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Red Version #001-005 : The Classics
These were the first Poké Battles ever to be written.  They are the true classics of the series.  It was here that one of the most popular characters, Da Evolution Man, made his first appearance.  This section also features the first Star Wars Poké Battle, where Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader fight to a standstill.  The final outcome was resolved later, in the sixth battle.  Enough talk, though.  Just sit back, relax, and enjoy...

Red Version #006-010 : The Evolution Chronicles
The second series of Poké Battles focused mostly on the trainer known as Da Evolution Man, who was introduced in Battle #4. In battles 7-9, he and Pikachu ran into several strange occurrences involving evolution, including an evolved form of Wigglytuff. Things really got complicated when James from Team Rocket showed up and tried to capture Pikachu. The other two battles, numbers 6 and 10, were Star Wars related. Battle #6 was actually written on the day that The Phantom Menace debuted in theaters.

Red Version Tournament #1
After ten weeks of battles, four of the most powerful trainers have come together to compete for the title of Pokémon Champion.

Red Version #011-015 : The New Trainers
Battles 11, 12, and 13 all introduced completely new trainers.  Battle #11 introduced Captain Pete - an odd sea captain who won't be appearing frequently in future battles (the word "arr" can only remain funny for so long...).  Then, in Battle #12, we get to see World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov attempting a game of Poké Chess.  I think Kasparov has a lot of potential for future battles, representing a trainer who really has no idea what Pokémon is in the first place.  In Battle #13, I used Crono, who was inspired from the game Chrono Trigger, which I'm writing a fanfic on.  (The Chrono Trigger fanfic is actually the main feature on this site -- although Poké Battles gets much more traffic)  As for the last two battles, number 14 finally concluded the struggle between Bob "That Guy" Smith and the cashier (the conflict was left unresolved way back in battle #3)  Battle #15 brought back James from Team Rocket for the first installment in a two-part series in which he ended up battling Professor Oak.

Red Version #016-020 : Ultimate Rivalry
One of the more interesting story lines to surface in the Red Version battles resulted from the introduction of Poké Man. The battles began at first with James fighting Professor Oak, which was continued from battle #15. It was in battle #17 that Poké Man made his appearance, and it didn't take long for Da Evolution Man to notice the similarity in their names. Battles 17 and 18 featured Poké Man's battle against an evil villain. In battle #19 Da Evolution Man finally challenged Poké Man to a battle. In battle #20, Team Rocket enters the fray as Poké Man and his ally catch them trying to rob the Poké Mart. But the cashier at that Poké Mart happens to be the same one that killed Bob's Mewtwo in battle #3 - so she's going to put up a fight too! These five battles bring together a whole bunch of characters in ways nobody ever thought possible. Read on...

Red Version Tournament #2
Monday, September 20. Though the absence of Pikachu forced the champions of battles 11-20 to wait an extra few weeks, they are now ready and fully prepared to strip Pikachu of its title as Pokémon Master. Has Pikachu returned from vacation lazy and unprepared, or has it returned well-rested and energized?

Red Version #021-025 : Trouble Brewing
The seemingly random events of the earlier Poké Battles all seemed to weave themselves together for battles #20-22. Nearly all of the most popular trainers came together and fought each other until battle #22. Things quieted down with battles #23-25, in which the veteran trainers stepped aside to make way for a whole slew of new characters. The Red Warrior, Blue Wizard, Lord Sloth, Emperor Sloth, and Larry are all trainers who you can expect to see frequently in future Red Version battles. A new storyline is already being woven into the existing Poké Battles universe. With all these new characters, and with the introduction of a truly evil villain named Emperor Sloth, we can certainly be sure of one thing: Trouble is brewing.

Red Version #026-030 : Villains and Warriors
With the exception of battles #26 and 29, which were rewrites of award-winning Blue Version battles, the plotline of these battles was fairly linear. The Blue Wizard, convinced that Lord Sloth was planning to take over the world, allied with him in hopes of gaining power. Meanwhile, the Red Warrior was conspiring to defeat Lord Sloth in order to save the world. They both made a tactical error, however, because the true evil overlord turned out to be none other than Emperor Sloth himself.

Red Version Tournament #3
Once again, the reigning Pokémon Master Pikachu must defend its position. Will the competition be too much this time? Or will Pikachu pull off yet another tournament victory? Perhaps this time, the slothful Lord Sloth or the deadly Death will be able to wrench the coveted title away from Pikachu.

Red Version #031-035 : Slothian Takeover
The rise of the evil Emperor Sloth during the last months of 1999 marked the longest continuous set of battles ever to appear on the site. The storyline became so important that each week a recap of the previous events appeared on the top of the page for new visitors. Each of these five battles is a continuous flow of events that lead to Emperor Sloth's gain in power.

Red Version #036-040 : The Fall of Sloth
As the year 1999 drew to a close, the long-running conflict with Emperor Sloth culminated with a final battle on December 31, in which he was finally defeated. The plotline for these battles includes the comedic fanfic that was written between battles #37 and #38 (and is linked below in the spot between those two). After the fall of Emperor Sloth, the Green Valkyrie entered the scene. This new trainer, who was introduced in the first battle of 2000, was actually the first female trainer to have actual dialogue (blue text) in a Red Version battle.

The First Poké Battles Fanfic : Versions Collide
The events of this fanfic take place between Red Version battle #37 and battle #38.

Red Version Tournament #4
Da Evolution Man steps forward to defend his title of Pokémon Champion. Three other trainers who have proven worthy… uhh.. er… how did Woolery get in here??

Anyhow, three other trainers are now prepared to take Da Evolution Man's title away from him. Will they succeed? The answers lie below.

Red Version #041-045 : A New Age
For the first time in months, the Poké Battles Universe is free from the threat of Emperor Sloth. A new age dawns, marked by the appearance of a new trainer named Rab. All five of these battles are involved in the same storyline, as Rab (who shows up in battle #41) has an effect on the other four battles that follow. Battle #41 is one of my favorites, by the way. The parody of is funny because the battle was created using actual search results on that site. Also, Da Evolution Man's vehicle (Da Evolution Van) first appears in battle #43.

Red Version #046-050 : Grip of Death
After a couple of miscellaneous battles involving the Green Valkyrie vs. Lord Sloth and Poké Man vs. a bank robber, the battles focus on the increasing tension between Rab and his Pokémon, Midgyo. Finally, Midgyo escapes Rab (by dying) and Rab must battle against the ultimate foe: Death itself. It all concludes with the landmark Battle #50, where one trainer is given an opportunity to return from the dead… will it be the Blue Wizard, Luke Skywalker, or Midgyo who returns…?

Red Version #051-055 : Minor Wars
The threat of Emperor Sloth has long since passed, and no large-scale conflict seems to be on the horizon. So at this time of relative peace in the Poké Battles Universe, minor battles are being fought between various trainers. Jessie and James turn on each other... Emperor Sloth loses control of his Mewtwo... The Narrator itself is replaced by a clever Missing No.... Da Evolution Man battles Charles Darwin… and Midgyo begins his quest to kill his former master Rab.

Red Version #056-060 : Doompuff's Rampage
The Red Version world was faced with its greatest threat ever during the course of these five battles--a creature known as Red Doompuff. Similar to the Doompuff that had all but destroyed the Aqua Version world, this Red Doompuff was powerful enough to kill off many Red Version characters. In this set of battles, Doompuff faces off against Missing No. and Mewtwo, among others. Up to this point, this is the darkest chapter of Red Version history. It makes Emperor Sloth's takeover pale in comparison.

Red Version #061-065 : Crossover Crisis
Doompuff. Born in Aqua Version, copied in Red Version, and hoping to invade a land we know as Earth. Now, the very existence of the Almighty Webmaster is threatened as the truth behind Lord Sloth is finally unveiled. When a portal is opened up between Red and Aqua Versions, anything can happen… but when a portal to Earth becomes available, nobody is safe. The events of the epic Doompuff saga conclude in Poké Battles the Fanfic 2000, which takes place after battle #63.

Poké Battles the Fanfic 2000 : Doompuff Armageddon
The events of this fanfic take place between Red Version battle #63 and battle #64.

Red Version #066-070 : Hidden Identities
To the great dismay of readers, the mystery of who this mysterious 'Sailor Pete' character really was (introduced here in battle #66) remained a secret until battle #68. Up until then, the answer was always just out of reach. The comments posted on each of the first two 'teaser' battles say it all. The art of keeping readers in suspense is indeed an enjoyable pastime. Battle #69 involves Mark Dent going through a secret identity crisis of his own, and battle #70 seems to have been written by someone entirely different… some 'mysterious voice' who is about to be banished into the Poké Battles Universe...

Red Version #071-075 : Narrator's Breakdown
This set of battles chronicles the Narrator's loss of sanity after dealing with multiple new villains at once. In battle #72, the mecha Nerra-Torr finally causes the narrator to snap. This leads to a very strange 'battle' during which the narrator seeks treatment from a certain 'Dr. Joy'. However, the cure lies not in Dr. Joy's therapy, but in the narrator's discovery of how fun it is to torment its would-be helper. The refreshed Narrator takes out its rage on Immortus in battle #74. Finally, the two former Earth residents Beto Chávez and Immortus decide to form a strategic alliance in the hopes of finding a way home.

Red Version #076-080 : Ominous Omens
With no evil entity trying to take over or destroy Red Version at the moment, things are about as stable as they ever can be for the characters of the Poké Battles Universe. However, during these five battles, ominous omens begin to make themselves known. The rise in power of Beto Chávez, a time traveling incident, and a Doompuff sighting indicate that trouble looms on the distant horizon...

Red Version #081-085 : Final Adventures
This is the final set of battles written before the 'fight for the portal' series began, and they mark the end of an era for the characters in Poké Battles. These miscellaneous battles chronicle some of the final adventures of some Red Version characters before the saga was to conclude on January 1, 2001. Battle #85 marks the end of this era with the marriage of Lord Sloth to the Green Valkyrie.

Red Version #086-090 : The Saga Concludes
Beto and Immortus race to open the portal between Red Version and Earth, neither realizing the full consequences of doing so. In these pivotal five battles, an unspeakable evil is released, and Red Version lies at the brink of complete and utter annihilation. Doompuff has returned, and it has become quite hungry over the past six months. It all comes to a shocking conclusion in the fanfic following Battle #90.

The Final Poké Battles Fanfic : The Saga Concludes
The Final Poké Battles Fanfic takes place after Battle #90.

Red Version #091-095 : A New World
The days of the Almighty Webmaster have passed. Immortus creates a new Poké Battles world to replace the old one, where new characters arise to question what ever happened to the Old World. These five battles chronicle the early adventures of these new characters, and it reveals a startling link that still ties the Old World to the new…

Red Version #096-100 : Good & Evil
As usual, the forces of good and evil continue to collide. This has never been more true before now. Crazy Stan, the stereotypical Evil Villain, braves the Atlantic Milk Ocean in his attempts to reach the mainland. The Good Webmastarians face off against Evil Incorporated to prevent them from taking over the world. And finally, Luke Skywalker fights Crazy Stan for the very right to live in the epic battle #100.

Red Version #101-105 : Homecoming
John Movius makes his first appearance, Gray Davis battles California's power crisis, and a new Doompuff cult surfaces all just in time for Bob and Butch to make their grand entrance back into Red Version in the two-year anniversary. Battle #105 marks a turning point in the history of the New World, where Bob and Butch begin their sacred (read: hopeless) quest to restore Red Version to its original form.

Red Version #106-110 : Rising Tensions
Relations between Bob and Butch and the Webmastarians begin to decay as they begin quibbling with greater and greater frequency, until things finally get so bad that Bob is thrown in a dungeon to be tortured by the Narrator. Finally, the universally-hated Hack Kor is introduced in battle #110. And of course, fans everywhere are eagerly anticipating his death.

Yet Another Poké Battles Fanfic : Time Crusade
Yet Another Poké Battles Fanfic takes place after Battle #115.

Red Version #116-120 : The Dawn
The great War of Worlds begins here, as the Almighty One begins to gather his armies. But such events almost seem minor compared to Battle #118, a battle made famous due to it being co-written by Deb (Ruby/Moonlight Webmistress). To date, is has been the only co-written battle ever on Red Version. Also, the brief "War of Consoles" story arc can be seen here as well. Fear the evil that is XBOX.

Red Version #121-125 : Infiltration
These battles chronicle Da Revolution Man's and Green Valkyrie's daring infiltration into the New World, and their subsequent mishaps once they get there. Also, Movius struggles with some of his more annoying Pokémon, finally culminating with a shocking incident involving Midgyo...

Red Version #126-130 : Valkyrie Gambit
Green Valkyrie has finally reunited with Movius (though they both now find themselves in New World prison) and must now seek to extricate herself from her new predicament. Meanwhile, Immortus makes a very unsettling discovery, and the Almighty One begins to plot against his former ally, Green Valkyrie. The pieces on the proverbial Chessboard begin moving into position...

Red Version #131-135 : Infinite Justice
Strange events are afoot as strange new characters Owl and Adam Deadmarsh clash. More interestingly, the first confrontation between the forces of Old World and New World begins an epic contest of love, strength, and betrayal. And exactly whose version of justice will prevail?

Red Version #136-140 : Fair Verona
The epic love story between John Movius and Green Valkyrie is concluding in this set of battles, which includes the fifth Poké Battles Fanfic. This marks the end of the War of Worlds, and the beginning of an uncertain future. What will become of Red Version now?

Fanfic Fanfic Revolution 5thMIX : War of Worlds
Fanfic Fanfic Revolution 5thMIX takes place between Red Version Battles #136 and #137.

Red Version #141-145 : Retrocession
Crono returns to do battle with magus. Ultra-Eve returns to the Garden of Eatin'. Butch Urrh returns for a rematch with Missing No. Emperor Sloth decides to try taking over the world again. And iRAB returns to be tortured even more than before. These are battles you just can't miss. Oh, and happy third birthday, Poké Battles!

Red Version #146-150 : Evil Roots
Poké Battles goes back to its evil roots with tales of Team Rocket, Magus, Darth Vader, Emperor Sloth, and… Midgyo? It all culminates with battle #150, our third trip to the Land of the Dead...

Red Version #151-155 : Nightmares
Poké Battles was sadly not updated often in 2003. It was updated so infrequently, in fact, that this single archive page covers a full year of battles, from Halloween 2002 through Halloween 2003. Now that is scary.

Red Version #156-160 : Power Shift
As reaches its 5th Anniversary, a historic shift of power results in Garry Kasparov becoming the Webmaster of the Red Version universe. This instantly results in disaster as Kasparov forgets about the Land of the Dead, causing previously dead characters to suddenly find themselves living again. Only bad things can come of this...

Fanfic VI : Knightfall The NeverEnding Fanfic
Fanfic VI: Knightfall The NeverEnding Fanfic takes place between Red Version battles #157 and #158.

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