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Blue Version Poké Battles #1-5: A Legend Begins
Back when Poké Battles originally began, I decided to type a small message next to my e-mail address, mentioning that you can send ideas for battles, or write battles of your own. After weeks went by with nobody writing anything, I pretty much forgot about the whole thing. Then, one day in June, I received what I never thought I would - a Poké Battle called "Tree Time" had been written and sent to me by [now ]. That probably would have been enough for me to build the "Unofficial Battles" section, [now called the Blue Version Battles section] but a very strange coincidence happened... the very next day I received an e-mail from asking for details about how to write Poké Battles. I sent her the information she wanted, and the next day I found myself with not one but two Poké Battles written by fans. I quickly built the unofficial section and wrote up basic guidelines for submitting battles. When the new section went up, the fans responded by sending me battles on a regular basis - since then, I have been receiving enough battles to publish one [now two] every week! So, I invite you to take a look at the very first battles sent to this site, written by authors who would return again [and again, and again…] to write more.

Blue Version Poké Battles #6-10: Sequels Galore
In the early days of Poké Battles, a submitted battle usually went up on the site a week or two after it was sent in. Because of this extremely short wait period, and because low site traffic failed to attract many new authors, the second collection of Poké Battles is filled with sequels to previous battles. With the exception of battle #8, all of these battles were written by authors who had written battles before. One of the interesting sequels in this section is battle #6. You may remember that battles #5 and 6 create a paradox. Written by different authors, these battles used the same trainer and were both sent in the same week. The question is in what order do the battles take place? Battle #5 starts by mentioning that the "Man with Hook" has been defeated, yet in battle #6 that is exactly who the trainer is fighting. But we cannot assume that battle #6 is a prequel to #5, because in it a Pokémon evolves that is in its un-evolved form in battle #5. This just goes to show how strange things can get when authors borrow each other's characters.

Blue Version Poké Battles #11-15: Technical Difficulties
All of these battles are directly influenced by either computers or television. Battle #11 features television characters that go berserk, Battle #12 is a Star Wars battle, Battle #13 is a battle against a computer, Battle #14 is based on the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000, and in Battle #15 the Windows operating system itself gets into a battle. It really isn't surprising - many of the previous battles have also been based on computers and television. I have 6 months of experience writing Poké Battles, so I know exactly why these types of battles are so common. When someone sits down to think of an idea for a Poké Battle, he or she will begin either with trying to come up with a character or with an idea for the battle itself. In the former case, the most interesting fictional characters exist in television shows, and therefore become popular candidates for battles. In the latter, the person is likely sitting in front of a computer, and therefore will decide to base the battle on the computer itself. So this section consists entirely of those types of battles. After reading these you may find it difficult to use the television or the computer without feeling like you're going to end up in a Poké Battle. Who knows, the next victim could be YOU...

Blue Version Poké Battles #16-20: Pikachu Adventures
It's never easy to fit a set of five battles into one particular title, especially with the always-unpredictable Blue Version battles. Pikachu Adventures fits these battles quite well. Battles 16, 17, and 19 all feature the famous electric mouse in one way or another. An interesting side-note: Battle #16 also would have fit into battles 11-15 easily, since it uses a computer as a Pokémon. This makes a total of 6 consecutive technology-related Poké Battles. Battle #17 stars the trainer Abdul , someone who has more than a few similarities to The Simpsons' Apu, battling an unwelcome Pikachu. Battle #18 is a short battle showing what can happen if you're caught trespassing on a neighbor's property: A Poké Battle. Battle #19 shows a rare instance of Team Rocket doing something right for a change... and they're after Pikachu as usual. Battle #20 is a unique battle that centers around a trainer battling a seizure-inducing anime image on the Internet.

Blue Version Poké Battles #76-80: Return and Re-Use
Thanks to the hard work and dedication of my co-webmaster, Andre of Emerald Version, the battles Jason left behind have been archived into 3 seperate archives. This is the first, battles 76-80. In these battles we see yet another battle by TomBoy, and SuperDuperYoshi, plus 3 battles by various other battle writers. Ok, enough of this crappy summary, on with the battles!

Blue Version Poké Battles #81-85: Tricky Deception
Second archived page of the old battles...again, thanks to Andre's good work. A point of interest on this page, Mattchu, founder of the pokebattles chat room, and webmaster of flame version, wrote battle #82, and has since gone on to great places on the network. Alot of webmasters have their roots in blue version. With the revival of blue, maybe more prominent webmasters will premiere on the field of blue?

Blue Version Poké Battles #86-90: Famed Characters
MR. KITE: Archive, archive, archive...I can honestly say this is the most annoying peice of html work I've ever done. However, it's done, yay. Had to wedge through crashing ftp programs a limit on space in note pad, and sludging through the MSPUB output I grabbed form the old blue. Complaining aside, these are some great battles. In fact, some rather well knwon people wrote these battles. Lani wrote battle #86, and Pocorn Man, known as Dave by those who know him well, wrote #90, which recieved both the viewer's AND webmaster's choice awards.

ANDRE: Some great battles here to open the new Blue Version, and the old Blue battles are good as well. These classics are sure to be remembered.

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