ~ *

Garry Kasparov cleared his throat in the vain attempt of making his presence known to the Almighty One, who was furiously typing away at his computer.
  "Sir...?" he ventured after his throat refused to become any more clear than it already was.
  "Whazzat?" the absent-minded reply floated back.
  "Sir, the army is ready to move."  The great Chess master was irritated by the lack of motivation in his leader; a deadly strategic error in his mind.
  "Hm?  Oh, that.. hold on, after I finish reading this GameCube article I just need to argue with CrimsonKing over the title of this fanfic and play with Liquid Version's banner.  THEN we'll leave."
  "Fanfic, sir?"  Kasparov scratched his head which, if bald, would have made him look like a pawn.  He deliberately chose not to shave his head for this reason alone.
  "I believe he means THIS fanfic," said Emperor Sloth triumphantly as he strolled into the room, waving around a few sheets of paper labeled "FANFIC FANFIC REVOLUTION 5TH MIX".
  "What the HELL?"  Kasparov snatched the papers and took a cursory glance at them, "You're not really going to name it Fanfic Fanfic Revolution 5thMIX, are you?"  The Almighty One stopped typing for a moment.
  "...I didn't name it, Little Red Writing Hood did." he said through clenched teeth.  "You know, the website has really gone to hell since I was sucked into this world.  Little Red Writing Hood wouldn't know the meaning of weekly updates if it hit her over the head.  It's like she doesn't have enough fingers to type with or something."
  "So... how are you going to hit her over the head with a weekly update?" asked a confused Emperor Sloth, "and just who
is Little Red Writing Hood?"
  "That's what I intend to find out, right after I finish this accursed war."  The Almighty One finally switched off the computer, "Alright Kasparov, is the army ready to move?"

* ~ *

Meanwhile, a throat of a different sort was being cleared in the vicinity of Immortus.
  "Yes, yes - we'll be on the move shortly," Immortus hastily informed his second-in-command, Chester.
  "Actually, I had a different question," admitted Chester, "Well, Cretin and I have been wondering.. just how
did you get to Red Version?  We thought you were trapped on Earth with no way to create portals."  Immortus' expression darkened.
  "I said, we'll be on the move shortly."  Chester sensed that he had outstayed his welcome and quickly excused himself.  Or he tried to, but suddenly was blocked by a very intimidating figure standing in the doorway.
  "J-- John Movius!" yelped the surprised Chester.  Immortus regarded the newcomer with an almost bored glance.
  "John Movius indeed.  I trust you will leave us now, Chester."
  "B- But he's blocking the doorw-"
said I trust you will LEAVE US NOW, CHESTER!" the booming voice of Immortus sent Chester flying out the door, his body passing through Movius as in a video game with very poor collision detection.
  "Immortus.  We finally meet." spoke the spiky-haired trainer solemnly.
  "Yes.. whatever happened to your flowery speech?"
  "People change, Immortus.  Even the ones you create yourself."
  "I am well aware of that," Immortus scoffed, "My most powerful creation turned on me, after all."
  "Is that really how you see it?"
  "Is there any other way to see it?"  Movius folded his arms across his chest,
  "I've come to ask one last time.  Call off this infernal war."
  "Why should I?  It is a just war!" insisted Immortus, "The Almighty One is evil.  I will not rest until he is destroyed!"
  "Yet you know you can't win."  Immortus looked like he was going to say something for a moment, then suddenly he stopped.  He appeared to be considering.
  "...where is the Green Valkyrie?" he asked unexpectedly.  John Movius looked confused.
  "What does that have to do with-?"
  "I was just wondering... I thought she was always with you." Immortus shrugged, "I suppose you're right, it doesn't-"
  "She happens to be in Old World," interrupted Movius, "to have this same conversation with the Almighty One.  She also needed food badly, or something."  Immortus seemed pleased.
  "Then perhaps there is hope for peace after all..." he mused.  Movius was genuinely surprised.
  "Yes, of course!" he persisted, "There is no reason why the two worlds cannot exist together in-"  Immortus held up a hand suddenly,
  "Hold on, I'm getting a call," he explained, picking up a cell phone that had apparently been set to silent.  "Yes?  Oh... that is unexpected... he's actually right here... no... yes, that certainly is a surprise... alright, report back to headquarters immediately."
  "What was that about?" ventured Movius as Immortus replaced the phone with a heavy sigh.
  "I'm afraid your bid for peace has fallen short in the other world." he said sadly.
  "...what do you mean?" asked Movius, fearing the worst.
  "The Almighty One has met blades with the Green Valkyrie.  I am sorry Movius.. she did not stand much of a chance."  Movius stood shocked.
  "You mean she.. she..?"
  "I'm sorry Movius.. she was slain."
  "O, I am fortune's fool!" cried out Movius, sinking to his knees.
  "Apparently she was stabbed in the back by Lord Sloth while the Almighty One was taunting her," he added.  Movius broke into heavy sobs.
  " spy also reported that she was tortured and mutilated.  Repeatedly.  By every single Old World character.  Then her body was paraded around and there were fireworks.  And they feasted upon her like the cannibals they-"
  "ENOUGH."  Movius was breathing heavily.  Dark hair began to grow over his entire body; his teeth morphed into fangs.  Within moments, he had transormed into...
  "MOVIUS BEAST!!  I WILL AVENGE MY VALKYRIE!!! RAAAAARRRRR!!!"  Movius charged back toward the Path Between Worlds, the look of death in his eyes.

And Immortus grinned.

Part Two

  "Hnn.  Almighty One, before we leave I should inform you that we captured the Green Valkyrie again."  Lord Sloth informed his leader as he finally emerged from his tent.
  "Oooh.. so is she joining our side this time or what?" he asked.  Lord Sloth looked horrified.
  "I feel compelled to remind His Greatness that the name Green Valkyrie is just about synonymous with Benedict Arnold."
  "Uh huh.  So he's here too, or...?"  Lord Sloth counted to ten silently, then tried again.
  "Almighty One, I would see it as extremely wise if you took this opportunity to kill her.  Possibly mutilate the body and parade it around, just for fun.  I dunno."  The Almighty One looked horrified.
  "What a disgusting sloth of a sloth you are.  Bring the Valkyrie to me, I'll take care of her."  Lord Sloth did as he was told, muttering under his breath the whole while.

* ~ *

  "Almighty One,"  Green Valkyrie bowed low, "Thank you for seeing me.  I know things have been.. awkward in the past."
  "And thank you... for bowing low," said the Almighty One with a lame grin.
  "I have come to request, one last time, that you call off this war.  It can only spell disaster for us all."
  "Now why would I do that?" puzzled the Almighty One.
  " bring peace to the land so that everyone can live in harmony." offered the Green Valkyrie.
  "Oh, I'd be glad to, except that Immortus is bent on destroying me, and the only way for me to get to Earth is to kill him so I'll regain all my powers."  Green Valkyrie sighed.
  "Then can I um... rejoin your side at least?" she asked timidly, batting her eyes at the Almighty Chump.  Er, One.
  "Wellllll... maybe..." he ceded, "But only if you promise not to betray me again."
  "I can't make that promise."
  "Can you at least promise not to try to kill me?"
  "...alright, you convinced me."  With a devilish grin, the Green Valkyrie slinked away.  Lord Sloth watched in utter disbelief.
  "Hnn... this cannot be a good sign," he mumbled as he slothed away to do slothlike things.

* ~ *

  "It is finally coming to a conclusion," the shadowy figure spoke as he witnessed the two armies closing in on the Path Between Worlds.  "Everything I've worked for will become mine... the time to move is now."  He stood and picked up the only belonging which he cared to take with him; a PlayStation 2 console, with a Metal Gear Solid 2 game disc safely inside.  With a spoken word of magic ("ALAKAZAM!"), his body seemingly dissolved into nothingness.

  "For the last time,
where has the Almighty One hidden his valuables??" asked Dacta, completely exasperated.  She had been staking out the Almighty One's house on Earth for quite some time, but Immortus' presence made looting the house impossible, even with the FBI's significant resources at her disposal.  Now that Immortus had mysteriously disappeared, Dacta had thought she was home free.  Finding anything of value within Poké Battles Headquarters, however, proved difficult.
  "Pika," the answer was, as expected, entirely nonsensical.  Dacta fumed.
  "If you don't tell me where they are, I swear I'll start shooti--"  a sudden noise that sounded like "o.O" startled the FBI agent into losing her train of thought.
  "WTF was that??" she spun around, trying to find something to aim it at.  She decided at this time that the shadowy figure looming in the doorway was good enough.
  "No need to be alarmed... I know all about you.  I've no need to interfere with your task here."
  "Where did you come from?" asked a bewildered Dacta, keeping her gun trained on the suspicious stranger.
  "I am from hell, though that is not really anyone's concern.  I have come to meet with that fellow over there."
  "Pika?" asked the creature sitting at the Almighty One's computer.
  "That's right," the shadowy figure nodded almost imperceptibly, "You have done your job very well, Little Red Writing Hood."

* ~ *

Kasparov took stock of all those in attendance.  Some 3000 nameless expendable characters, combined with quite a few recognizable expendables, including Trick-Or-Treater and himself.  Of course, the power players are more important than the pawns, and in Kasparov's estimation the lineup was solid.  The great mecha Nerra Torr, the Sloths, James & Jessie, and of course Butch - all of whom would be difficult to kill.
  "This shall be a true chess match indeed," he thought to himself.  They were just now stepping onto the Path Between Worlds, many of them destined never to return.  Although, it might not be so accurate to refer to it as a path, since there were several square miles of flat land that resided between the lands.  It was the perfect place for a battle.
  "COME HERE AND PLAY!!" shouted the DDR machine at them mockingly.  Yeah, they were here to play the most dangerous game there was... the game of war.  Off in the distance, the shadowy forms of their enemies began to take shape.  Immortus.  Chester.  Cretin.  Chad Lawson.  Nick Araton.  Ultra-Eve.  They too led a (somewhat smaller) army of nameless and recognizable expendable characters.  Perhaps the most notable difference between the two armies was that Immortus was leading his, while the Almighty One commanded from the rear.
  "Another mistake," mumbled Kasparov to himself, but there was no more time for tactical discussion.  The time for battle was nigh.

* ~ *

  "PIKA!!" shrieked the frightened Pokémon as the Shadowy Figure walked forward.
  "Do not be frightened," spoke the Figure as he slowly approached the Pikachu, "As long as you do exactly as I ask, no harm will come to you."
  "Hold it," Dacta stepped into his path, her gun trained on where his head probably was (one can never be too sure with shadows), "Before you take one more step, I want to know
what the hell is going on."  The shadowy figure stopped walking, appearing to consider.
  "Very well," he conceded, "But only because it is too late to change the outcome."
  "Why is there a Pikachu here?  And why did you call it Little Red Writing Hood?" she demanded to know, choosing to ignore the Shadowy Figure's ominous words.
  "This is a very special Pikachu," the answer came from the shadows of the Figure's cloak, "I allowed it to infiltrate Poké Battles HQ.  Immortus foolishly treated it as a pet.  But once it learned the proper passwords, it was easily able to take control of Red Version away from Immortus."
  "Screw that," Dacta was becoming impatient, "Does it know where the Almighty One keeps his valuables or not?"
  "Soon after, it banished Immortus to Red Version," he continued, ignoring Dacta's new question, "Of course, it was motivated by loyalty to its creator.  It could not have even been done, except for the matter of creative energy."
  "Creative energy?" questioned Dacta, her curiosity allowing her to forget for a moment just how furious she was.
  "It's a rather simple concept, really.  Characters created early on in Red Version's lifespan are imbued with high amounts of creative energy.  That is, the Almighty One's creative energy was poured into each and every character, the early ones moreso than the later ones.  There is nothing inherently dangerous about this, unless the character comes into the real world and attempts to take control of Red Version.  If that happens, whoever has more inherent pure creative energy would, in theory, be able to take over control of the PB server.  Once Immortus expended enough of his creative energy on New World, this Pikachu was able to overcome him.  It was even powerful enough to banish Immortus to Red Version."  Dacta stared blankly for a moment.
  "I don't know what the
hell you just said -- are you trying to say this Pikachu is from Red Version??"
  "In a nutshell, yes.  This Pikachu was one of Red Version's most powerful trainers.  Chance circumstance brought it to Earth shortly before the first Saga concluded, ironically carried here by Immortus himself.  But that is a whole other story."
  " you're saying Pikachu
doesn't know where the loot is.  ARGH."  Dacta angrily stomped out of the room.

Part Three

  The two great armies faced each other, each a disorganized array of random people using whatever they could as a weapon.  A great many used swords, others attempted to use Pokémon (or whatever could pass as a Pokémon) to aid them.  But what became immediately apparent was the huge advantage Old World had when the mecha Nerra-Torr opened fire with its twin machine guns.  It was very effective at thinning New World's ranks, and creating showers of blood that would trigger horrible flashbacks for survivors the rest of their lives.  Immortus saw this, and grimly stepped forward to engage the mecha.  It quickly trained its guns at him, but the bullets ricocheted harmlessly off his immortal skin.
  "Please, stop!"  Mewtwo suddenly blocked his path, "Don't you see?  Humans weren't meant to fight!  Not like this!  Please, stop this senseless violen*aregggghhhh!!"  Immortus deftly impaled the pacifist Pokémon with his sword. "Brothers can't you see… this is not … the way… to put… the end… to waaaar…" the dying Pokémon gasped with his last breath.  Immortus stepped over the body and continued ever forward, determined to bring down the great mecha.
  "Oh no you don't," said Immortus grimly.  He took careful aim as Nerra-Torr backed away at ever-quickening speeds.  A flick of his wrist sent his sword spinning through the air, ultimately embedding itself in Nerra-Torr's back, piercing it directly in its RAM.
  "ERROR>>> ERROR>>> UNABLE TO MAKE NEW MEMORIES>>>"  the machine violently shuddered, then stumbled off back into Old World, extremely confused.  Immortus now found himself disarmed, however.
  "Well, well, well… so we finally meet again…" it was none other than the voice of the Almighty One.  Immortus slowly turned around to face his old rival.
  "It has been a long time, 'friend',"  the last word was pronounced with such spite that the Almighty One might have flinched were it not for his steadfast resolve.
  "Honestly Immortus, what ever made you think you could challenge
me?" the Almighty One asked with a twisted grin.
  "What I did, I did for Warren - and the honor of his memory."
  "Ahh yes… Warren," the twisted grin practically became a pretzel now, "That fellow who had the
nerve to try to lay his hands on Butch.  Of course I dispatched him, he deserved it."
  "And today, you pay for your evil deeds," Immortus spoke gravely.  The Almighty One drew his sword.
  "We shall see."

* ~ *

  "Pika??" asked the Pikachu angrily.
  "Yes, of course I used you, as you so eloquently put it," spoke the Shadowy Figure, "Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way," he cautioned, holding up a Thunder Badge.  Pikachu knew when it was defeated.
  "Pikaaaaa…" it sighed.
  "That's better," the Figure pocketed the badge, "I understand Red Version is in the middle of a fanfic.  I need you to orchestrate a few events for me, before the war ends."
  "Pika, pikachu??"
  "Indeed… after all, I am not truly secure until we eliminate the Creators… their combined energy could still be a threat to me.  I need you to add this sentence…"

* ~ *

  The Almighty One's sword clanged off of Immortus' skin once again.
  "Curses!" he spat, "Why won't you
  "We immortal souls tend not to die so easily," said Immortus gravely, "It's such a shame that--"

  Immortus suddenly turned into a mortal soul that can be killed.

  "--oh crap."  The Almighty One smirked once more.
  "My hour of victory is here!" he cried triumphantly, raising his sword for the final blow.  Immortus winced as the Almighty One's blade fell...


...from his lifeless hands in a horrific display of blood and gore.
  "MOVIUS BEAST!!!" cried the wolf creature as it ripped apart the body of the former Almighty One.  Immortus, at first shocked that he was still alive, now became disgusted by the spectacle.  He turned away, only to have his senses assaulted by the events around him.  He witnessed Chester fall before Deadmarsh's hockey stick.  He watched as his ally Ultra-Eve savagely beat Trick-or-treater to a bloody mess.  He even caught a disturbing sight of an Owl pecking away at Nostradamus' corpse.  Staring stupidly at the battlefield, he sank to his knees.
  "What have we done…" he asked silently, "We have done more damage to ourselves than Doompuff ever did…"
"So now you understand," a phantom voice spoke, seemingly within Immortus' own mind, "I warned the Almighty One long ago what might result from his arrogance; from his belief that he was in full control of Red Version."
  "Who are you??" Immortus demanded of the disembodied voice.
"I am asked that quite frequently.  I am the new caretaker of Poké Battles.  I wish only to preserve what is left of the once great universe."
"Are you the one responsible for Little Red Writing Hood!?" Immortus asked angrily.
"How very perceptive of you.  I am, and it was a necessary step to ensure the safety of the universe."
"Who are you to say what is best for Red Version?  What gave you that right??"
"I see you are going to be difficult to reason with.  Please, step through the portal."  At that moment, a portal of swirling green and blue colors opened.  Immortus, not wishing to remain any longer in the bloody battleground that Red Version had become, cautiously stepped through.

Part Four

John Movius, having reverted to human form after accomplishing his gruesome task, stared at his blood-soaked hands.
  "Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean," Shakespeare's words echoed from Movius' own lips as he looked upon the mangled body that once was the Almighty One.  "My Valkyrie has been avenged… now I can finally rest."  With that, Movius collapsed onto the bloody ground, and lost consciousness.

* ~ *

  "Welcome back," spoke the Shadowy Figure as Immortus materialized in the room.
  "You didn't answer my question," Immortus immediately pointed out, "Who do you think you are, that you know what's best for Red Version??  The Almighty One died under your watch!"
  "My my, what an ignorant statement," the Figure was clearly amused, "Was it not your own cunning trickery that led to John Movius doing what he did?  Indeed, it will be you who is guilty as well, when he takes his own life in his grief."  Immortus stood silently, fuming.
  "I did what I had to do," he insisted.  The Shadowy Figure shook his head.
  "You acted out of anger, jealousy, and desire for revenge," the Figure reminded him, "You are not a good person, Immortus.  Your continued existence is a liability to Red Version."  Immortus, furious and unable to think rationally, grabbed a nearby Game Boy and heaved it at the Shadowy Figure, not caring about the possible consequences.  Caught by surprise, the Figure was struck in the head.  He stumbled backwards, and the hood which kept his identity perpetually covered in shadow fell back, exposing his face to the light.  Immortus went wide-eyed.
   "You!" he choked out, "How could this be??"

  The face of Matt Beswick stared back at him.

* ~ *

  "Movius!"  the voice of the Green Valkyrie failed to pierce the troubled mind of the unconscious trainer, "Oh, Movius!  Art thou in the world of the living still?"  She had found the fallen trainer among the mutilated remains of the Almighty One, lying in a pool of the former Webmaster's blood.  Tears stung the Valkyrie's eyes, as her lover showed no signs of life.
  "O, cruel fate!" she cried to the heavens, "Why must the one person I ever cared to be loyal to be so cruelly removed from this world?"  She allowed her question to go unanswered for a time before she withdrew the small vial of liquid she had purchased at the Poké Mart earlier that day.
  "Caution: For Pokémon use only. Fatal if ingested by humans," she read off the label, "Then I shall soon join you on the Other Side, gentle sir."  With that, she quickly gulped down the poison.

* ~ *

  "I… I don't understand," stammered Immortus, "How…
  "Because without my intervention, Red Version would have destroyed itself," Matt answered simply, "But I grow weary of revelations.  Pikachu..."  the Pikachu's ears twitched, and it cried out its own name as sparks of electricity surged through Immortus.  The not-so-immortal soul was brought to his knees by the shock, wincing as the energy jolted him around.
  "I- if… I had my s-sword you... would never... have done t-this," he stammered as his body continued to spasm involuntarily.  (As opposed to voluntary spasms, I suppose.)
  "Perhaps not.  But when you are so predictable, arranging for you to become disarmed really isn't very difficult."
  "All I-- e-ever wanted was j- justice for W-Warren…" Immortus tried again to plead his case.
  "Then you should be satisfied, the perpetrator of that crime has paid a heavy price.  As have you for your part in the killings in Red Version." said Matt coldly.  Immortus collapsed to the floor, his body continuing to jolt occasionally.
  "Well then…" mused Matt, "Now that the Creators are gone, Pikachu, we should be relatively untouchable… there are not many in Red Version who were created earlier than you."
  "Pika?" the Pokémon was puzzled.
  "That's right, only those created before you could possibly have more creative energy," explained the former Shadowy Figure, "Thus, being as you were created in battle #4, you'd be hard-pressed to think of any surviving characters who could possibly be a threat to us."

* ~ *

  Butch Urrh was mostly numb to the events of that day.  As the sun finally began to set on the horizon, the New World army had finally broken and scattered.  Old World stood victorious, but it didn't feel like much of a victory to Butch.  The Almighty One was M.I.A., as was the Green Valkyrie.  Though Butch quickly put 2-and-2 together on
that count.
  "Urrh, like he couldn't see that coming,"
  "I know
I saw it coming," Emperor Sloth walked by, still reading his copy of Fanfic Fanfic Revolution 5thMIX.
  "Urrrrh, I just don't get it - how can a world based in comedy originally turn into something so tragic and violent?" he asked, more to himself than Emperor Sloth, who was paying no attention at all.
  "Dunno," the Sloth mumbled absent-mindedly, "New Worlders make for good eatin' though."  Butch shuddered, silently vowing to never speak to Emperor Sloth again.

* ~ *

  Movius awoke to find his beloved Green Valkyrie lying next to him, an empty vial in her motionless hand.
  "What cruel thing is this?" asked the bewildered Movius, having believed that the Valkyrie had been killed long ago, "What lies hath Immortus used against me??"  He carefully took the vial and, inspecting it, quickly drew his own conclusion.
  "O, I am fortunes fool!" he cried.  Not wishing to live in a world without his beloved Valkyrie, he stabbed himself in the heart with his Flower of Death.  He slumped to the ground just as Green Valkyrie blinked open her eyes again.
  "What a strange thing, that this poison didst not work upon me."  she glanced at Movius' body, and remembered once more why she didn't wish to live.  She took up her short sword and prepared to slash her wrists.
  "This pathetic scene makes me feel aggressive!" the voice of Adam Deadmarsh stopped the Valkyrie from performing the fatal act, "How can two people so blatantly
suck at killing themselves?"
  "I have no idea what you mean," said a spiteful Movius, sitting up.  How was I supposed to know that the Flower of Death would have no effect on me?"
  "Yeah, and how was I supposed to know this stupid poison wouldn't work?" asked Green Valkyrie.
  "IDIOTS!  Do you even
remember why you want to kill yourselves??"  Deadmarsh shouted.
  "Have you no heart?" Movius asked of the aggressive hockey player, "I cannot live in a world where my Valkyrie is… is... heeeeyyyy… waaaaaaaiiiit a minute…." the slow brain of the mighty trainer started to whir.
  "Without Movius by my side, I refuse to…. Ohhhhhhhh…" Green Valkyrie had a similar epiphany.
  "AGH!" Deadmarsh shouted, "Morons, all of them!  Must kill things before I go insane!!" he angrily stomped away with the intent of taking out his rage on the DDR machine, which had inexplicably survived the war.

* ~ *

  What remained of the Almighty One was buried formally by the very characters he created.  It was a very touching ceremony, the impact of which was felt throughout Old World.
  "If I may have everyone's attention," Kasparov requested.  The rumbling of voices died down.  "The soul of the Almighty One lives on in each of us.  His life would be wasted if we do not adapt into our own lives the lessons that he learned the hard way.  We must learn to think before we act; to not make rash decisions that could endanger our very existence.  We have a chance, now, to rebuild the world into a utopia.  A world not threatened by apocalypse or war.  A world that exists solely for the purpose of lighthearted humor and the parodying of Pokémon that we all enjoy.  A world, dear friends, that we can all be proud of."  There was a long silence as the surviving Old Worlders took in the meaning of everything the wise chess champion had said.
  "Hey!" someone randomly shouted, "Let's go try to open a portal to Aqua Version and rescue Da Evolution Man, at the risk of letting Doompuff back in and getting CrimsonKing royally pissed off!"  This was met with cheers as a large mob quickly formed.  Kasparov allowed his mouth to hang open in disbelief for a moment before a smile slowly spread across his face.
  "Oh, screw it.  Count me in!  You'll need a good strategist."

Season 6 Premiere: April 4, 2002
The saga continues weekdays at 1:00 A.M. pacific


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