03/17/00  "Welcome to the board (March 17, 2000) {Old thread}" by JasonR at 11:43PM
      xUMJx; BrownWebmaster; Flashfire; BrownWebmaster; et al
03/18/00  "Anime Webpage" by m3th0d at 04:20PM
03/18/00  "Testing this Thing Out" by ZDGoldVersionDZ at 12:58PM
      PurpleWebmaster; Articuno255
03/19/00  "Aqua's late update..." by EricMHE at 11:20AM
03/20/00  "Technical Dificulties with Orange Version" by OrangeWebmaster at 05:19PM
03/20/00  "[Metal] BATTLE!!! (#1)" by jrcom at 07:35PM
      JasonR; Flashfire; ash7286
03/20/00  "[Orange] I've got BATTLE #2! (#2-3)" by wakuseino at 11:32PM
      EricMHE; JasonR; m3th0d; JasonR; et al
03/22/00  "Hi!" by SIlverWebmaster at 09:44AM
03/23/00  "Evoluman comes home" by EricMHE at 07:05PM
03/24/00  "[Illumina] The Search For UMJ Battle#1: Battle Against Jedi (#4)" by xUMJx at 07:59PM
      JasonR; PurpleWebmaster; PurpleWebmaster; PurpleWebmaster; et al
03/25/00  "Orange Version Advances - Upcoming Events on Orange Version" by OrangeWebmaster at 03:28AM
03/25/00  "Upcoming to Purple Version!" by PurpleWebmaster at 11:06AM
03/25/00  "To WebMasters Everywhere" by xUMJx at 01:46PM
03/26/00  "Purple Version Updates Advanced!: Jason Ross, READ THIS!" by PurpleWebmaster at 05:05PM
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03/27/00  "[Illumina] The Search For UMJ Battle#2 (#5)" by xUMJx at 09:59PM
      JasonR; ash7286; ash7286
03/28/00  "RE: Things to come in the illumina version" by xUMJx at 04:47PM
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03/28/00  "The Search for UMJ Battle#6" by xUMJx at 06:07PM
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03/28/00  "[Illumina] Battle#6: Unriviled Strength (#6)" by xUMJx at 09:45PM
      JasonR; IlluminaWebMstr
03/29/00  "Jigglypuff and ButchUrrh" by lordsloth1999 at 06:33PM
      xUMJx; EricMHE; JasonR; xUMJx; et al
03/29/00  "[Aqua] Battle (#7)" by OddLani at 08:17PM
      EricMHE; JasonR
03/30/00  "Webmasters please read this" by IlluminaWebMstr at 02:20AM
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03/30/00  "Evoluman's Rival" by Ominis at 06:47PM
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03/30/00  "Frost Version" by lordsloth1999 at 08:27PM
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03/31/00  "Question" by Articuno255 at 04:21AM
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04/01/00  "[Purple] Double Battles (Eric, you'll want this one) (#8-9)" by ThePopcornMan at 09:13AM
      PurpleWebmaster; OddLani; JasonR; PurpleWebmaster
04/02/00  "I would like to apologise in advance..." by wakuseino at 09:24PM
      JasonR; EricMHE; EricMHE; PurpleWebmaster; et al
04/03/00  "I despretly need the survices of a narrator!" by xUMJx at 05:40PM
04/03/00  "[Illumina] A Holiday Battle :-) (#10)" by Mystery03 at 08:03PM
      JasonR; IlluminaWebMstr
04/04/00  "Today is a very special day..." by xUMJx at 02:32PM
04/05/00  "Question?" by xUMJx at 09:57AM
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04/05/00  "I've got a golden website!!!" by PurpleWebmaster at 01:44PM
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04/05/00  "New Mysterious Black Version!" by DoubleD at 04:16PM
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04/05/00  "Mystery version?" by Mystery03 at 07:05PM
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04/05/00  "[Illumina] Who wants... (#11)" by EricMHE at 07:25PM
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04/05/00  "Oops!" by Mystery03 at 07:59PM
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04/06/00  "RE: Orange Live Battles, nuff said.." by DoubleD at 08:31AM
      OrangeWebmaster; OrangeWebmaster
04/06/00  "Updated Page!!" by DoubleD at 04:07PM
04/06/00  "Just want to know what you think of my site.." by DoubleD at 06:07PM
      Mystery03; JasonR; xUMJx; IlluminaWebMstr
04/07/00  "Little HTML coding secret..." by DoubleD at 06:51AM
04/07/00  "Jason Ross, read this!!!" by PurpleWebmaster at 04:20PM
04/08/00  "Site design stars..." by Articuno255 at 03:55PM
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04/08/00  "thought/suggestion" by IlluminaWebMstr at 04:47PM
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04/09/00  "RE: Another Suggestion - Maybe its better!" by DoubleD at 05:09AM
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04/09/00  "RE: I want feedback on this - should I, or shouldn't I have a OVN or an Orange Version Newsletter?" by IlluminaWebMstr at 08:26AM
      JasonR; OrangeWebmaster
04/09/00  "Changed Update Schedule" by DoubleD at 11:08AM
04/09/00  "Question for Articuno..." by DoubleD at 01:41PM
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04/09/00  "Suggestions for Site Ratings System" by DoubleD at 01:53PM
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04/10/00  "Question about Illumina" by Articuno255 at 02:45AM
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04/10/00  "Battle Previews" by ThePopcornMan at 06:03PM
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04/10/00  "Darn Time Zone.." by DoubleD at 06:27PM
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04/10/00  "Suggestion for Blue Version Voting" by DoubleD at 07:15PM
04/10/00  "Here's a strange idea..." by wakuseino at 09:28PM
      EricMHE; OddLani; DoubleD; JasonR; et al
04/11/00  "[Black] ---Yellow Version Battle--- (#12)" by ZDGoldVersionDZ at 02:55PM
      DoubleD; DoubleD; JasonR; DoubleD
04/11/00  "RE: Argh!" by IlluminaWebMstr at 04:59PM
      DoubleD; PurpleWebmaster; OrangeWebmaster; OrangeWebmaster
04/11/00  "[Orange] Network War (#13)" by EricMHE at 08:28PM
      JasonR; ThePopcornMan; PurpleWebmaster; IlluminaWebMstr; et al
04/12/00  "test" by IlluminaWebMstr at 04:15AM
      ThePopcornMan; DoubleD; Mathemaniac; ThePopcornMan; et al
04/12/00  "hello everyone" by ultrainer at 10:58AM
      DoubleD; DoubleD; DoubleD
04/12/00  "Think YOUR site is the best?" by ZDGoldVersionDZ at 11:00AM
      DoubleD; DoubleD; DoubleD; IlluminaWebMstr
04/12/00  "Yellow Version Announcement (April 12, 2000)" by JasonR at 03:53PM
04/12/00  "Wakuseino's battles" by Pegasus750 at 04:13PM
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04/12/00  "[Illumina] My first battle =) (#14)" by ChromeMew at 09:31PM
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04/13/00  "updates for illumina" by IlluminaWebMstr at 06:25PM
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04/14/00  "[Black] ultrainer's delux battle (#15)" by ultrainer at 06:18PM
      JasonR; wakuseino; DoubleD; DoubleD; et al
04/16/00  "Battle Label" by JasonR at 12:58AM
      Articuno255; Pegasus750; DoubleD; OrangeWebmaster; et al
04/16/00  "Thinking of live 'war' on ICQ.. Whaddaya think?" by DoubleD at 02:23PM
      ThePopcornMan; OddLani; IlluminaWebMstr; EricMHE; et al
04/16/00  "wakuseino,read this" by ultrainer at 06:16PM
04/18/00  "!!!ATTENTION!!! Illumina live battles" by IlluminaWebMstr at 04:41AM
04/18/00  "preview of an ultrabattle on my site!" by ultrainer at 06:42AM
      DoubleD; Pegasus750
04/18/00  "Indigo vote" by Ominis at 05:37PM
04/18/00  "I'm joining in!" by Ominis at 12:53PM
04/19/00  "double d,read this" by ultrainer at 08:25AM
      DoubleD; JasonR
04/19/00  "allright!here's a great idea for getting metals popularity up!heh heh" by ultrainer at 02:37PM
      JasonR; OrangeWebmaster
04/19/00  "[Metal] Hey all. Just started writing PokeBattles (#17-18)" by JustAWriter at 03:01PM
      ultrainer; DoubleD; DoubleD; DoubleD; et al
04/19/00  "hahahaha!i did it!" by ultrainer at 05:21PM
      DoubleD; JustAWriter
04/20/00  "i wonder if my stars will EVER go up" by ultrainer at 06:20AM
04/20/00  "question about my black version battle" by ultrainer at 06:22AM
04/20/00  "[Black] My Third Battle! (#19)" by JustAWriter at 09:03AM
      JasonR; DoubleD; DoubleD; DoubleD; et al
04/20/00  "Just Got ICQ" by JustAWriter at 01:26PM
04/20/00  "Blue Version #61-65 Vote (4/20/00 - 4/27/00)" by JasonR at 03:12PM
      DoubleD; Articuno255; Poryhedron; jrcom; et al
04/20/00  "um,i got a message borad too!" by ultrainer at 05:15PM
04/20/00  "hey DD!" by ultrainer at 05:18PM
      DoubleD; DoubleD
04/20/00  "Poll thingy - Jason, Read this!" by DoubleD at 05:22PM
      JasonR; JasonR
04/20/00  "hmm.....did u know this?" by ultrainer at 05:52PM
04/20/00  "sorry orange webbie" by ultrainer at 07:52PM
04/20/00  "um...jason?help me please...." by ultrainer at 07:57PM
04/20/00  "heh heh,i accept fanbattles!" by ultrainer at 08:00PM
      JasonR; JustAWriter; DoubleD
04/21/00  "[Metal] Mewtwo's Organ (#20)" by KevDude at 07:34AM
      ultrainer; DoubleD; ThePopcornMan; JasonR; et al
04/21/00  "anyone care for a chat battle?" by ultrainer at 04:22PM
04/21/00  "OH NOOOO!!! Jason come!!!" by jrcom at 12:03PM
      DoubleD; Pegasus750; Mathemaniac; DactaMPR; et al
04/21/00  "i found a mistake on black..." by ultrainer at 12:19PM
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04/22/00  "ILLUMINA!!! COME HERE" by jrcom at 05:31PM
      ultrainer; JasonR; IlluminaWebMstr; IlluminaWebMstr; et al
04/23/00  "War postponed -- See original thread for details." by DoubleD at 09:13AM
      JustAWriter; OrangeWebmaster
04/23/00  "Gold Version is under way! -nt" by JustAWriter at 10:27AM
      ThePopcornMan; JasonR; KevDude; ZDGoldVersionDZ; et al
04/23/00  "idea-commercial thread" by IlluminaWebMstr at 09:07PM
      JustAWriter; DoubleD; JasonR; JustAWriter; et al
04/23/00  "Hey, I'm building another Starcraft-Pokebattles map..." by wakuseino at 12:10PM
      JasonR; DoubleD; DactaMPR; JasonR
04/24/00  "RE: It... is... time . . . . . O.J.V.7 (ER, where'd I get the J?)" by JustAWriter at 10:16AM
      DoubleD; Emerald_Webmstr; OrangeWebmaster; OrangeWebmaster
04/24/00  "Crimson Version" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 05:56PM
      DoubleD; Articuno255; JasonR
04/25/00  "[Illumina] Pokébattles in honour of the Sixth Sense? (#21)" by DactaMPR at 04:44AM
      IlluminaWebMstr; IlluminaWebMstr; JasonR
04/25/00  "[Gold] Just another battle for interested people... (#22)" by DactaMPR at 04:00PM
      JustAWriter; JustAWriter; JasonR
04/25/00  "Indigo Vote 2" by Ominis at 06:25PM
04/25/00  "Yellow Version Event!" by JasonR at 09:50PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; DactaMPR
04/26/00  "A crazy idea by Dacta...." by DactaMPR at 05:40AM
04/26/00  "RE: Quote of the Week - Details" by EricMHE at 06:19AM
      OrangeWebmaster; OrangeWebmaster
04/26/00  "[Black] Pokébattles webmasters and Jason Ross, read this. (#23)" by DactaMPR at 05:24PM
      DoubleD; JasonR
04/26/00  "Submit suggestions! Get your ideas counted!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 12:41PM
04/27/00  "ALERT!ALERT!ALERT!ALERT!" by ultrainer at 06:25PM
04/27/00  "chat" by ultrainer at 07:08PM
04/28/00  "uh, chat war!" by ultrainer at 11:44AM
04/28/00  "[Black] A battle for battle seekers (#23)" by DactaMPR at 03:45PM
      JasonR; DoubleD; EricMHE
04/29/00  "Question about that war" by Emerald_Webmstr at 10:51AM
04/29/00  "battle thread" by ultrainer at 01:04PM
04/29/00  "Get ready for battle --" by DoubleD at 01:58PM
04/30/00  "[Gold] first yellow battle of the day..... (#24)" by ultrainer at 07:17AM
      JustAWriter; JasonR
04/30/00  "[Metal] This is for the Yellow Version Battle Event (#25)" by DactaMPR at 07:59AM
      ultrainer; JasonR
04/30/00  "[Aqua] Battle for the battle day thing : ) (#28)" by OddLani at 04:00PM
      EricMHE; JasonR
04/30/00  "hey jason!" by ultrainer at 06:10PM
      JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr
04/30/00  "[Frost] Battle! (#29)" by Mystery03 at 07:18PM
      JasonR; Articuno255
04/30/00  "[Emerald] What the heck? (#27)" by EricMHE at 12:52PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR; et al
05/01/00  "hello?did anyone hear me?" by ultrainer at 10:41AM
05/01/00  "ICQ Online War - Complete Rules, Date, List of Participants, etc." by DoubleD at 06:34PM
      Articuno255; Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR; Amanda_Erk; et al
05/01/00  "Battle up for grabs!!!" by Wanninoko at 07:13PM
      Mystery03; ultrainer; JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr
05/01/00  "[Metal] Another Battle (#30)" by Mystery03 at 07:22PM
      ultrainer; IlluminaWebMstr; JasonR; IlluminaWebMstr
05/01/00  "hey illumina!" by ultrainer at 08:02PM
05/01/00  "Yellow Version Battle Day Results" by JasonR at 09:31PM
      ultrainer; Emerald_Webmstr; PurpleWebmaster; Amanda_Erk; et al
05/01/00  "Commercial Thread II: Aqua VS. Black" by JasonR at 09:53PM
      EricMHE; Articuno255; DoubleD; DoubleD; et al
05/02/00  "6 stars..." by Articuno255 at 02:48AM
      DoubleD; IlluminaWebMstr; JasonR; Wanninoko; et al
05/02/00  "[Illumina] Uh oh..... (#31)" by Wanninoko at 04:23PM
      IlluminaWebMstr; JasonR
05/02/00  "Midgyo is going down!" by m3th0d at 07:17PM
      JasonR; DoubleD; JasonR; EricMHE; et al
05/03/00  "Idea that's up for grabs" by Mathemaniac at 03:55PM
      Articuno255; Emerald_Webmstr; Amanda_Erk
05/04/00  "Commercial Thread III: Purple VS. Frost?" by PurpleWebmaster at 02:29PM
      IlluminaWebMstr; Articuno255; JasonR; Articuno255; et al
05/04/00  "This is I the one and only GREAT Rottieman" by Rottieman at 03:04PM
      JasonR; DoubleD; DoubleD; JasonR; et al
05/04/00  "My links...." by IlluminaWebMstr at 12:42PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; DoubleD; Articuno255; JasonR; et al
05/05/00  "[Illumina] battle 4 networks to take. (#32)" by Diggeroney at 09:14AM
      IlluminaWebMstr; JasonR
05/05/00  "The White Version...just when you thought it was safe to surf the Network" by DactaMPR at 10:46AM
      Amanda_Erk; DoubleD; ultrainer; Pegasus750; et al
05/05/00  "commercial thread 4-metal vs all of yall" by ultrainer at 03:55PM
      JasonR; JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr; PurpleWebmaster; et al
05/05/00  "If I may ask a favor of Poké Battles fans..." by JasonR at 10:08PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; PurpleWebmaster; EricMHE; DoubleD; et al
05/06/00  "Online War Reminder! Complete list of Participants, Spectator's, Rules, etc." by DoubleD at 05:22AM
      OddLani; Emerald_Webmstr; OrangeWebmaster
05/06/00  "Remember the Online War is this Sunday - Not Saturday" by DoubleD at 08:12PM
05/07/00  "BATTLE!" by ultrainer at 01:53PM
05/07/00  "Online War Results! -nt" by OrangeWebmaster at 04:46PM
05/08/00  "hey doulble d!" by ultrainer at 06:40AM
05/08/00  "sorry I didnt update...... {Old thread}" by IlluminaWebMstr at 04:42PM
      EricMHE; DoubleD; Silver757; sheep_of_doom; et al
05/08/00  "An Ad! Thread #4?" by EricMHE at 06:43PM
      Sir_Chargon; SIlverWebmaster
05/08/00  "Commercial Thread III: Will Crimson be a contender?" by JasonR at 07:38PM
      Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr; DactaMPR; Sir_Chargon; et al
05/09/00  "RE: Second Online War?" by Flashfire at 04:26AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; OrangeWebmaster; et al
05/09/00  "Battles for Shadow Version" by Sir_Chargon at 10:53AM
05/09/00  "Wild AD appeared!" by Sir_Chargon at 02:21PM
05/09/00  "Hey Jason! Read This!" by SIlverWebmaster at 02:55PM
      Articuno255; Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR; JasonR; et al
05/10/00  "(Off Topic) ICQ problems...." by SIlverWebmaster at 09:33AM
05/10/00  "Want Systems, Games, Accessories 4 Less?" by JPElectron at 11:32AM
      wakuseino; SIlverWebmaster; JasonR
05/10/00  "Shadow Version Tenth Battle Celebration!" by Sir_Chargon at 03:08PM
05/10/00  "Check out my cool Poke' Site!" by Enigma-FOC at 04:13PM
05/11/00  "RE: New Orange Version Features" by Articuno255 at 02:52AM
      SIlverWebmaster; JasonR; OrangeWebmaster; OrangeWebmaster
05/11/00  "RE: Sign up for the next Online War!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 08:42AM
      DoubleD; DoubleD; Flashfire; OrangeWebmaster; et al
05/11/00  "RE: Less and Less post on the Message Board, less and less people on ICQ?" by SIlverWebmaster at 09:32AM
      JasonR; JasonR; JasonR; OrangeWebmaster; et al
05/11/00  "Why don't anybody POST BATTLES anymore?" by SIlverWebmaster at 09:37AM
05/11/00  "lookit all the commercials....." by IlluminaWebMstr at 02:33PM
05/11/00  "Sorry - explanation follows..." by DoubleD at 02:48PM
05/11/00  "Question for Jason" by DoubleD at 02:53PM
      EricMHE; EricMHE; JasonR
05/11/00  "How to make a pokebattles site and join the network" by SPSquirtle at 05:01PM
      DoubleD; JasonR
05/11/00  "Emerald Version-Brand New Design!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 05:34PM
      DoubleD; DoubleD; DoubleD; JasonR; et al
05/12/00  "well,im moving!" by ultrainer at 10:26AM
      1CrimsonKing1; JasonR
05/12/00  "GX Giorgio says Hi!" by GX-Giorgio at 11:59AM
05/12/00  "For all those who goto the FPL" by DoubleD at 03:16PM
      EricMHE; EricMHE; OrangeWebmaster
05/12/00  "What's up wit them stars?" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 08:53PM
      JasonR; EricMHE; DoubleD; JasonR; et al
05/13/00  "Hey Jason..." by DactaMPR at 07:35AM
      ultrainer; JasonR; ultrainer; JasonR; et al
05/13/00  "metal.....ARMAGEDDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" by ultrainer at 01:30PM
      D3Athscyth3; D3Athscyth3; IlluminaWebMstr; Ice_Mewtwo
05/13/00  "Wtf?" by D3Athscyth3 at 06:26PM
      ultrainer; JasonR; DoubleD; Sir_Chargon; et al
05/14/00  "JASON!!!!!" by ultrainer at 04:00PM
05/14/00  "Congratulations to Black Version Webmaster DoubleD" by Articuno255 at 11:52PM
      DactaMPR; DoubleD; EricMHE; ultrainer; et al
05/15/00  "whoops" by ultrainer at 06:24AM
05/15/00  "What happened to JustAWriter?" by DactaMPR at 02:02PM
05/15/00  "Poll Thingy For My Site - Please Vote!" by DoubleD at 04:38PM
05/15/00  "the new and improved!" by ultrainer at 06:26PM
05/15/00  "Check it out!" by EricMHE at 10:06PM
      ultrainer; OrangeWebmaster; OrangeWebmaster
05/16/00  "DoubleD, read this" by Sir_Chargon at 10:02AM
      DoubleD; Articuno255
05/16/00  "iRab, Kill Midyo!" by m3th0d at 08:44PM
      EricMHE; JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr; Flashfire; et al
05/17/00  "Emerald Version X: More Updates, Stellar Design, Ultimate Battles!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:25PM
      JasonR; OrangeWebmaster
05/17/00  "DoubleD - Read" by Emerald_Webmstr at 05:49PM
      DoubleD; DoubleD; DoubleD
05/18/00  "Stunned Silence" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 06:50AM
05/18/00  "Is a new design really necessary for 6 stars?" by Flashfire at 09:51AM
05/18/00  "For everyone with a Doompuff in their Versions--Read" by Sir_Chargon at 03:29PM
      ultrainer; Emerald_Webmstr; Pegasus750; ultrainer; et al
05/18/00  "Indigo Vote 3" by Ominis at 06:49PM
05/18/00  "ultrainer..." by jrcom at 07:37PM
      ultrainer; ultrainer; ultrainer
05/19/00  "RE: An Awesome Battle. The Largest ICQ Battle Ever Written." by cubone1a at 02:04AM
05/19/00  "Emerald Version X is here!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 03:02PM
05/19/00  "metal version......." by ultrainer at 03:31PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Pegasus750; Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
05/19/00  "Online War Reminder!!!!!!" by OrangeWebmaster at 05:00PM
05/19/00  "[Metal] BATTLE! grab it while ya can, battle thirsty webmasters/webmistresses! (#33)" by DactaMPR at 05:48PM
      ultrainer; ultrainer; ultrainer; JasonR
05/19/00  "RE: Argh.. Life, why are u always in my way?" by JasonR at 08:55PM
05/20/00  "Jason -- Is my design six stars? [EOM]" by Emerald_Webmstr at 10:52AM
05/20/00  "Well, I've finally done it:" by wakuseino at 11:39AM
05/20/00  "Read this!!! Every PokeBattles site owner, read this!!!" by PurpleWebmaster at 02:53PM
05/20/00  "Debate: Would you pay money to battle?" by JasonR at 03:59PM
      DactaMPR; Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; Flashfire; et al
05/20/00  "ONLINE WAR IS NOW!!!!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 05:16PM
05/20/00  "Calm down, Emerald.." by OrangeWebmaster at 05:22PM
05/20/00  "Hey, just wondering..." by DactaMPR at 06:18PM
05/20/00  "The Online War was great! You don't know what you missed!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 07:15PM
05/20/00  "Third Online War" by Emerald_Webmstr at 07:19PM
      DoubleD; Flashfire; Flashfire; DoubleD; et al
05/21/00  "Hey, Eric, and others who were interested in the FPL..." by MrGraves at 01:03PM
      DoubleD; EricMHE; EricMHE; OddLani; et al
05/21/00  "Emerald Version/Black Version Crossover Battle!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 04:50PM
      DoubleD; 1CrimsonKing1; Articuno255; DoubleD; et al
05/22/00  "a favor for a friend of mine...." by ultrainer at 10:46PM
      JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR
05/23/00  "Where am I?" by Henchman- at 10:33AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; DoubleD; DoubleD; Pegasus750; et al
05/23/00  "Is my design six stars NOW, Jason?" by Emerald_Webmstr at 10:43AM
05/24/00  "Purple Strikes Back" by PurpleWebmaster at 04:24AM
05/24/00  "RE: FPL Character" by DoubleD at 06:12AM
      wakuseino; OrangeWebmaster
05/24/00  "Blue version?" by Pegasus750 at 03:27PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Mathemaniac
05/24/00  "RE: Lavender opening soon!" by ultrainer at 04:31PM
      DactaMPR; wakuseino; Flashfire; Flashfire; et al
05/24/00  "All New White Version coming this summer..." by DactaMPR at 04:36PM
05/24/00  "a question for all......" by ultrainer at 08:18PM
      Sir_Chargon; wakuseino; wakuseino; wakuseino; et al
05/24/00  "Doompuff Battle! Need Information!" by Sir_Chargon at 08:51PM
05/25/00  "New character for Black Version (DoubleD-Read)" by Articuno255 at 02:46AM
05/25/00  "Changing username to Frost_Webmaster" by Articuno255 at 03:33AM
05/25/00  "Crossover Anyone?" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 06:49AM
      Frost_Webmaster; wakuseino; Flashfire; Frost_Webmaster; et al
05/26/00  "Water Version!" by Tiko587 at 07:02PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr
05/26/00  "[Frost] Yellow Version battle for any webmasters in there...helloo? Hehe... (#34)" by Flashfire at 09:25PM
      Frost_Webmaster; JasonR
05/26/00  "I need help! Battle writers, read!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 12:24PM
05/27/00  "About making a site..." by SPSquirtle at 11:26AM
05/27/00  "New pokebattle fan site" by SPSquirtle at 05:13PM
      ultrainer; Emerald_Webmstr
05/27/00  "Jason's gonna be on soon, right? Just making sure I dont have to wait a week to join the network?" by SPSquirtle at 06:43PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR; RobbyMVB; et al
05/27/00  "another battle for my site! -nt" by SPSquirtle at 07:37PM
05/28/00  "[Flash] Finally finished the Flame Version Storyfic... [Charity] Storyfic, Flash? [Flash] Inside..." by Flashfire at 02:41PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr
05/28/00  "Purple's Got A New Email Address and Weird Al...connected? I dunno, this title is too long anyways.." by PurpleWebmaster at 03:59PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; ultrainer
05/28/00  "battle up for grabs...really!" by ultrainer at 09:55PM
      Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; Flashfire
05/29/00  "Get ready for...THE BETH WARS!" by DactaMPR at 07:06AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR
05/29/00  "The Network get's updated at what time?" by Emerald_Webmstr at 07:58AM
      Flashfire; Flashfire; JasonR
05/29/00  "Ack!" by wakuseino at 04:15PM
05/29/00  "Several Questions..." by Articuno255 at 11:43PM
      Flashfire; JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
05/29/00  "Heh heh heh..." by Emerald_Webmstr at 12:20PM
      ultrainer; EricMHE; Flashfire; Flashfire
05/30/00  "Evoluman's Gengar?" by KevDude at 02:22PM
05/30/00  "I REALLY need input!!!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 12:57PM
05/31/00  "Er...Good luck? *sweatdrops*" by Flashfire at 04:15AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; OrangeWebmaster; OrangeWebmaster
05/31/00  "Site Design not 5 yet!?!?!?" by PurpleWebmaster at 04:48AM
      1CrimsonKing1; Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR; OrangeWebmaster
05/31/00  "Two Things:" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 06:41AM
      Tiko587; JasonR
05/31/00  "Ok everyone, I'm offering a new service..." by wakuseino at 03:37PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Sir_Chargon
05/31/00  "[Emerald] My creations VS. mewtwo and Red doompuff (#35)" by Ultimon at 05:55PM
      JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; Ice_Mewtwo; et al
05/31/00  "[Water] Doompuff VS. Indigo Weapon (#36)" by Sir_Chargon at 08:01PM
      JasonR; Tiko587
06/01/00  "Where, oh where, is DoubleD?" by Emerald_Webmstr at 11:21AM
      1CrimsonKing1; JasonR; DactaMPR; EricMHE; et al
06/02/00  "for jason and any one else that has played chronotrigger....." by ultrainer at 06:17AM
      wakuseino; JasonR
06/02/00  "Ultrainer....." by DactaMPR at 08:27AM
06/02/00  "Does my design look six stars? Jason? Anybody?" by Emerald_Webmstr at 08:37AM
      Flashfire; JasonR; wakuseino
06/02/00  "I need a couple of questions answered" by DactaMPR at 10:55AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; 1CrimsonKing1; JasonR; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
06/03/00  "See the subject "Doompuff vs Indigo Weapon" -- inappropriate language -EOM- -nt" by Emerald_Webmstr at 02:26PM
      JasonR; Tiko587; JasonR; Sir_Chargon; et al
06/03/00  "my site over what WAS the best of the best..." by ultrainer at 08:53PM
      JasonR; JasonR; JasonR; Pegasus750; et al
06/03/00  "a (very?) important question" by ultrainer at 11:06PM
      JasonR; Flashfire; JasonR; Flashfire; et al
06/04/00  "Shadow Version Fanfiction: The Darkpuff Saga" by Sir_Chargon at 04:45PM
      JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr
06/04/00  "For anybody who visits Shadow Version, you DO need to read this" by Sir_Chargon at 10:33PM
      ultrainer; JasonR
06/05/00  "Doompuff" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 01:33PM
      JasonR; Sir_Chargon; ZarbonRules; EricMHE; et al
06/05/00  "Suggestion!" by Tiko587 at 03:22PM
      JasonR; KevDude; ultrainer; JasonR; et al
06/05/00  "Jason? Um..." by Emerald_Webmstr at 05:53PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Articuno255; JasonR; Sir_Chargon; et al
06/06/00  "woo hoo!" by ultrainer at 02:05AM
      Pegasus750; Emerald_Webmstr
06/06/00  "WEE-HEE! I'M ON THE TOP FIVE!!!" by DactaMPR at 07:43AM
      Flashfire; 1CrimsonKing1; 1CrimsonKing1; wakuseino; et al
06/06/00  "Wahooooooo!!! I'm #1!!!!!!!!!!!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:21PM
      Flashfire; Butch_Urrh; ultrainer; EricMHE; et al
06/06/00  "The name's Butch...." by Butch_Urrh at 02:32PM
      Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr; 1CrimsonKing1; Flashfire; et al
06/06/00  "Down with Aqua! (Literally)" by Frost_Webmaster at 11:39PM
      EricMHE; Emerald_Webmstr
06/06/00  "Should I have stayed with the other graphics or not?" by Flashfire at 12:42PM
06/07/00  "Hey lordsloth(1999)" by Frost_Webmaster at 01:43AM
06/07/00  "Question" by Frost_Webmaster at 01:48AM
06/07/00  "Some may want to visit my other site" by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:41PM
06/08/00  "big news" by ultrainer at 01:37PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Flashfire; Sir_Chargon; Flashfire; et al
06/08/00  "the almighty secret to doompuff's powers....." by ultrainer at 05:45PM
      Flashfire; 1CrimsonKing1; Sir_Chargon; Flashfire; et al
06/09/00  "Just for a little while... -nt" by Surfmaster at 08:14AM
06/09/00  "note to jason......" by ultrainer at 07:56PM
06/09/00  "Request regarding http://www.pokebattles.com/frost" by Frost_Webmaster at 11:42PM
06/10/00  "Taking gold version" by AGwartortle at 08:08AM
      JustAWriter; Emerald_Webmstr
06/10/00  "okay,that was screwed up....i looked at a note to jason,and decided to post it again.details inside" by ultrainer at 11:07AM
06/10/00  "Gold is Back...but as what?" by ZDGoldVersionDZ at 11:55AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; IlluminaWebMstr; JustAWriter; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
06/10/00  "Another site design question -- Jason, read" by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:10PM
06/10/00  "A question..." by Surfmaster at 01:34PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR
06/11/00  "[Flame] Yellow version battle! (#37)" by Frost_Webmaster at 02:39AM
06/11/00  "[Flame] Yellow version battle! (#38)" by Frost_Webmaster at 03:58AM
06/11/00  "[Flame] Yellow version battle #3 (#39)" by Frost_Webmaster at 04:40AM
06/11/00  "[Emerald] Yellow version battle #4 (#40)" by Frost_Webmaster at 05:13AM
06/11/00  "General network-wide survey of webmasters...." by Frost_Webmaster at 05:34AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; Surfmaster; et al
06/11/00  "I WANT A NETWORRK SIGHT" by hEll-dudE at 08:40AM
      ZDGoldVersionDZ; 1CrimsonKing1; Sir_Chargon; JasonR; et al
06/11/00  "I know who psychodude/puppetmon is" by Master_Jon at 11:14AM
06/11/00  "Finally.... I'm back on!" by DoubleD at 04:31PM
      DactaMPR; 1CrimsonKing1; Sir_Chargon; Butch_Urrh; et al
06/11/00  "Things look grim indeed..." by DoubleD at 04:41PM
      ultrainer; Emerald_Webmstr; 1CrimsonKing1; JasonR; et al
06/11/00  "Red version" by Frost_Webmaster at 05:50PM
      JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR; DoubleD; et al
06/11/00  "changing my name" by MetalMaster at 08:12PM
06/11/00  "The Doompuff Contest" by Sir_Chargon at 08:35PM
      MetalMaster; Frost_Webmaster; Emerald_Webmstr; Surfmaster; et al
06/11/00  "hey,wondering something bout balck version" by MetalMaster at 09:36PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Emerald_Webmstr; DoubleD; Pegasus750; et al
06/12/00  "Emerald Webmaster?" by DoubleD at 05:05PM
      JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr
06/12/00  "PokeBattles Orange Version Trivia!" by Butch_Urrh at 06:44PM
      1CrimsonKing1; MetalMaster; MetalMaster
06/12/00  "Calling Jason Ross! -nt" by Butch_Urrh at 07:15PM
      JasonR; JasonR
06/12/00  "[Shadow] ? (#41)" by RobbyMVB at 07:20PM
      Pegasus750; Sir_Chargon; EricMHE; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
06/12/00  "Say good bye to Water Version....." by Tiko587 at 08:36PM
06/13/00  "it seems that pokebattles is starting to have the infamous "screwed up" quality...." by MetalMaster at 03:46AM
06/13/00  "OMG!! I'M #1!!!" by DactaMPR at 06:45AM
      Flashfire; Sir_Chargon; 1CrimsonKing1
06/13/00  "my worthless thoughts" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 06:52AM
      EricMHE; Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr; Butch_Urrh
06/13/00  "I'm back!" by EricMHE at 08:40AM
      MetalMaster; DactaMPR; Butch_Urrh
06/13/00  "Update Stars" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 02:09PM
      Flashfire; JasonR; Butch_Urrh; JasonR; et al
06/13/00  "The Doompuff Contest, re-explained." by Sir_Chargon at 05:31PM
      Butch_Urrh; Emerald_Webmstr; Tiko587; RobbyMVB; et al
06/13/00  "I'M back to my old name!" by SPSquirtle at 12:47PM
06/14/00  "[Frost] the way sir chargon's doompuff contest woulda been with ultimatedoompuff... (#43)" by MetalMaster at 04:20AM
      Frost_Webmaster; EricMHE; SPSquirtle; RobbyMVB; et al
06/14/00  "[Emerald] A taste of the NEW Orange Version! (#42)" by Butch_Urrh at 12:01AM
06/14/00  "New Black Version Characters" by Butch_Urrh at 12:53AM
      Pegasus750; Pegasus750; Sir_Chargon; Pegasus750; et al
06/14/00  "[Emerald] A bit of confusion, Jason.. (#46)" by Butch_Urrh at 07:31PM
      Pegasus750; JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR; et al
06/14/00  "Green Version Battle Festival" by Pegasus750 at 10:21PM
      Mathemaniac; JasonR; Sir_Chargon; SPSquirtle; et al
06/14/00  "[Orange] First stab at one of these Pokebattle dealies: PokeLosophy (#44)" by Seryph at 11:31PM
      EricMHE; Butch_Urrh; ThreeDark; Butch_Urrh; et al
06/15/00  "The Orange Version Episode" by Butch_Urrh at 01:19AM
06/15/00  "Request for opinion" by Frost_Webmaster at 05:06AM
      Flashfire; JasonR
06/15/00  "Commerical Thread IV: Will White stay up at #1?" by Frost_Webmaster at 05:28AM
      DactaMPR; Flashfire; JasonR; Butch_Urrh
06/15/00  "Pokebattles Intro." by Frost_Webmaster at 05:36AM
      DactaMPR; MetalMaster; MetalMaster; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
06/15/00  "Y'know, Im bored so who...(to find out the continuation, read!) -nt" by SPSquirtle at 11:48AM
06/15/00  "[Shadow] Scribble, cut, paste, claim (#45)" by RobbyMVB at 06:31PM
06/15/00  "Big Problem - Night Version Partibattle" by wakuseino at 08:53PM
      Sir_Chargon; SPSquirtle
06/16/00  "(singing)It'" by RobbyMVB at 01:41AM
      1CrimsonKing1; 1CrimsonKing1; JasonR
06/16/00  "[Frost] (singing)It's 4:49 in the morning, and I'm...wriiiitiiinnng... (#47)" by RobbyMVB at 01:48AM
      Frost_Webmaster; Butch_Urrh
06/16/00  "Possible Pokebattles IRC Channel defense bot (technical)" by Frost_Webmaster at 03:20AM
06/16/00  "RE:But pokebattles doesnt! SP used smart talk! Oops..." by SPSquirtle at 07:45AM
      wakuseino; wakuseino; wakuseino; EricMHE; et al
06/16/00  "can I be a mod -nt" by StreetPunk at 02:57PM
      JasonR; Flashfire
06/16/00  "question" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 04:47PM
      Sir_Chargon; Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; Sir_Chargon
06/16/00  "A few questions for you to answer" by DactaMPR at 06:10PM
      RobbyMVB; MetalMaster; JasonR; Ditto36; et al
06/16/00  "ARTICOOL appeared!" by articool at 06:27PM
      DactaMPR; Pegasus750; MetalMaster; RobbyMVB; et al
06/16/00  "Trivia" by Butch_Urrh at 11:56PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Flashfire
06/17/00  "The #pokebattles IRC Channel - Open on Austnet ~inside~" by Flashfire at 05:56AM
      RobbyMVB; Frost_Webmaster; Emerald_Webmstr; RobbyMVB; et al
06/17/00  "Questions again" by Emerald_Webmstr at 09:25AM
      Flashfire; DactaMPR; JasonR; Butch_Urrh; et al
06/17/00  "Top 5=hits" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 11:05AM
      JasonR; DoubleD
06/17/00  "Webmaster tournament! Anyone can read this!" by SPSquirtle at 01:22PM
      MetalMaster; DoubleD
06/17/00  "How exactly does a version crossover work?" by DactaMPR at 01:54PM
      Flashfire; SPSquirtle; Butch_Urrh; Sir_Chargon
06/17/00  "[Surf] My first battle, hope ya like? (#48)" by articool at 02:13PM
      SPSquirtle; trent_lane
06/17/00  "My Groovadelic Pokémon -" by Butch_Urrh at 03:49PM
      articool; MetalMaster; Sir_Chargon; MetalMaster; et al
06/17/00  "Joining the Network" by Seryph at 10:33PM
      MetalMaster; EricMHE; Butch_Urrh; Emerald_Webmstr
06/17/00  "Doompuff Contest Date!" by Sir_Chargon at 11:02PM
      SPSquirtle; RobbyMVB; SPSquirtle; RobbyMVB; et al
06/17/00  "IRC channel" by Frost_Webmaster at 11:09PM
06/18/00  "Pokebattles: The Movie! (Doompuff Strikes Back)" by DactaMPR at 06:04PM
      SPSquirtle; Flashfire; EricMHE; Sir_Chargon; et al
06/18/00  "[Flame] I've gotta get to training... (#49)" by RobbyMVB at 08:20PM
06/18/00  "[Flame] ~Everyone scrambles to steal the story, but...~ (#50)" by RobbyMVB at 08:50PM
      Flashfire; Sir_Chargon; Sir_Chargon; Flashfire; et al
06/19/00  "[Crimson] 8ball Fortune - Jason, read this.. (#51)" by Butch_Urrh at 05:58AM
      Flashfire; 1CrimsonKing1
06/19/00  "Answer to Trivias!" by Butch_Urrh at 12:37AM
      DoubleD; Pegasus750
06/19/00  "Editorial" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 04:46PM
      RobbyMVB; Emerald_Webmstr; SPSquirtle; Ultrainer; et al
06/20/00  "Sumthin Groovy" by Butch_Urrh at 05:05AM
06/20/00  "What's that giant steamroller heading straight for us?" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 05:56AM
06/20/00  "Guidance requested: What sort of battles should I be writing?" by Flashfire at 06:49AM
      KevDude; KevDude; DactaMPR; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
06/20/00  "1CrimsonKing1's ranking idea" by KevDude at 11:43AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; DoubleD; Pegasus750; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
06/20/00  "[Surf] Bored...so here's a battle... (#52)" by Ditto36 at 04:49PM
      SPSquirtle; Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr; SPSquirtle; et al
06/20/00  "Teaser" by DoubleD at 05:15PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr
06/20/00  "[Shadow] Another Battle... (#53)" by Ditto36 at 05:36PM
      Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; Sir_Chargon; et al
06/20/00  "Beware, All, Of The Terror Approaching..." by RobbyMVB at 09:08PM
      Sir_Chargon; 1CrimsonKing1; Emerald_Webmstr; Mathemaniac; et al
06/21/00  "Pokémon Red. Feedback please?" by Butch_Urrh at 04:26AM
      RobbyMVB; Emerald_Webmstr; KevDude; SPSquirtle; et al
06/21/00  "Funny funny funny!" by Butch_Urrh at 05:40AM
      RockmanAndForte; EricMHE; Emerald_Webmstr; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
06/21/00  "a excerpt from the "Metal Bugle"...metal's own newspaper" by Ultrainer at 08:19PM
06/21/00  "New Service, for all you Webmasters (and Webmistresses)" by Sir_Chargon at 08:23PM
      DoubleD; trent_lane
06/22/00  "Questions..." by Frost_Webmaster at 02:05AM
      Flashfire; DoubleD; JasonR; DactaMPR
06/22/00  "Check it out..." by DactaMPR at 02:18PM
06/22/00  "Doompuff Contest Thing Full Entry" by DoubleD at 04:59PM
06/22/00  "The NEW Shadow Version!" by Sir_Chargon at 06:02PM
      RobbyMVB; DoubleD; RobbyMVB
06/22/00  "Shamless ad for an Aqua Update." by EricMHE at 07:02PM
      Sir_Chargon; ZarbonRules; Sir_Chargon; DactaMPR; et al
06/22/00  "BRAND NEW GAME" by CQC_KEVMAN at 10:55PM
      Seryph; JasonR; RobbyMVB; DactaMPR; et al
06/22/00  "Battle Day? Jason, read." by Emerald_Webmstr at 12:24PM
      Ultrainer; JasonR; DoubleD; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
06/22/00  "PBN Thing" by Emerald_Webmstr at 12:43PM
06/23/00  "[Shadow] Battle. Number 54? (#54)" by SPSquirtle at 11:57AM
      Sir_Chargon; Sir_Chargon; Sir_Chargon
06/23/00  "[Light] My first try at a battle (#56)" by Mathemaniac at 02:42PM
06/23/00  "Commerical Thread V: Will Aqua reign again?" by Frost_Webmaster at 04:42PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Emerald_Webmstr; Sir_Chargon; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
06/23/00  "Take your best shot!" by Ice_Mewtwo at 04:48PM
      Frost_Webmaster; Ultrainer; Frost_Webmaster; articool; et al
06/23/00  "[Light] megabite battle! (#57)" by megabite at 04:57PM
      RobbyMVB; DoubleD; Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; et al
06/23/00  "Vacation" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 05:37PM
      RobbyMVB; KevDude; Butch_Urrh; Ultrainer; et al
06/23/00  "Lord...I'm starting to dream in Pokebattles..." by DactaMPR at 08:02PM
      Flashfire; Ultrainer; JasonR; Flashfire; et al
06/23/00  "Network News" by Butch_Urrh at 10:46PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Ultrainer; DoubleD; Frost_Webmaster
06/23/00  "[Light] my first battle (#55)" by megabite at 12:51PM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB
06/24/00  "Legendary Birds." by Butch_Urrh at 09:03AM
      DactaMPR; DoubleD; SPSquirtle; Ultrainer; et al
06/24/00  "What I think Should be done With The Network Rankings." by DoubleD at 10:04AM
      RobbyMVB; Seryph; JasonR; KevDude; et al
06/24/00  "hey......i wonder...." by Ultrainer at 11:26AM
06/24/00  "Update Stars Question" by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:10PM
      KevDude; SPSquirtle; KevDude; JasonR; et al
06/24/00  "New Network Site!" by KevDude at 03:42PM
      Sir_Chargon; DoubleD; Sir_Chargon; DoubleD; et al
06/24/00  "http://www.pokebattles-frost.net/ up!" by Frost_Webmaster at 04:55PM
      Flashfire; Sir_Chargon
06/24/00  "Another Aqua Joke :(" by Frost_Webmaster at 06:39PM
      EricMHE; DoubleD; Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; et al
06/24/00  "[Light] Boredom + Too much free time + 1 o'clock = ???????? (#58)" by articool at 10:36PM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB
06/25/00  "[Turquoise] Ultimon's arena (Battle #2) (#58)" by Ice_Mewtwo at 04:41PM
      Seryph; KevDude; Ultrainer; articool
06/25/00  "Crossover, anyone? -nt" by Emerald_Webmstr at 12:59PM
      Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; SPSquirtle; RobbyMVB; et al
06/26/00  "Is it just me or..." by DactaMPR at 08:42AM
      EricMHE; RobbyMVB; SPSquirtle; RobbyMVB; et al
06/26/00  "[Turquoise] Batt-uhl. Ya want it? Say pretty please without a cherry on top! (#59)" by SPSquirtle at 03:07PM
06/26/00  "[Frost] Battle, part 2! And cherries are still...(green face) (#60)" by SPSquirtle at 05:51PM
06/26/00  "[Frost] Battle! ICQ! (#61)" by SPSquirtle at 06:07PM
06/26/00  "[Frost] Part 3. A new one to kill. (#62)" by SPSquirtle at 06:16PM
06/26/00  "[Emerald] Part 4. (#63)" by SPSquirtle at 06:31PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Sir_Chargon; Sir_Chargon
06/26/00  "[Lavender] Yet another! Part 5! (#64)" by SPSquirtle at 06:44PM
06/26/00  "[Lavender] Battle for the purpose of writing a battle (insert meaningful title here) (#65)" by Flashfire at 07:01PM
06/26/00  "[Lavender] Part 6! (#66)" by SPSquirtle at 07:10PM
06/26/00  "Before you update, Jason, read this" by DactaMPR at 08:03PM
06/26/00  "Doompuff Stuff" by JasonR at 08:11PM
      EricMHE; ZarbonRules; Butch_Urrh; articool; et al
06/26/00  "Heehee... Shameless Plug Alert! The World's Shortest Pokebattle!" by Seryph at 12:57PM
      SPSquirtle; JasonR; articool; Sir_Chargon
06/27/00  "Clear Version needs help." by trent_lane at 06:12AM
      DactaMPR; DactaMPR; DoubleD
06/27/00  "Ok Jason, we have a problem." by SPSquirtle at 09:15AM
      RobbyMVB; JasonR; Sir_Chargon; DoubleD; et al
06/27/00  "[Light] Part 7, last part! (#67)" by SPSquirtle at 09:20AM
06/27/00  "JASON ROSS, read this BEFORE NETWORK UPDATE!" by Butch_Urrh at 03:47PM
06/27/00  "More doompuff stuff...do not read if you havent read pokebattles:the fanfic 2000" by Ultrainer at 07:01PM
      articool; Butch_Urrh; DoubleD
06/28/00  "Hello." by DVGBC at 01:22AM
      articool; DoubleD
06/28/00  "Say bye! Look at the date this is posted..." by SPSquirtle at 04:23AM
06/28/00  "[Light] It a battle... (#68)" by Ditto36 at 04:59PM
      RobbyMVB; articool
06/28/00  "[Shadow] Battle,I think....Yep! It's a battle,wait....yeah,definitely a battle. (#69)" by OddLani at 05:03PM
      Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; et al
06/28/00  "Pokebattles the movie is under way..." by DactaMPR at 07:47PM
      Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; DoubleD; RobbyMVB; et al
06/28/00  "Red Version Battle #64: Lost Scouts" by JasonR at 10:27PM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; ZarbonRules; RobbyMVB; et al
06/28/00  "Okay, I'm desperate" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 12:23PM
      JasonR; Mathemaniac; OddLani; DoubleD; et al
06/29/00  "robbymvb,read this....." by Ultrainer at 04:51AM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; ThreeDark; articool; et al
06/29/00  "oh,and butch urrh,read this...." by Ultrainer at 04:58AM
06/29/00  "Great news!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 07:38AM
      DoubleD; articool; JasonR; DoubleD
06/29/00  "All 'bout Me" by Skyler1234 at 09:30AM
06/29/00  "Site no work, articool go crazy!" by articool at 11:17AM
      Sir_Chargon; Flashfire; RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; et al
06/29/00  "Hallo!" by PBSV_Webmaster at 03:18PM
      DactaMPR; DactaMPR; JasonR
06/29/00  "[Flame] Battle...simple. (#70)" by Ditto36 at 12:14PM
06/30/00  "[Light] It's already morning in MY time zone so here's a battle (#72)" by DactaMPR at 06:03AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; Flashfire; DoubleD
06/30/00  "[Light] Heeeeeeere's Yellow version contest entry (#73)" by Skyler1234 at 06:07AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; JasonR
06/30/00  "[Clear] Well, since it's started... (#74)" by wakuseino at 06:25AM
      trent_lane; RobbyMVB; trent_lane; RobbyMVB; et al
06/30/00  "[White] I'm on the highway to hell (#75)" by trent_lane at 06:52AM
      DactaMPR; DactaMPR; DactaMPR; DactaMPR; et al
06/30/00  "[Night] Well, it's 9:53 A.M. here where I live, so here's a battle..... (#76)" by DoubleD at 07:11AM
      wakuseino; RobbyMVB; DactaMPR; trent_lane; et al
06/30/00  "[Light] Another battle...period. (#77)" by Ditto36 at 08:59AM
      RobbyMVB; wakuseino; wakuseino; RobbyMVB; et al
06/30/00  "[Light] This could be a battle, but you'll have to guess if it is or not. MWA... (#78)" by Flashfire at 10:46AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB
06/30/00  "After the sugar rush has finally worn off..." by wakuseino at 10:59AM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; DactaMPR; DactaMPR; et al
06/30/00  "Jason Ross, will you please get on so that I may contact you? Or are you asleep now? Wasted time...." by Butch_Urrh at 12:06AM
06/30/00  "[Light] First battle posted? (#71)" by Butch_Urrh at 12:43AM
06/30/00  "[Light] Shadow G/S's Battle Day entry (#79)" by Sir_Chargon at 02:26PM
      RobbyMVB; Arina2000
06/30/00  "[Light] This isn't a battle. Private message, okay? =) Evilll.. (#80)" by RobbyMVB at 02:48PM
      Sir_Chargon; Sir_Chargon; DactaMPR; Flashfire; et al
06/30/00  "NOTE: This is a continuation of the last post!" by RobbyMVB at 03:51PM
      JasonR; DoubleD; Sir_Chargon; DoubleD; et al
06/30/00  "[Flame] This had better work this time..Battle! (#81)" by OddLani at 05:29PM
      Flashfire; DoubleD
06/30/00  "[Light] Battle! (#82)" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 07:35PM
      RobbyMVB; trent_lane; RobbyMVB; trent_lane; et al
06/30/00  "Network Comments" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 09:08PM
      RobbyMVB; DoubleD; RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; et al
06/30/00  "Hmmmm.... I wonder when Jason will post the finals?" by DoubleD at 09:29PM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; OddLani; et al
06/30/00  "[Light] Battle (#83)" by Amanda_Erk at 11:30PM
      RobbyMVB; EvilCat1324; DoubleD; EvilCat1324
07/01/00  "Commercial Thread VI: Will Crimson have a chance?" by Frost_Webmaster at 05:07AM
07/01/00  "Petition to Wakuseino (hope it's not too late, but probably is)" by Frost_Webmaster at 05:52AM
      DoubleD; Emerald_Webmstr; Amanda_Erk; RobbyMVB; et al
07/01/00  "*Sweatdrops*...eh...dacta?" by Skyler1234 at 08:30AM
      DactaMPR; JasonR
07/01/00  "Hurry up, Jason!" by DoubleD at 09:22AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Amanda_Erk; RobbyMVB; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
07/01/00  "Aiiii...What's wrong with my sig?" by Emerald_Webmstr at 09:49AM
      Amanda_Erk; Amanda_Erk; Amanda_Erk; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
07/01/00  "This is only a test...." by wakuseino at 10:28AM
      RobbyMVB; Emerald_Webmstr; 1CrimsonKing1; Mathemaniac; et al
07/01/00  "I'm going to camp" by DactaMPR at 11:02AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; RobbyMVB; Amanda_Erk
07/01/00  "Confusion about my Identity" by EvilCat1324 at 12:34AM
      Amanda_Erk; Butch_Urrh; DoubleD; Amanda_Erk; et al
07/01/00  "Yellow Version Battle Day Results" by JasonR at 06:09PM
      DoubleD; Sir_Chargon; DoubleD; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
07/01/00  "Out Of Curiosity: Opinions on Turquoise Version" by Seryph at 06:22PM
07/01/00  "Good job guys, climbin fast.:)" by Zachps2 at 06:58PM
      EvilCat1324; Ultrainer; RobbyMVB; EvilCat1324; et al
07/01/00  "announcement,very important to webmasters......" by Ultrainer at 07:18PM
      Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; EvilCat1324
07/02/00  "hm.........whats this?.....BATTLE APPEARED!" by Ultrainer at 02:02PM
      RobbyMVB; EvilCat1324; RobbyMVB
07/02/00  "Errrrr...." by EvilCat1324 at 02:03PM
      RobbyMVB; Emerald_Webmstr; 1CrimsonKing1
07/02/00  "hm....weird huh?" by Ultrainer at 02:15PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; RobbyMVB; EvilCat1324
07/02/00  "Your Webmaster is leaving you..." by JasonR at 03:41PM
      RobbyMVB; 1CrimsonKing1; DoubleD; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/02/00  "the results of the first annual metal chat war" by Ultrainer at 09:00PM
      Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB
07/02/00  "MUDS, MUSHS, MOOS etc..." by Frost_Webmaster at 10:11PM
      Flashfire; RobbyMVB; Flashfire; OddLani; et al
07/02/00  "[Night] Me post battle, you read now! (#84)" by articool at 12:01PM
      wakuseino; Ultrainer
07/03/00  "Pokemon Blows" by Gollum_ at 08:42AM
      Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; Flashfire; et al
07/03/00  "Jason, read when you return" by Emerald_Webmstr at 11:51AM
      JasonR; Sir_Chargon; DoubleD; MrGraves
07/03/00  "Custom Buttons -- Orders and Comments" by Sir_Chargon at 05:59PM
      trent_lane; Butch_Urrh
07/03/00  "EAT ME!!!!" by trent_lane at 12:33PM
      Ultrainer; Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr; Flashfire; et al
07/04/00  "EvilCat!" by Pegasus750 at 12:04AM
07/04/00  "Cool..." by RobbyMVB at 04:14PM
      DoubleD; BrownWebmaster
07/04/00  "[Crimson] I want to be a Pokemon Master.... er... Dang, turn the mike on next time! (#85)" by DoubleD at 04:40PM
      1CrimsonKing1; RobbyMVB
07/04/00  "Question..." by Sir_Chargon at 07:47PM
      RobbyMVB; trent_lane; Seryph; Flashfire; et al
07/05/00  "Frost Version's New home...." by Frost_Webmaster at 05:59AM
      JasonR; Sir_Chargon; DoubleD
07/05/00  "More pointless doompuff rubbish" by Frost_Webmaster at 06:41AM
      trent_lane; RobbyMVB; Pegasus750; JasonR; et al
07/05/00  "Jason, I'm dissapointed..." by Emerald_Webmstr at 08:26AM
      Pegasus750; JasonR; RobbyMVB; DoubleD
07/05/00  "Aqua, you're going down" by Emerald_Webmstr at 08:30AM
      DoubleD; RobbyMVB; EricMHE; Butch_Urrh; et al
07/05/00  "New Network Ranking System" by JasonR at 02:06PM
      RobbyMVB; DoubleD; RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/05/00  "Wakuseinko, Will you do a crossover? Anyone else interested please respond!" by DoubleD at 04:02PM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; Seryph; Butch_Urrh; et al
07/05/00  "Hey! what happened to my battle?" by Ice_Mewtwo at 04:27PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; DoubleD; RobbyMVB
07/05/00  "No reason for this post, i just like to see my name in blue" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 06:28PM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; DoubleD
07/05/00  "Vote for Lavender" by Skyler1234 at 06:44PM
07/06/00  "RE: Hewwo, Evewyone!" by Flashfire at 03:11AM
      RobbyMVB; OrangeWebmaster
07/06/00  "PGP" by Frost_Webmaster at 06:09AM
07/06/00  "Another Poll..." by Frost_Webmaster at 06:23AM
      Flashfire; RobbyMVB; DoubleD; Skyler1234; et al
07/06/00  "Red Version Battle #65: Doomed Doompuffs" by JasonR at 12:38AM
      RobbyMVB; wakuseino; RobbyMVB; Flashfire; et al
07/06/00  "REVAMP DONE! ... not posted yet, though. Sit tight... heh heh..... I am shameless" by DoubleD at 02:34PM
07/06/00  "Well, shameful advertising it is then..." by Dragon_Duo at 03:29PM
07/06/00  "Agh... Jason, read." by Sir_Chargon at 04:10PM
07/06/00  "Aqua Version in the POLLS" by Frost_Webmaster at 05:59PM
      RobbyMVB; DoubleD; EricMHE; RobbyMVB; et al
07/06/00  "Hey, you know guys, we're second place!" by DoubleD at 08:00PM
      JasonR; Flashfire
07/06/00  "Hey" by Cybershadow at 08:14PM
      DoubleD; DoubleD; RobbyMVB; DoubleD; et al
07/06/00  "Question for Jason...." by DoubleD at 08:20PM
07/06/00  "NARF!" by Cybershadow at 09:36PM
      DoubleD; DoubleD; Skyler1234
07/06/00  "Are you kidding me?" by DoubleR_ at 09:39PM
      Sir_Chargon; DoubleD; DoubleD; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/06/00  "Everybody, stick together!" by DoubleD at 10:50PM
07/06/00  "They banned me!" by DoubleD at 10:58PM
      Sir_Chargon; Sir_Chargon; Midgyo; Butch_Urrh; et al
07/06/00  "[Light] Pokebattles Shall Remain Forever (#87)" by NICKMANRMB at 11:39PM
      RobbyMVB; DoubleD; RobbyMVB; EricMHE; et al
07/06/00  "[Turquoise] Ah Ha (#86)" by BrownWebmaster at 12:43PM
      Seryph; RobbyMVB; DoubleD; Flashfire
07/07/00  "Hi" by Bizzak_ at 08:34AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; DoubleD; EricMHE; et al
07/07/00  "THIs Is FIrE WebMASSTER REporttin to SERVice" by hEll-dudE at 09:49AM
      DoubleD; Bizzak_; RobbyMVB
07/07/00  "Huh?" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 10:35AM
      Mathemaniac; EricMHE; Flashfire; Flashfire; et al
07/07/00  "[Light] A Lil' Old Battle (#88)" by Arina2000 at 11:13AM
      RobbyMVB; Bizzak_
07/07/00  "$*!T" by Bizzak_ at 11:17AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB
07/07/00  "MY WEB-PAGE! It's, it's COMPLETE! *lightening flashes*" by DoubleD at 12:12AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; Sillychu_II; RobbyMVB; et al
07/07/00  "[Emerald] PokeBattle/AAMRN Crossover (for Pokebattles.com) (#89)" by JesseandJodi at 02:20PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; Bizzak_; et al
07/07/00  "Battle" by Allendred at 07:53PM
      RobbyMVB; JasonR; RobbyMVB; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
07/08/00  "I am not available for the Green Version Battle Festival." by DVGBC at 11:03AM
      RobbyMVB; Skyler1234
07/08/00  "WE DECLARE WAR ON YOUR STUPID POKEMON BOARD!!!! HEHE" by StreetPunk at 11:46AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; Mathemaniac; et al
07/08/00  "[Flame] Luvin Link All Da Time! (#90)" by Arina2000 at 01:25PM
      Flashfire; Ditto36; Ditto36
07/08/00  "*lightning crackles* DACTA IS BACK!!!" by DactaMPR at 02:49PM
      Flashfire; RobbyMVB; Flashfire; Flashfire; et al
07/08/00  "This is Cybershadow, on a new name, posting something useful for once." by SoulSniper at 03:43PM
07/08/00  "[Light] Loss against Jr. Trainer (Female) (#91)" by ClrBear at 04:00PM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; Flashfire; RobbyMVB; et al
07/08/00  "Public Apology..." by DoubleD at 04:55PM
07/08/00  "[Flame] Claire's first win! (#92)" by ClrBear at 05:00PM
      Flashfire; DoubleD; Flashfire; DoubleD; et al
07/08/00  "Testing" by Arina2000 at 05:34PM
      DoubleD; DoubleD; Flashfire; Flashfire; et al
07/08/00  "The scrunchiness! It's.. It's gone! *lightning flashes*" by DoubleD at 07:28PM
      Flashfire; Flashfire; Flashfire; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
07/08/00  "...Hmm... Crossover post got pushed down... reply here again if interested..." by DoubleD at 08:03PM
      1CrimsonKing1; RobbyMVB; Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
07/09/00  "[Light] Recent Atrocities (however you spell that) (#93)" by Frost_Webmaster at 02:12AM
      RobbyMVB; Butch_Urrh; Flashfire; Butch_Urrh; et al
07/09/00  "This is Frost_Webmaster, under my old name, posting something useful as usual." by Frost_Webmaster at 02:27AM
      Flashfire; Flashfire; DoubleD; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
07/09/00  "ARTICOOL is confused?" by articool at 06:33AM
      Flashfire; DoubleD
07/09/00  "Good News for all my compeditors" by trent_lane at 06:46AM
07/09/00  "[Flame] Invisible Man? (#94)" by ClrBear at 09:26AM
      Flashfire; Bizzak_; DoubleD; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
07/09/00  "[Flame] Do not read!!! (#95)" by Bizzak_ at 11:04AM
      Flashfire; Flashfire; SoulSniper; Flashfire
07/09/00  "Well, cya everyone." by wakuseino at 11:14AM
      Flashfire; JasonR; Sir_Chargon
07/09/00  "I thought of..." by Bizzak_ at 11:27AM
      DoubleD; Arina2000; DoubleD; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
07/09/00  "Is anyone here?" by Bizzak_ at 11:31AM
      Flashfire; Butch_Urrh; Butch_Urrh; Flashfire; et al
07/09/00  "Soon... Soon.. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! *lightning crackles, thunder roars*" by Butch_Urrh at 11:50AM
      1CrimsonKing1; DoubleD; RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/09/00  "I was reveiwing old messages" by Arina2000 at 06:55PM
07/09/00  "I never noticced that before..." by 1CrimsonKing1 at 07:18PM
      RobbyMVB; Flashfire; RobbyMVB; Flashfire; et al
07/09/00  "DOOMPUFF CONTEST TOMORROW!" by Sir_Chargon at 07:23PM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; Flashfire
07/09/00  "These %@&*$^*&$*@%^)*#$&% ad banners are %&#(*&(#$ me off!" by Frost_Webmaster at 11:23PM
      Butch_Urrh; wakuseino; JasonR; Flashfire
07/10/00  "[Flame] Pokemon Theme Song. (#96)" by Frost_Webmaster at 03:36AM
      Flashfire; Bizzak_; articool
07/10/00  "The RobbyMVB claiming every battle! It's... It's gone!" by Frost_Webmaster at 03:45AM
      Flashfire; RobbyMVB
07/10/00  "I was reveiwing old messages" by Frost_Webmaster at 03:49AM
07/10/00  "MAGIKARP CONTEST TOMMOROW!" by Frost_Webmaster at 03:59AM
      Flashfire; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; JasonR; et al
07/10/00  "The Post-Mocking Thread - For anyone who wants to.." by Frost_Webmaster at 04:04AM
      RobbyMVB; Flashfire; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; et al
07/10/00  "DoubleD, crossover thing, read" by Emerald_Webmstr at 08:16AM
07/10/00  "Lavender..." by Skyler1234 at 08:20AM
      Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr; SPSquirtle
07/10/00  "New Address..." by Sir_Chargon at 06:46PM
07/10/00  "im back!...read this to find out why i was gone for a week..." by Ultrainer at 07:45PM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; DoubleD
07/11/00  "A descripition..." by Bizzak_ at 06:42AM
      RobbyMVB; SPSquirtle
07/11/00  "Surprise, surprise! Those who think I shouldn't be on the computer this time of July, read!" by SPSquirtle at 07:05AM
      trent_lane; Flashfire; DoubleD; 1CrimsonKing1
07/11/00  "50th battle!!" by DactaMPR at 07:49AM
      Mathemaniac; trent_lane; Flashfire; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
07/11/00  "This is cheap! Die, Surfwatch!" by SPSquirtle at 08:08AM
07/11/00  "Their Back!" by trent_lane at 02:52PM
07/11/00  "On the crossover thing." by EricMHE at 08:29PM
07/11/00  "[Flame] Battle.. (#97)" by Ditto36 at 09:16PM
      Flashfire; RobbyMVB; Flashfire; RobbyMVB
07/11/00  "Jason, you need to move your site..." by Sir_Chargon at 09:43PM
      JasonR; Frost_Webmaster
07/12/00  "Confusing rankings." by Frost_Webmaster at 03:23AM
      TRBoss_Giovanni; Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr; Flashfire
07/12/00  "Who's who?" by Frost_Webmaster at 03:51AM
      1CrimsonKing1; Flashfire; Skyler1234; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/12/00  "[Dark] Some sort of post thing... (#98)" by Flashfire at 05:01AM
      TRBoss_Giovanni; Emerald_Webmstr
07/12/00  "Ugh" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 05:32AM
      DactaMPR; Emerald_Webmstr; Sir_Chargon; EricMHE; et al
07/12/00  "A NEW SYSTEM?????" by trent_lane at 07:17AM
      DoubleD; JasonR; JasonR; Flashfire; et al
07/12/00  "Er...Jason" by Skyler1234 at 07:31AM
07/12/00  "Petition to jason" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 07:38AM
      trent_lane; Emerald_Webmstr; DactaMPR; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/12/00  "Well, I'll be leaving soon" by wakuseino at 07:57AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; DoubleD; JasonR; Falconcry
07/12/00  "New Rankings (as if there aren't enough threads about them)" by Emerald_Webmstr at 08:06AM
      1CrimsonKing1; Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; DoubleD; et al
07/12/00  "Dacta, where exactly IS this "The Pencils Are Coming" Movie?" by Arina2000 at 08:28AM
      Skyler1234; DactaMPR; DoubleD; DactaMPR
07/12/00  "Sorry..." by Butch_Urrh at 01:17PM
07/12/00  "DD, first battle of The Hammy Epic is up" by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:50PM
07/12/00  "The battle festival..." by Skyler1234 at 05:56PM
      Sir_Chargon; Flashfire
07/12/00  "Network Rankings Problem (unrelated to below threads, I think)" by MrGraves at 06:04PM
      JasonR; Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB
07/12/00  "Some stupied Battle I'm using to say Hi to everyone" by Mike_D_L at 07:33PM
      RobbyMVB; EricMHE; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; et al
07/12/00  "[Rainbow] Yo! ROCKMAN! (#99)" by RobbyMVB at 07:39PM
      Frost_Webmaster; RockmanAndForte
07/12/00  "Red Version Battle #66: Twisted Mechanic" by JasonR at 10:54PM
      Sir_Chargon; Sir_Chargon; BrownWebmaster; RobbyMVB; et al
07/13/00  "The source code of RobbyMVB.exe" by Frost_Webmaster at 02:18AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; RockmanAndForte; Sir_Chargon; DoubleD
07/13/00  "[Flame] Fight (hoping to avoid RobbyMV...'s attention) (#100)" by Frost_Webmaster at 03:15AM
      Flashfire; Flashfire; RobbyMVB; Skyler1234; et al
07/13/00  "*stares blankly at the screen*" by Skyler1234 at 04:55AM
      RobbyMVB; 1CrimsonKing1; RobbyMVB; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
07/13/00  "hey,im wondering.....dacta,how is pokebattles the movie coming along?" by Ultrainer at 05:13PM
      DoubleD; DactaMPR
07/13/00  "Well, the first of the crossover battles are up on my page..." by DoubleD at 07:09PM
      EricMHE; RobbyMVB; Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
07/13/00  "[Shadow] Battle (#101)" by OddLani at 08:45PM
      Sir_Chargon; TRBoss_Giovanni; DoubleD; RobbyMVB; et al
07/14/00  "Butch_Urrh no able to use good grammar." by Frost_Webmaster at 05:04AM
07/14/00  "Ultrainer, I am this close to tracking you down and updating your fanbattles FOR you..." by DactaMPR at 07:57AM
      EricMHE; trent_lane
07/14/00  "TDA" by Skyler1234 at 08:11AM
      1CrimsonKing1; trent_lane; DoubleD
07/14/00  "[Lavender] The Battle is Right! (#102)" by Skyler1234 at 08:22AM
07/14/00  "RobbyMVB, someone mustv'e hacked your version..." by Arina2000 at 10:09AM
      RobbyMVB; Flashfire; RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/14/00  "[Light] Battle! (#103)" by SPSquirtle at 10:23AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB
07/14/00  "Is it just me..." by Mathemaniac at 11:14AM
07/14/00  "Me no able to battle..." by Butch_Urrh at 12:14AM
07/14/00  "WAAAH!!!!" by Butch_Urrh at 01:25PM
      Sir_Chargon; trent_lane
07/14/00  "SH*T!" by Arina2000 at 03:31PM
      JasonR; Butch_Urrh; JasonR; DoubleD; et al
07/14/00  "Network Ranking System v2.01" by JasonR at 04:27PM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; DoubleD; DoubleD; et al
07/14/00  "MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!" by Butch_Urrh at 06:01PM
      Sir_Chargon; trent_lane; RobbyMVB; 1CrimsonKing1
07/14/00  "TOP SECRET INFO!" by trent_lane at 06:19PM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; 1CrimsonKing1; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/14/00  "Robby... I'd like to see that battle crossover..." by DoubleD at 07:06PM
      JasonR; Flashfire; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB
07/14/00  "*sniffsniff* Ahhhhh....oh, right. Ahem. I'm going to camp AGAIN" by DactaMPR at 07:08PM
07/14/00  "credits [OT]" by lordsloth1999 at 10:28PM
      JasonR; JasonR
07/14/00  "Attn: pokebattles channel users." by Frost_Webmaster at 10:41PM
      lordsloth1999; Flashfire; lordsloth1999; JasonR; et al
07/14/00  "A newcomer doth...um... come? -_-;;" by Ruby_WEAPON at 12:31PM
      RobbyMVB; DactaMPR; 1CrimsonKing1; DactaMPR; et al
07/15/00  "A really quick question... or two..." by Ruby_WEAPON at 01:09AM
      Flashfire; BrownWebmaster; RobbyMVB; lordsloth1999; et al
07/15/00  "Hey Ya'll" by King_Gambit at 05:56AM
07/15/00  "H*LP!!!" by RobbyMVB at 06:18AM
      Flashfire; RockmanAndForte; Sir_Chargon; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/15/00  "Mutant Alert!!!!" by Butch_Urrh at 06:39AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; EricMHE; King_Gambit
07/15/00  "My dad may let me battle!" by Arina2000 at 09:14AM
07/15/00  "*thunks head down on table*" by RockmanAndForte at 10:23AM
07/15/00  "polls (OT)??" by lordsloth1999 at 12:32AM
07/15/00  "[Shadow] Battle... (#104)" by RockmanAndForte at 01:35PM
07/15/00  "pokemon" by lordsloth1999 at 01:43PM
      Sir_Chargon; Sir_Chargon; Flashfire; RockmanAndForte; et al
07/15/00  "The spirit of Doompuff lives on..." by JasonR at 03:46PM
      lordsloth1999; RobbyMVB; Flashfire; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
07/15/00  "[Light] Don't click here! (#105)" by articool at 06:12PM
07/15/00  "Hey Jason!!!!" by King_Gambit at 08:28PM
07/15/00  "Still Alive." by wakuseino at 08:37PM
      Pegasus750; King_Gambit; DoubleD
07/15/00  "TR RULES!" by EricMHE at 09:50PM
      OddLani; RobbyMVB; Ruby_WEAPON; Pegasus750; et al
07/16/00  "Note to JasonR" by Frost_Webmaster at 02:25AM
      Flashfire; King_Gambit; Sir_Chargon; DoubleD; et al
07/16/00  "For those who didn't notice..." by Frost_Webmaster at 04:50AM
      JasonR; DoubleD
07/16/00  "I apologize" by Skyler1234 at 04:53AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; JasonR
07/16/00  "hey jason!" by Diggeroney at 11:01AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; et al
07/16/00  "ROBBY... You didn't quite understand, Methinks..." by DoubleD at 01:30PM
07/16/00  "Question... Has ANYONE involved in the crossover posted a response?" by DoubleD at 02:29PM
      RobbyMVB; EricMHE; Seryph; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
07/16/00  "hm.....i dont really know if i like the way jason changed the ratings while i was gone..........." by Ultrainer at 03:15PM
      RobbyMVB; 1CrimsonKing1; JasonR
07/16/00  "Well, the Evolution Men reach the final..." by Flashfire at 03:36PM
      RobbyMVB; Skyler1234; JasonR; RockmanAndForte
07/17/00  "Semi finals?" by Skyler1234 at 06:14AM
      RobbyMVB; Flashfire
07/17/00  "[Light] my battle (#106)" by pikachu00200 at 02:05PM
      RobbyMVB; Flashfire
07/17/00  "[Black] My battle Between me and my dad.. (#107)" by Arina2000 at 04:46PM
      DoubleD; DoubleD; Sir_Chargon; RockmanAndForte; et al
07/18/00  "The TDA lost" by King_Gambit at 06:15AM
      RobbyMVB; RockmanAndForte; Flashfire; Skyler1234; et al
07/18/00  "Tournament!" by King_Gambit at 10:29AM
      Arina2000; DoubleD; Arina2000; pikachu00200
07/18/00  "Poké Battles Dream? Nah..." by JasonR at 03:49PM
      DoubleD; 1CrimsonKing1; DoubleD; SPSquirtle; et al
07/18/00  "Erm... Am I missing something?" by DoubleD at 04:22PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Ruby_WEAPON; Pegasus750
07/18/00  "Here's a good(?) question" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 04:32PM
      DoubleD; DoubleD; DoubleD; JasonR; et al
07/18/00  "CoNgRaTs, GrAvEs" by RobbyMVB at 05:10PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; JasonR; MrGraves
07/18/00  "Wow, I suck" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 05:29PM
      RobbyMVB; DoubleD
07/18/00  "Sluggy" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 08:23PM
      Flashfire; DoubleD; RobbyMVB; Flashfire; et al
07/18/00  "Anyone else here "camping" out?" by DoubleD at 09:36PM
      Seryph; Seryph; Sir_Chargon; King_Gambit
07/18/00  "Huh? What? Refer ^Up there..." by DoubleD at 10:02PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; JasonR; Ruby_WEAPON; Ruby_WEAPON; et al
07/19/00  "Jason, check out this contest I found" by Emerald_Webmstr at 07:47AM
      Flashfire; trent_lane; trent_lane; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
07/19/00  "I never imagined myself doing this, but... Jason, read this." by TRBoss_Giovanni at 12:10AM
07/19/00  "Pokebattles Soundtrack!" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 02:08PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Flashfire; MrGraves; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/19/00  "*Sighs*" by wakuseino at 02:31PM
07/19/00  "TOURNAMENT (hopefully)" by pikachu00200 at 03:30PM
07/19/00  "jason please view strawberry version" by pikachu00200 at 03:35PM
07/19/00  "Jason? Jaaaaa-sonnnnnnnn? Hello?" by Emerald_Webmstr at 05:51PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; RobbyMVB; JasonR; trent_lane
07/19/00  "An update from the front lines of the Network" by JasonR at 07:56PM
      trent_lane; trent_lane; EricMHE; DoubleD; et al
07/19/00  "Hey, DoubleD, a sort-of response..." by EricMHE at 08:56PM
      DoubleD; DoubleD; DoubleD
07/19/00  "Unbelievable...." by JasonR at 10:56PM
      RobbyMVB; DoubleD; RobbyMVB; Ruby_WEAPON; et al
07/20/00  "The Chocolate Version: Home to FIVE psychos that are stranger than me!" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 05:51AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Sir_Chargon
07/20/00  "a leave of absence..." by trent_lane at 06:46AM
07/20/00  "What the?" by Sir_Chargon at 08:11AM
07/20/00  "*New* Forest Version" by Forest-Master at 09:23AM
      DoubleD; Ruby_WEAPON; Mathemaniac; Butch_Urrh; et al
07/20/00  "Dying..." by RobbyMVB at 11:31AM
      1CrimsonKing1; Butch_Urrh; Sir_Chargon
07/20/00  "Uh-oh... Uh-oh.. Not good!" by DoubleD at 12:17AM
      EricMHE; JasonR; Sir_Chargon
07/20/00  "My GOD! YES! YES! I AM #3! I HAVE SIX BATTLE STARS!" by DoubleD at 12:54AM
      JasonR; JasonR; trent_lane; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
07/20/00  "DD, responses being posted" by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:31PM
07/20/00  "I see you're behind schedule, Jason... It's 5:30 PDT -nt" by Emerald_Webmstr at 05:25PM
      JasonR; MrGraves; RobbyMVB; JasonR; et al
07/20/00  "Talk 'bout sports teams! OT" by Skyler1234 at 05:27PM
      DoubleD; 1CrimsonKing1; Pegasus750; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/20/00  "Oh dear lord..." by DoubleD at 07:02PM
07/20/00  "Yes!" by OddLani at 09:02PM
07/20/00  "I'm back on ICQ!" by Sir_Chargon at 09:34PM
07/20/00  "Blue Version's future" by Sir_Chargon at 10:35PM
      DoubleD; JasonR
07/20/00  "Meeting..." by Frost_Webmaster at 11:59PM
07/21/00  "A few itty bitty spiders...err, questions" by RobbyMVB at 04:55AM
      Flashfire; Butch_Urrh; Butch_Urrh; JasonR; et al
07/21/00  "Pokbattles league?" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 05:40AM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB
07/21/00  "Flash, get in the chatroom.. or else... (Off topic??) nt-" by Butch_Urrh at 07:00AM
07/21/00  "Blue Version = Network Site" by Emerald_Webmstr at 07:07AM
      Butch_Urrh; RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; Pegasus750; et al
07/21/00  "I'm back in North America..." by trent_lane at 07:14PM
07/21/00  "Hey DoubleD...." by Frost_Webmaster at 08:46PM
      RobbyMVB; DoubleD
07/21/00  "Going on the road..." by JasonR at 11:36PM
07/21/00  "wantto post battles" by pikachu00200 at 12:08PM
07/22/00  "strawberry version tournament" by pikachu00200 at 03:47AM
      RobbyMVB; trent_lane; RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/22/00  "Memorial Service to be held..." by Ds_Of_the_sith at 10:00AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; pikachu00200; Flashfire; trent_lane
07/22/00  "DACTA'S *watches for lightning* BACK-*zzzt!*" by DactaMPR at 03:05PM
      JasonR; Butch_Urrh
07/22/00  "I'll like everyone to read and respond" by Mathemaniac at 05:24PM
      DactaMPR; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
07/23/00  "Jason, question" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 05:22PM
      Sir_Chargon; JasonR; Sir_Chargon; DoubleD
07/23/00  "Thank god we got the extra time.. I've got to kill Diablo before it's too late!" by DoubleD at 10:18PM
      JasonR; Sir_Chargon; lordsloth1999; JasonR; et al
07/24/00  "to anyone who wants live battles" by RockmanAndForte at 01:38PM
07/24/00  "[Lavender] THE EVIL RABID BATTLE OF DOOM! How's that for a battle? (#108)" by SPSquirtle at 06:05PM
07/25/00  "Leave of absence..." by trent_lane at 08:41AM
07/25/00  "[Light] Claimable Poké Battle (#109)" by JasonR at 10:05AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB
07/25/00  "[Ruby] Poké Battle: Who's Whoknows? (#110)" by JasonR at 10:18AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; trent_lane; et al
07/25/00  "Yet another question spewed forth from dearest little Deb..." by Ruby_WEAPON at 01:00PM
      RobbyMVB; Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr; Butch_Urrh; et al
07/25/00  "Poke Battles CCG" by Ominis at 02:16PM
      Skyler1234; Emerald_Webmstr; Arina2001; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/25/00  "NOW he's done it..." by Arina2001 at 03:18PM
07/26/00  "damn former neighbors..." by zander_harris at 09:25AM
      RobbyMVB; 1CrimsonKing1
07/26/00  "Sorry about the wait... Update will be coming later today!" by DoubleD at 05:58PM
07/26/00  "Cooming soon to a theature near you: The Pokebattles Story!" by zander_harris at 07:43PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Sir_Chargon; Ruby_WEAPON; Butch_Urrh; et al
07/26/00  "Hmm... Jason, could you answer these questions once you get back?" by wakuseino at 12:56PM
      pikachu00200; Sir_Chargon; lordsloth1999; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
07/27/00  "whats a crossover?" by pikachu00200 at 05:01AM
07/27/00  "Questions for Answers." by Butch_Urrh at 02:33PM
      pikachu00200; BrownWebmaster; JasonR
07/27/00  "One day... at band camp...." by Ds_Of_the_sith at 03:45PM
07/27/00  "The Pokebattles' ABC's" by Butch_Urrh at 05:50PM
      Sir_Chargon; Ruby_WEAPON; EricMHE; Flashfire; et al
07/27/00  "The Poké Battles League: Narrators Wanted" by JasonR at 06:49PM
      Sir_Chargon; Flashfire; DoubleD; zander_harris; et al
07/27/00  "Durnit! I couldn't update yesterday, but I FINALLY did it today. Read if doing the crossover..." by DoubleD at 07:21PM
07/27/00  "Jason? Question." by DoubleD at 07:32PM
07/27/00  "The Stand off Progress" by zander_harris at 07:45PM
07/27/00  "PBCCG" by Ominis at 08:36PM
07/27/00  "Message from Articuno, **Please Read**" by DoubleD at 09:47PM
07/27/00  "*whumps Geocities a few times with a bat* Hmph!" by Ruby_WEAPON at 10:08PM
      DoubleD; Sir_Chargon; DoubleD
07/27/00  "Lousy ICQ Contact Lists..." by Sir_Chargon at 11:04PM
      Butch_Urrh; JasonR; Butch_Urrh; RobbyMVB
07/28/00  "Design stars are obtained HOW?" by Emerald_Webmstr at 11:10AM
      Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; JasonR; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/28/00  "Poké Battles League -" by Emerald_Webmstr at 11:12AM
07/28/00  "Err... Mista Pikachu00200...?" by Ruby_WEAPON at 03:43PM
07/28/00  "Fanfic for after Lavender Battle 100?" by Ditto36 at 06:49PM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; Flashfire; FlyingUnicorn; et al
07/28/00  "E-mails" by zander_harris at 08:06PM
      Sir_Chargon; Ruby_WEAPON; OddLani; Flashfire; et al
07/28/00  "It was no joke from DoubleD..." by Frost_Webmaster at 09:22PM
07/29/00  "help..." by zander_harris at 06:50AM
07/29/00  "Back in ye olden days of Poké Battles..." by Flashfire at 07:55AM
      DoubleD; DoubleD; DoubleD; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
07/29/00  "FIre VEr-SHun TOurnemNT! (Fire Version Tournament)" by hEll-dudE at 10:34AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/29/00  "Polls?" by RobbyMVB at 10:43AM
      Ruby_WEAPON; JasonR; hEll-dudE; Sir_Chargon; et al
07/29/00  "Network Thing for Jason to Read..." by Sir_Chargon at 12:12AM
      Butch_Urrh; JasonR; RobbyMVB; DoubleD
07/29/00  "Jason! Read this re network update..." by TRBoss_Giovanni at 12:29AM
07/29/00  "gAWgh" by m3th0d at 02:36PM
      DoubleD; JasonR; JasonR; DoubleD
07/29/00  "thanx sir_chargon" by pikachu00200 at 02:43PM
07/29/00  "The New URL!" by zander_harris at 02:56PM
07/29/00  "My computer has been fixed...." by Frost_Webmaster at 04:03PM
07/29/00  "About that Black Version at #1 thing..." by BrownWebmaster at 04:16PM
      DoubleD; Sir_Chargon; JasonR; Ds_Of_the_sith; et al
07/30/00  "Topic: IRC Channel. UrrhBOT" by Butch_Urrh at 02:12AM
      m3th0d; Flashfire; Frost_Webmaster
07/30/00  "New service added to old (moderately now?) service" by Sir_Chargon at 12:23AM
      JasonR; RobbyMVB
07/31/00  "A weird dream..." by Skyler1234 at 05:29AM
07/31/00  "message board" by pikachu00200 at 06:54AM
      RobbyMVB; zander_harris
07/31/00  "Son of a..." by Skyler1234 at 04:15PM
      Sir_Chargon; zander_harris; JasonR
07/31/00  "ANYONE MISS ME?? ............guess not......." by Ultrainer at 06:53PM
      Sir_Chargon; DoubleD; Ruby_WEAPON; pikachu00200
07/31/00  "Lavender Fanfic for After Battle 100? (Redoing this...)" by Ditto36 at 08:27PM
      Flashfire; Sir_Chargon; Ruby_WEAPON; OddLani; et al
07/31/00  "Poké Battles League Grand Opening" by JasonR at 10:37PM
      RobbyMVB; SPSquirtle; Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB
08/01/00  "Pokebattles TCG" by KevDude at 07:59AM
08/01/00  "er... jason a question" by pikachu00200 at 10:40AM
      TRBoss_Giovanni; JasonR
08/01/00  "Question to Jason about Turquoise Version" by Seryph at 12:13AM
08/01/00  "i would like to join a pokebattles league team" by pikachu00200 at 01:42PM
      RobbyMVB; JasonR
08/01/00  "If you still need network narrators...." by zander_harris at 02:36PM
08/02/00  "Presenting... The Pokebattles Duelist Arena" by Seryph at 02:21AM
      RobbyMVB; Butch_Urrh; RobbyMVB
08/02/00  "Network Ranking System v2.02" by JasonR at 03:57AM
      RobbyMVB; 1CrimsonKing1; Flashfire; Ruby_WEAPON; et al
08/02/00  "jason please read" by pikachu00200 at 06:24AM
08/02/00  "Son of a... Message board..." by Frost_Webmaster at 12:11AM
08/02/00  "Check out the newest network site!" by Emeril_Webmastr at 02:19PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; RobbyMVB; Skyler1234; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
08/02/00  "Whoa, Jason" by Emerald_Webmstr at 04:20PM
      JasonR; Sir_Chargon
08/02/00  "[Lavender] Battle, been gone but i'm BACK (#111)" by megabite at 06:50PM
      Ditto36; RobbyMVB
08/03/00  "Ho-hum...." by EricMHE at 07:56AM
08/03/00  "[Brown] Soooooooo boring. So a battle shall be...written, shall we say? (#112)" by SPSquirtle at 08:56AM
      BrownWebmaster; Emerald_Webmstr
08/03/00  "YEARRRGGHHHH! Damn Trial Version! YEARRGGHH! Damn Musical!!! er, wait... No! Good Musical!" by DoubleD at 05:20PM
      Flashfire; Sir_Chargon; DactaMPR; Sir_Chargon; et al
08/03/00  "jason, go onto icq more (ot)(nt)" by lordsloth1999 at 05:58PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; JasonR; Sir_Chargon; DactaMPR; et al
08/03/00  "Um, what happened to the convenient schedule thingy? (half OT [what?])" by Emerald_Webmstr at 06:34PM
      RobbyMVB; JasonR
08/03/00  "Jason don't forget...." by zander_harris at 12:21PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; RobbyMVB; Ruby_WEAPON
08/04/00  "Preview of the Pokebattles Movie" by DactaMPR at 07:35AM
      zander_harris; Sir_Chargon; JasonR; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
08/04/00  "FIrE VER-shUNz TURnemINT" by hEll-dudE at 08:36AM
      SPSquirtle; DoubleD; Emerald_Webmstr; SPSquirtle
08/04/00  "Note from Arina..." by Flashfire at 11:49AM
      Butch_Urrh; DoubleD
08/04/00  "jason yet another question" by pikachu00200 at 01:18PM
08/04/00  "I am the Crystal Version Poke Battles Webmaster!" by TeamRocket at 01:30PM
      pikachu00200; zander_harris; RobbyMVB
08/04/00  "Jason, This is stupid" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 02:00PM
      RobbyMVB; DoubleD; RobbyMVB; JasonR; et al
08/05/00  "[Crimson] A thingamajigglypuff... (#113)" by Ditto36 at 11:46AM
      RobbyMVB; 1CrimsonKing1; RobbyMVB; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
08/05/00  "The Deep, Dark Secret of MHE..." by RobbyMVB at 01:35PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Ds_Of_the_sith; Flashfire; Flashfire; et al
08/05/00  "Jason Must Hate Me..." by Ds_Of_the_sith at 07:24PM
      CrystalWebMastr; RobbyMVB; DoubleD; SPSquirtle
08/05/00  "I'm Crystal Version Pokebattles Webmaster!" by CrystalWebMastr at 07:56PM
08/05/00  "My Signature Rocks!!! (Or, "The Philosophy Thread") -ot" by CrystalWebMastr at 08:43PM
      Flashfire; Ruby_WEAPON; Flashfire; zander_harris; et al
08/06/00  "URGENT" by pikachu00200 at 08:27AM
      Flashfire; SPSquirtle
08/06/00  "jason" by pikachu00200 at 02:23PM
08/06/00  "Lavender Fanfic Progress Thingy..." by Ditto36 at 03:18PM
      pikachu00200; zander_harris; zander_harris; pikachu00200
08/06/00  "[Emerald] The Annoying Phone Company! (#114)" by JasonR at 06:11PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; zander_harris
08/06/00  "Am I the only one who was ever actually in that chat?" by CrystalWebMastr at 07:50PM
      DoubleD; zander_harris
08/06/00  "Frost Version Troubles" by Articuno255 at 11:44PM
      JasonR; zander_harris; Ruby_WEAPON; Flashfire; et al
08/07/00  "what does nt and ot mean??????" by pikachu00200 at 06:48AM
08/07/00  "Jason Why are you doing this to us???" by zander_harris at 07:09AM
      CrystalWebMastr; Ruby_WEAPON; JasonR; DoubleD; et al
08/07/00  "A Fan Fiction!" by zander_harris at 07:38AM
08/07/00  "am i the only one.." by pikachu00200 at 09:46AM
08/07/00  "jason please put the link to feedback board back(nt) -nt" by pikachu00200 at 09:53AM
08/07/00  "The Ditdit Post #1" by Ditto36 at 09:58AM
      BrownWebmaster; RobbyMVB; Ruby_WEAPON; zander_harris; et al
08/07/00  "jason" by pikachu00200 at 01:15PM
08/07/00  "The Anti-Crystal Version Post - OT" by CrystalWebMastr at 01:25PM
08/07/00  "I love Goldfishes 'cause they're so delishious..." by Ruby_WEAPON at 01:56PM
08/07/00  "FINALLY! God..." by Sir_Chargon at 02:46PM
08/07/00  "DON'T CLICK -nt -ot" by pikachu00200 at 02:47PM
      Sir_Chargon; Flashfire; lordsloth1999; JasonR
08/07/00  "???S'UP???" by Trowa71Barton at 05:11PM
      Sir_Chargon; 1CrimsonKing1; zander_harris; Sir_Chargon; et al
08/07/00  "O.o -- If I could use HTML in titles, this would be size 72" by TRBoss_Giovanni at 10:46PM
      BrownWebmaster; Ruby_WEAPON; Sir_Chargon; DoubleD
08/07/00  "Fanbattle" by CrystalWebMastr at 12:34PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; pikachu00200; Ruby_WEAPON; JasonR
08/07/00  "there was a chatroom on this site? (nt)" by lordsloth1999 at 12:43PM
      CrystalWebMastr; JasonR
08/08/00  "Just a reminder: The Pokebattles Duelist Arena." by Seryph at 01:44AM
      DoubleD; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; et al
08/08/00  "Ah jason...." by zander_harris at 05:17AM
08/08/00  "Fire Version Tournament" by Emerald_Webmstr at 08:15AM
      TRBoss_Giovanni; DoubleD; RobbyMVB
08/08/00  "New rankings -- BQ!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 08:27AM
      pikachu00200; Flashfire; 1CrimsonKing1; DoubleD; et al
08/08/00  "The Ditdit Post #2" by Ditto36 at 09:55AM
      Flashfire; Sir_Chargon; Ruby_WEAPON; pikachu00200
08/08/00  "Holy crap, I'm #3..." by Sir_Chargon at 12:50AM
      pikachu00200; zander_harris; Ruby_WEAPON; DoubleD
08/08/00  "DAMN ICQ!!!! -_-" by zander_harris at 06:51PM
      DoubleD; JasonR
08/08/00  "Somewhat more classic Version colors?" by Sir_Chargon at 07:32PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR; RobbyMVB
08/08/00  "The PokéBattles Soundtrack (cont.), a new crossover thingy, and other SO2-induced stuff (?)" by Sir_Chargon at 09:31PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Emerald_Webmstr; Ds_Of_the_sith; Ds_Of_the_sith
08/08/00  "Wait...what is this?" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 09:44PM
      Sir_Chargon; Seryph; JasonR; pikachu00200; et al
08/09/00  "WHY ME!?!?!?!?!" by zander_harris at 07:19AM
      DoubleD; CrystalWebMastr; DoubleD
08/09/00  "#pokebattles IRC channel" by Emerald_Webmstr at 09:26AM
      JasonR; Flashfire
08/09/00  "The Ditdit Post #3" by Ditto36 at 10:35AM
      Flashfire; Skyler1234; Sir_Chargon; 1CrimsonKing1
08/09/00  "A very important question..." by zander_harris at 04:11PM
      Sir_Chargon; Flashfire; DoubleD; pikachu00200; et al
08/10/00  "Anyone Else Wondering About This?" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 05:12AM
08/10/00  "jason n everyone," by pikachu00200 at 08:53AM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; DoubleD
08/10/00  "The Ditdit Post #4" by Ditto36 at 08:56AM
      Flashfire; Ruby_WEAPON; Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB
08/10/00  "anyone miss me? you metal version fans may have to suffer a bit longer......" by Ultrainer at 10:13AM
08/10/00  "Aqua's back!" by EricMHE at 06:59PM
      Sir_Chargon; DoubleD; RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; et al
08/10/00  "Just thinking.." by DoubleD at 07:04PM
      Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; JasonR; Flashfire; et al
08/10/00  "A nut with free time and a scanner... (Or, "The Art Thread")" by EricMHE at 08:47PM
      Flashfire; RobbyMVB; Flashfire; Flashfire; et al
08/11/00  "The Ditdit Post #5" by Ditto36 at 09:13AM
      Sir_Chargon; pikachu00200; Flashfire; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
08/11/00  "Frost Report." by Articuno255 at 12:28AM
08/11/00  "[Shadow] The new guy presents, the new great Poke Battle Pokedecades (#115)" by The_Scribe at 11:29PM
08/12/00  "D@MN 50megs.com!!! YEEARRRGHHH!" by DoubleD at 09:23AM
      Ruby_WEAPON; RobbyMVB
08/12/00  "Ruby Version's moving! [Jason-sama, inside please...]" by Ruby_WEAPON at 01:52PM
08/12/00  "[Light] More Pokedecades... (#116)" by The_Scribe at 03:56PM
08/12/00  "Jason, my new link..." by DoubleD at 04:07PM
08/12/00  "i'm back if anyone cares... but probally not..." by zander_harris at 05:56PM
08/12/00  "New FROST VERSION tech: DOOMBOMB." by Articuno255 at 06:26PM
      Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; zander_harris
08/12/00  "Pokebattles Duelist Arena is Updated" by Seryph at 08:01PM
      Butch_Urrh; RobbyMVB
08/12/00  "[Shadow] Even more Pokedecades... will it ever stop??? (#117)" by The_Scribe at 10:17PM
08/12/00  "K I T T E N: Over... *Crud*" by Sir_Chargon at 11:38PM
      Butch_Urrh; JasonR; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; et al
08/12/00  "[Shadow] Pokedecades (#118)" by The_Scribe at 11:53PM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon
08/13/00  "Fire Version Tournament: Results" by Emerald_Webmstr at 10:14AM
08/13/00  "Doompuffs..." by EricMHE at 01:54PM
      Sir_Chargon; JasonR; 1CrimsonKing1; Ruby_WEAPON; et al
08/13/00  "going away" by pikachu00200 at 03:52PM
08/14/00  "Okay now... (ot)" by Sir_Chargon at 02:34AM
08/14/00  "*cries* All my hard work down the drain... look inside for the whole story..." by zander_harris at 09:17AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; CrystalWebMastr; RobbyMVB; et al
08/14/00  "Show of hands..." by The_Scribe at 12:33AM
      zander_harris; 1CrimsonKing1; JasonR
08/14/00  "is it just me, or is geocities currently NOT WORKING?!?!" by RockmanAndForte at 01:55PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Sir_Chargon; zander_harris
08/14/00  "a welcoming back speech" by zander_harris at 06:47PM
      The_Scribe; EvilCat1324
08/14/00  "Is there room for a new Poke web site??? Oh Course silly!!!" by The_Scribe at 07:37PM
      Sir_Chargon; Ruby_WEAPON; Sir_Chargon; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
08/14/00  "Insane thing of mine... Figures, eh? (Or, "The Anime Thread")" by Sir_Chargon at 10:28PM
      EricMHE; Seryph; The_Scribe; pikachu00200; et al
08/14/00  "funny site" by lordsloth1999 at 11:04PM
      JasonR; The_Scribe; zander_harris
08/15/00  "why are some no.s on the ranking system underlined?" by pikachu00200 at 01:53PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Skyler1234; BrownWebmaster; Kevitevik; et al
08/15/00  "RPG" by KevDude at 05:41PM
      Sir_Chargon; Kevitevik; BrownWebmaster
08/15/00  "Just a quick notice" by zander_harris at 08:25PM
08/15/00  "Hmm...thoughts on a possible poll." by EricMHE at 08:54PM
      Sir_Chargon; Kevitevik
08/15/00  "Dark is #1" by BrownWebmaster at 10:14PM
      Sir_Chargon; EvilCat1324; The_Scribe
08/15/00  "Hey Jason... you missed something..." by The_Scribe at 11:05PM
08/16/00  "End of Webmaster: Vacation II" by JasonR at 03:47AM
      Sir_Chargon; 1CrimsonKing1; 1CrimsonKing1; pikachu00200; et al
08/16/00  "Eh..." by Emerald_Webmstr at 08:10AM
      Kevitevik; JasonR; Kevitevik
08/16/00  "The Site Buttons thing" by Sir_Chargon at 09:17AM
      ThreeDark; ThreeDark; The_Scribe; JasonR
08/16/00  "Another fool with A Scanner (And a Decent Paint Proggy)" by ThreeDark at 10:19AM
      Kevitevik; JasonR; 1CrimsonKing1; The_Scribe
08/16/00  "PBL chan? Jason, read" by Emerald_Webmstr at 10:35AM
      Kevitevik; JasonR; Sir_Chargon; Seryph
08/16/00  "LOL stars?" by Kevitevik at 01:01PM
08/16/00  "PBCCG" by Ominis at 02:42PM
      The_Scribe; 1CrimsonKing1; The_Scribe; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
08/16/00  "Just another Network ranking complaint" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 04:39PM
      JasonR; JasonR
08/16/00  "Ohh Doompuff..." by The_Scribe at 06:06PM
      Kevitevik; Sir_Chargon; ThreeDark; Sir_Chargon
08/16/00  "The Ditdit Post #6" by Ditto36 at 07:27PM
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08/16/00  "[Brown] For those days where a battle has to be written... (#119)" by Flashfire at 09:34PM
      BrownWebmaster; JasonR; Sir_Chargon; Tornadomaster; et al
08/16/00  "Artists Wanted for PBCCG" by Ominis at 11:38PM
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08/17/00  "The Ditdit Post #7" by Ditto36 at 08:32AM
      Flashfire; Sir_Chargon; Sir_Chargon; Miss_Nutso; et al
08/17/00  "Um..." by Miss_Nutso at 09:41AM
08/17/00  "look at the poll results" by BrownWebmaster at 10:01AM
08/17/00  "Relay from Strawberry Webmaster..." by Flashfire at 10:07AM
      BrownWebmaster; JasonR; BrownWebmaster; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
08/17/00  "The first ever pokebattles message board battle!" by KevDude at 10:49AM
      Miss_Nutso; Kevitevik; Miss_Nutso
08/17/00  "Poll: Newbie Site" by Tornadomaster at 02:47PM
      The_Scribe; Kevitevik
08/17/00  "Sig Pageant #2 (3? 4? 5197?)" by Sir_Chargon at 08:36PM
      Flashfire; The_Scribe; Kevitevik; JasonR; et al
08/17/00  "[Rainbow] Starcraft: The Battle (#120)" by JasonR at 11:28PM
08/17/00  "[Shadow] Rocket Rejection (#121)" by JasonR at 11:34PM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon
08/17/00  "Network Poll - Click Here to Vote" by JasonR at 12:52PM
      The_Scribe; Sir_Chargon; BrownWebmaster; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
08/19/00  "WHOAH!!!" by RobbyMVB at 07:27AM
      Flashfire; RockmanAndForte; Sir_Chargon; JasonR
08/19/00  "#pokebattles has moved to Superchat - It's accessible from in this thread" by Flashfire at 08:12AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; RockmanAndForte
08/19/00  "Guess who? -nt" by SPSquirtle at 10:41AM
      Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; RockmanAndForte
08/19/00  "SCREW DELL TECH SUPPORT" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 03:31PM
      Sir_Chargon; RockmanAndForte
08/19/00  "#pokebattles: New Stats page up, refreshing every 24hr..." by Flashfire at 11:55PM
08/21/00  "[Light] IRCmon: The emerald menace: Episode #2 (#122)" by Articuno255 at 05:30AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB
08/21/00  "[Light] IRCmon: When the bots the going....: Episode #3 (#123)" by Articuno255 at 05:53AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB
08/21/00  "well this is fairwell i guess..." by zander_harris at 06:25AM
      Sir_Chargon; The_Scribe
08/21/00  "BATTLE!!!!!!...or not." by RobbyMVB at 08:07AM
08/21/00  "All righty, Dacta has offically gone INSANE (aka, more pokebattles dreams)" by DactaMPR at 01:53PM
      Flashfire; Ruby_WEAPON; 1CrimsonKing1; Sir_Chargon; et al
08/22/00  "What the he'll" by BrownWebmaster at 02:08AM
      DactaMPR; JasonR
08/22/00  "Flashfire: 2 mIRC text strings pronto!" by Articuno255 at 02:25AM
08/22/00  "Pondering over a somewhat new style..." by Ruby_WEAPON at 02:39PM
      1CrimsonKing1; JasonR; SPSquirtle; Emerald_Webmstr
08/22/00  "Emerald Version Note" by Emerald_Webmstr at 06:23PM
      Flashfire; 1CrimsonKing1; Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; et al
08/22/00  "Poke-Survivor" by Tornadomaster at 08:16PM
08/22/00  "I'm back!!!" by The_Scribe at 09:19PM
08/23/00  "Hey I need some help..." by The_Scribe at 02:13AM
08/23/00  "Skyler's Fanfic..." by Skyler1234 at 08:20AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; RobbyMVB; CrystalWebMastr; Sir_Chargon; et al
08/23/00  "Short Poll" by Emerald_Webmstr at 08:48AM
      RobbyMVB; CrystalWebMastr; Sir_Chargon; Flashfire; et al
08/23/00  "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! *blasts geocities with a machine gun*" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 04:25PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Sir_Chargon
08/23/00  "For the record...." by MrGraves at 05:10PM
      lordsloth1999; Seryph; EricMHE; CrystalWebMastr; et al
08/24/00  "[Light] Reporting to JasonR: "Homework overload error light is flashing!" (#124)" by Articuno255 at 02:24AM
      Flashfire; RobbyMVB
08/24/00  "Skyler's FanFic v.1.1" by Skyler1234 at 05:17AM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; et al
08/24/00  "Shadow Version Fanfic Saga #2 warning..." by Sir_Chargon at 07:09AM
08/24/00  "Hey Jason its me Rottieman" by i_am_a_rottie at 12:47AM
      lordsloth1999; JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr; lordsloth1999; et al
08/24/00  "The joys of free time from summer vacation and a scanner. Finally. Quack." by Ruby_WEAPON at 03:57PM
      1CrimsonKing1; lordsloth1999; JasonR
08/24/00  "~*Message For Tornado Webmaster*~" by CrystalWebMastr at 04:29PM
08/24/00  "Blood and Gore (Or, "The Comments Thread")" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 06:02PM
      Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr; Flashfire; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
08/24/00  "not too important question.." by lordsloth1999 at 06:21PM
08/25/00  "Page 2" by Skyler1234 at 05:34AM
      MrGraves; RobbyMVB; Emerald_Webmstr
08/25/00  "im still alive,no thanks to eric....." by Ultrainer at 11:28AM
      Sir_Chargon; Emerald_Webmstr
08/25/00  "Long story short." by DoubleD at 05:19PM
      Skyler1234; Sir_Chargon; OddLani; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
08/25/00  "Well, it looks like Duo has a Nintendo Version title now" by Sir_Chargon at 08:44PM
08/25/00  "Page Three" by Skyler1234 at 12:45PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Ruby_WEAPON; RobbyMVB
08/26/00  "Page 4" by Skyler1234 at 04:18AM
      DoubleD; Ruby_WEAPON; Emerald_Webmstr
08/27/00  "Jason" by Emerald_Webmstr at 10:51AM
      Flashfire; Tornadomaster; Flashfire
08/27/00  "Doompuffs needed..." by Ice_Mewtwo at 11:20AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; The_Scribe; RobbyMVB; ThreeDark; et al
08/27/00  "I'm gone, again...." by The_Scribe at 11:59AM
08/27/00  "Announcement: Network Contest" by JasonR at 03:02PM
      Flashfire; 1CrimsonKing1; Flashfire; Sir_Chargon; et al
08/27/00  "Page 5" by Skyler1234 at 12:52PM
08/28/00  "hi peoples" by TRCharm at 04:32AM
      Skyler1234; Miss_Nutso
08/28/00  "ARGH!" by Miss_Nutso at 10:58AM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; Tornadomaster; Ruby_WEAPON
08/28/00  "EEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!" by Mathemaniac at 01:15PM
      RobbyMVB; Flashfire; RockmanAndForte; RobbyMVB; et al
08/28/00  "Would the real psycho version please stand up (and a message for chargon)" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 05:26PM
08/28/00  "Wind Version" by Skyler1234 at 05:37PM
      Flashfire; Ruby_WEAPON; Emerald_Webmstr
08/28/00  "Chargon" by Emerald_Webmstr at 06:07PM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; Sir_Chargon; Ds_Of_the_sith; et al
08/28/00  "Network Buttons -- The list of stuff/requests" by Sir_Chargon at 08:51PM
      Tornadomaster; RockmanAndForte; RockmanAndForte; Tornadomaster; et al
08/29/00  "Battle day....." by Articuno255 at 02:30AM
      JasonR; RobbyMVB
08/29/00  "SuperCHAT" by Articuno255 at 02:40AM
      SPSquirtle; Emerald_Webmstr; Skyler1234; RockmanAndForte; et al
08/29/00  "Mine!" by Miss_Nutso at 02:59PM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB
08/29/00  "Wazzup?" by templeton_peck at 03:04PM
      RobbyMVB; RockmanAndForte; Sir_Chargon
08/29/00  "Prologue to Doom.... (or, the "Idea for a Crossover Thread")" by Butch_Urrh at 03:31PM
      RockmanAndForte; RobbyMVB; Skyler1234; RobbyMVB
08/29/00  "Ever wonder...." by 1CrimsonKing1 at 12:18PM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; JasonR; et al
08/30/00  "the "I HATE AOL" thread -_-" by RockmanAndForte at 08:56AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; Tornadomaster; Ruby_WEAPON; et al
08/30/00  "Poke-Survivor Week 2" by Tornadomaster at 01:08PM
08/30/00  "The Ditdit Post #8 *MAIN NEWS: Network Giveaway Contest*" by Ditto36 at 03:22PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Miss_Nutso; Sir_Chargon; JasonR; et al
08/30/00  "Ditdit Interview #1: Skyler" by Ditto36 at 03:54PM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; 1CrimsonKing1; Flashfire; et al
08/30/00  "[Light] First (yet premeture) Battleday Battle (#125)" by Skyler1234 at 06:32PM
08/30/00  "Jason Anime Club [OT]" by m3th0d at 09:15PM
      Sir_Chargon; lordsloth1999; JasonR
08/30/00  "[Shadow] BATTLE! I'm posting this 12:25in the morning yet its not meant for battle day! (#126)" by SPSquirtle at 09:33PM
      Sir_Chargon; Flashfire
08/30/00  "[Surf] G/S's Battle Day entry (#127)" by Sir_Chargon at 09:47PM
      SPSquirtle; Seryph
08/31/00  "[Light] Battle Day post!!!!! (#129)" by Tornadomaster at 01:31PM
      RobbyMVB; Ditto36; Ditto36
08/31/00  "[Light] Rockman VS. Juno Web (#130)" by RockmanAndForte at 01:35PM
      RobbyMVB; Ditto36; Skyler1234; Tornadomaster
08/31/00  "[Light] Incoming BATTLE! (#131)" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 02:27PM
      RobbyMVB; DactaMPR
08/31/00  "[Light] Deb's entry in the whole Battle Day fray... whee! (#132)" by Ruby_WEAPON at 02:38PM
08/31/00  "[Light] Jess MPR's Revenge (Battle Day Battle) (#133)" by DactaMPR at 02:43PM
      RobbyMVB; Ruby_WEAPON; 1CrimsonKing1; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
08/31/00  "Robby..." by Sir_Chargon at 02:55PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; RobbyMVB; Ruby_WEAPON; Ruby_WEAPON; et al
08/31/00  "[Ruby] Just a message: Light Version Fanfic coming soon! ^_^ (#134)" by RobbyMVB at 02:57PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; RockmanAndForte; RockmanAndForte
08/31/00  "[Ruby] Battle Day Battle Day Battle...? (#135)" by Ditto36 at 03:20PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; RockmanAndForte; Sir_Chargon; RockmanAndForte; et al
08/31/00  "[Rainbow] Stupid Hero Wannabies... always Slowing up the Game. (#136)" by ThreeDark at 04:53PM
08/31/00  "NT: When are the battles gonna get judged, anyways? o_o" by Ruby_WEAPON at 05:33PM
      RockmanAndForte; RobbyMVB; Ds_Of_the_sith; Sir_Chargon; et al
08/31/00  "[Light] Face's Nummy Muffin Coco butter Ranch. (#137)" by zander_harris at 06:20PM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
08/31/00  "[Light] Comic-San's Battle DAY battle! (#138)" by Comic-San at 07:03PM
08/31/00  "Gray Version Lives!" by Mystery03 at 08:31PM
08/31/00  "[Light] Battle Day...Just when you thought the battle stream had ceased... (#139)" by Flashfire at 09:34PM
      RobbyMVB; Sir_Chargon; Comic-San
08/31/00  "[Chocolate] Battle day battle, hope it's not too late (#140)" by Articuno255 at 11:45PM
08/31/00  "[Lavender] Battle Day (#128)" by EricMHE at 12:56PM
      Ditto36; Skyler1234; Skyler1234; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
08/31/00  "goos news..." by zander_harris at 12:56PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Emerald_Webmstr
09/01/00  "as the calm sets of the board..." by RockmanAndForte at 08:01AM
      Flashfire; RobbyMVB; Ruby_WEAPON; Flashfire; et al
09/01/00  "The Ditdit Post #9 *MAIN NEWS: Battle Day Done..." by Ditto36 at 02:14PM
      Sir_Chargon; Flashfire; RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB; et al
09/01/00  "Well here is something cool for a change..." by zander_harris at 02:34PM
09/01/00  "New link for Tornado Version! Network Makers should read for link!" by Tornadomaster at 02:50PM
09/01/00  "Passing time... o_o;; (pretty much OT blah blah)" by Ruby_WEAPON at 04:51PM
      Tornadomaster; RobbyMVB; Ditto36; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
09/01/00  "Uploading!" by Tornadomaster at 07:46PM
09/01/00  "Oops o_O;" by RobbyMVB at 12:04PM
      RockmanAndForte; Flashfire; DoubleD; JasonR
09/02/00  "[Crimson] Uh, hello...Purple Webmaster here with a battle for all you grabbing galloots! (#141)" by PurpleWebmaster at 05:46PM
      1CrimsonKing1; DactaMPR; Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; et al
09/02/00  "Yellow Version Battle Day Results (Repost)" by JasonR at 10:46PM
      Flashfire; 1CrimsonKing1; Ruby_WEAPON; RockmanAndForte; et al
09/03/00  "[Dark] Here lies...another battle! (#142)" by PurpleWebmaster at 02:37PM
      TRBoss_Giovanni; Flashfire
09/03/00  "can someone help me out a little if ya get a chance?" by zander_harris at 07:13PM
09/03/00  "Labor Day Boganza!" by Tornadomaster at 08:57PM
09/04/00  "anyone miss me...." by 1omae1o1korosu1 at 01:59PM
      Flashfire; Ruby_WEAPON; JasonR; Flashfire; et al
09/04/00  "SuperChat?" by Mathemaniac at 03:20PM
      Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr
09/05/00  "Mebbe I'm getting a tad obsessed or something..." by Ruby_WEAPON at 02:49PM
      Sir_Chargon; RobbyMVB; zander_harris; Miss_Nutso; et al
09/05/00  "Welcome Back!" by Skyler1234 at 04:04PM
      Ds_Of_the_sith; Sir_Chargon; zander_harris; Miss_Nutso; et al
09/05/00  "Yet another Fiction thingy..." by zander_harris at 05:12PM
      RockmanAndForte; RobbyMVB
09/06/00  "Indigo Version: The Site That You Thought Had Dissapeared" by IndigoMan at 12:05PM
09/07/00  "Can someone think of something to keep me ocupied" by zander_harris at 06:32PM
      Comic-San; Miss_Nutso; Pegasus750
09/08/00  "Yehaaaa!" by Miss_Nutso at 01:26PM
09/08/00  "Ditdit Network Poll (9/8/00)" by Ditto36 at 01:28PM
      RobbyMVB; Ds_Of_the_sith; RockmanAndForte; EricMHE; et al
09/08/00  "Is it just me, or has Zander been shot too much?" by IndigoMan at 01:37PM
      Ditto36; Ruby_WEAPON; Flashfire; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
09/08/00  "DOOMPUFF?" by Miss_Nutso at 01:52PM
      RobbyMVB; EricMHE; Sir_Chargon; Flashfire
09/08/00  "ChronoWeb" by Mathemaniac at 05:05PM
      Sir_Chargon; RockmanAndForte; lordsloth1999; lordsloth1999; et al
09/08/00  "The Network updates soon... but who's counting?" by TRBoss_Giovanni at 07:27PM
      JasonR; IndigoMan
09/08/00  "New Idea!" by Butch_Urrh at 09:30PM
09/08/00  "I... hate... school... -OT" by RockmanAndForte at 12:37PM
      lordsloth1999; Sir_Chargon; Mathemaniac; Comic-San; et al
09/09/00  "Need network or site help?" by IndigoMan at 11:28AM
09/09/00  "Pokebattle Support Website!!!!!!!!!" by IndigoMan at 01:01PM
09/09/00  "Ruby Version Mad-Lib Battles, Test Run! WHEEE!" by Ruby_WEAPON at 01:20PM
      RobbyMVB; Skyler1234; RobbyMVB; JasonR; et al
09/09/00  "And out of the ashes rises....." by Ds_Of_the_sith at 02:11PM
09/09/00  "Turquoise Version Going On Hiatus" by Seryph at 02:15PM
09/09/00  "For all you Network Spoofers" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 04:12PM
      RobbyMVB; Miss_Nutso; RobbyMVB
09/09/00  "100 bucks a month and a Toys R Us 20 minutes away... Bleh (ot? I dunno)" by Sir_Chargon at 09:26PM
09/10/00  "?????" by Miss_Nutso at 10:29AM
      IndigoMan; TRBoss_Giovanni; Pegasus750; Pegasus750
09/11/00  "Miss a week, the world goes crazy!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:42PM
      RobbyMVB; Flashfire; RobbyMVB
09/11/00  "Ehhhhh." by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:51PM
09/11/00  "When is the *zander was beaten in the head buy a pig cop*" by zander_harris at 05:14PM
09/11/00  "Network Vote for 9/11/00 - 9/17/00" by JasonR at 06:03PM
      Miss_Nutso; Butch_Urrh; Ruby_WEAPON; Sir_Chargon; et al
09/11/00  "Why are not custometh Buttons on yon Network Pageth? (Or, "The Linguistics Thread")" by Sir_Chargon at 07:42PM
      Tornadomaster; Tornadomaster; RobbyMVB; JasonR; et al
09/12/00  "*looks at Network page* Hm...o.o;" by Flashfire at 01:27PM
      RobbyMVB; 1CrimsonKing1; BrownWebmaster; RobbyMVB; et al
09/12/00  "Fanfic PAGE 7" by Skyler1234 at 03:30PM
      Miss_Nutso; Miss_Nutso
09/12/00  "CAMPAIGN POKEBATTLES 2000! (due to the nature of this post, it is advised Chargon does not read it)" by RobbyMVB at 05:44PM
      Comic-San; Sir_Chargon; TRBoss_Giovanni; Ruby_WEAPON; et al
09/12/00  "Sig Test" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 06:18PM
09/12/00  "The Truth" by BrownWebmaster at 07:51PM
09/13/00  "Does he always take this long to update this network?" by MrKite at 08:51AM
      Tornadomaster; 1CrimsonKing1; Miss_Nutso; JasonR; et al
09/13/00  "Specials....." by Articuno255 at 12:43AM
09/13/00  "Page 8!" by Skyler1234 at 01:03PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; 1CrimsonKing1; Comic-San
09/13/00  "Jason and Chargon read!!!!!" by Tornadomaster at 04:44PM
      Sir_Chargon; JasonR
09/13/00  "Note to Aqua Version webmaster: I"M TOO STINKING CURIOUS!" by Miss_Nutso at 06:18PM
09/13/00  "About the Network" by Skyler1234 at 06:31PM
      RobbyMVB; Miss_Nutso; Ditto36; zander_harris
09/14/00  "Tornado Network Poll---Prototype" by Tornadomaster at 03:30AM
      Skyler1234; BrownWebmaster; Flashfire; RobbyMVB
09/14/00  "Page 9!" by Skyler1234 at 01:14PM
09/14/00  "Just a notice..." by zander_harris at 01:49PM
09/14/00  "Another Ruby Version gallery addition - Sneak preview! Ain't it special?" by Ruby_WEAPON at 02:40PM
      zander_harris; JasonR; Pegasus750
09/14/00  "Page 10!" by Skyler1234 at 04:57PM
      RobbyMVB; Miss_Nutso; Miss_Nutso
09/14/00  "PLEASE READ: The Pokebattle Support Site: Stuff you need to know" by IndigoMan at 05:54PM
      Ds_Of_the_sith; Miss_Nutso; JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
09/14/00  "Speed limit, anyone?" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 06:06PM
      Sir_Chargon; JasonR; 1CrimsonKing1
09/14/00  "Cryptic Message #1 of 7" by JasonR at 10:15PM
      EricMHE; RobbyMVB; wakuseino; Miss_Nutso; et al
09/14/00  "Sig Test" by Miss_Nutso at 12:28PM
      JasonR; JasonR
09/15/00  "Current Network Vote thingys..." by Skyler1234 at 06:26PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; RobbyMVB; JasonR; RobbyMVB; et al
09/16/00  "A Public Service Announcement from Brak and Zorak" by Ruby_WEAPON at 11:26AM
09/16/00  "Ok!!!! Since everyone wants -nt" by Tornadomaster at 04:54PM
09/16/00  "Stop it!" by Skyler1234 at 04:59PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Comic-San; zander_harris; Miss_Nutso
09/16/00  "The Clear Version Files Part 1" by zander_harris at 05:36PM
      Miss_Nutso; Miss_Nutso
09/17/00  "Hey...Jason" by MrKite at 09:19AM
      Sir_Chargon; JasonR; Comic-San; Miss_Nutso; et al
09/17/00  "PLEASE READ: Pokebattle Support Site" by IndigoMan at 10:25AM
      RobbyMVB; Ruby_WEAPON; Flashfire; RockmanAndForte; et al
09/17/00  "Ever heard of NO-BS Pokemon?" by S_Man at 10:50AM
      BrownWebmaster; Sir_Chargon; BrownWebmaster
09/17/00  "Clear Verison Files #2" by zander_harris at 05:22PM
09/17/00  "Network Vote for 9/17/00 - 9/24/00" by JasonR at 09:55PM
      RobbyMVB; TRBoss_Giovanni; Sir_Chargon; Tornadomaster; et al
09/18/00  "Tornado Netowork Poll ~~~17-30 September 2000" by Tornadomaster at 01:22PM
      Skyler1234; RobbyMVB; Ditto36; Miss_Nutso; et al
09/18/00  "Fansite Network" by BrownWebmaster at 02:51PM
09/18/00  "It rises... like oil and water...." by Ds_Of_the_sith at 06:07PM
      Sir_Chargon; zander_harris; Tornadomaster; Articuno255; et al
09/18/00  "PBL Question" by Sir_Chargon at 06:31PM
      JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr
09/18/00  "Crossover Q" by Tornadomaster at 07:01PM
      Sir_Chargon; BrownWebmaster
09/18/00  "Sig test" by Tornadomaster at 07:04PM
      RobbyMVB; Ruby_WEAPON; Mathemaniac; Mathemaniac; et al
09/18/00  "Network Stuff" by RobbyMVB at 08:21PM
      Flashfire; Skyler1234; Ruby_WEAPON; Ds_Of_the_sith
09/18/00  "[Wind] WHY THE HECK SHOULD I... (#143)" by JasonR at 10:12PM
09/19/00  "Pokemon Paradies" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 04:19PM
      JasonR; Sir_Chargon; Ruby_WEAPON; Skyler1234; et al
09/19/00  "Network census ;)" by Articuno255 at 09:12PM
      RobbyMVB; Flashfire; Flashfire; Skyler1234; et al
09/19/00  "Pokebattles TCG" by Articuno255 at 09:38PM
      RobbyMVB; Flashfire; Skyler1234; RobbyMVB; et al
09/20/00  "Page 11!" by Skyler1234 at 09:51AM
      Flashfire; Ruby_WEAPON
09/20/00  "Observation About the New Ranking System" by Seryph at 11:24AM
      Miss_Nutso; MrKite; JasonR; BrownWebmaster
09/20/00  "Page 12!" by Skyler1234 at 11:51AM
      Flashfire; Miss_Nutso; Ruby_WEAPON
09/20/00  "Page 13!" by Skyler1234 at 03:46PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Miss_Nutso; Comic-San; Miss_Nutso; et al
09/20/00  "IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ: Final Request" by IndigoMan at 03:56PM
      RobbyMVB; Ds_Of_the_sith; RobbyMVB; MrKite; et al
09/20/00  "Page 14! (Oi...I'm just Pumpin' these out today)" by Skyler1234 at 04:18PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; RobbyMVB; Miss_Nutso
09/20/00  "The NEW network Current Ranking thingy..." by Skyler1234 at 05:34PM
      RobbyMVB; Tornadomaster; MrKite; Ds_Of_the_sith; et al
09/20/00  "Heres a Q" by BrownWebmaster at 07:34PM
      Sir_Chargon; Ruby_WEAPON; Ds_Of_the_sith; The_Scribe; et al
09/20/00  "How in the Network......" by Miss_Nutso at 12:34PM
      MrKite; RobbyMVB
09/21/00  "Page 15!" by Skyler1234 at 01:07PM
      RobbyMVB; JasonR; Miss_Nutso; Ds_Of_the_sith; et al
09/21/00  "Cryptic Message #2 of 7" by JasonR at 04:08PM
      Ds_Of_the_sith; Ruby_WEAPON; Miss_Nutso; Mathemaniac; et al
09/22/00  "Shadow Version Fanfic Saga 2 Preview" by Sir_Chargon at 02:27PM
09/22/00  "Network Suggestion" by Skyler1234 at 05:08PM
09/22/00  "Anyone else notice this" by BrownWebmaster at 07:44PM
09/22/00  "Cloud Version Club" by sheep_of_doom at 11:21PM
09/23/00  "Top 5 in the Network" by Tornadomaster at 07:04AM
      Skyler1234; DarkLord666; Flashfire; DarkLord666
09/23/00  "Everybody, say g'bye to White..." by DactaMPR at 09:26AM
      BrownWebmaster; IndigoMan; RobbyMVB; wakuseino; et al
09/23/00  "The end has come. (A very sentimental message)" by IndigoMan at 09:53AM
      RobbyMVB; wakuseino; 1CrimsonKing1; Mathemaniac; et al
09/23/00  "The Theory of Narration-Please read." by MrKite at 10:22AM
      Tornadomaster; JasonR; sheep_of_doom; Sir_Chargon
09/23/00  "The 1st page of the Pokebattles movie" by DactaMPR at 10:26AM
      Miss_Nutso; Sir_Chargon; JasonR
09/23/00  "Suggestion." by MrKite at 10:37AM
      Skyler1234; Tornadomaster; Ditto36; Ruby_WEAPON; et al
09/23/00  "Pokee" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 11:37AM
09/23/00  "The Network Saps the Energy From Pokebattles? WTF?" by Butch_Urrh at 11:38AM
      MrKite; Mathemaniac
09/23/00  "[Sky] Untitled Battle (#144)" by JasonR at 02:23PM
09/23/00  "Lilac Version" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 03:38PM
09/23/00  "Fic...[nope, not *the* fic, not just yet...] -OT" by Flashfire at 04:30PM
09/23/00  "[Tornado] PokéBattle (#145)" by HellFighter4 at 06:19PM
      Tornadomaster; RobbyMVB; DarkLord666
09/23/00  "Nearly a month..." by EricMHE at 06:57PM
      MrKite; MrKite
09/23/00  "Review Day" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 07:16PM
      Tornadomaster; MrKite
09/23/00  "Ruby Version Gallery Preview x2!! Wheee!" by Ruby_WEAPON at 10:29PM
09/24/00  "LAST CHANCE TO SEE INDIGO VERSION!!" by IndigoMan at 08:26AM
      JasonR; RobbyMVB
09/24/00  "[Chocolate] Trunks! The incredibly studly future guy! (#146)" by ZarbonRules at 02:28PM
09/24/00  "[Chocolate] PokéBattle (#147)" by HellFighter4 at 03:21PM
09/24/00  "[Dark] PokéBattle (#148)" by HellFighter4 at 03:41PM
      DarkLord666; BrownWebmaster; BrownWebmaster; TRBoss_Giovanni
09/24/00  "[Brown] PokéBattle (#149)" by HellFighter4 at 03:55PM
09/24/00  "Planning for Mass Live Battle Tournament..." by Flashfire at 04:30PM
      Miss_Nutso; ZarbonRules; MrKite; CrlnVrsn; et al
09/24/00  "Dreamweaver!!!!" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 04:39PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Flashfire
09/24/00  "Page 2 of the Pokebattles Movie" by DactaMPR at 05:31PM
      Skyler1234; MrKite; JasonR; wakuseino; et al
09/24/00  "Question" by BrownWebmaster at 07:11PM
      JasonR; Ds_Of_the_sith
09/24/00  "re-post. theory of narration" by MrKite at 08:28PM
09/24/00  "Network Vote for 9/24/00 - 10/1/00" by JasonR at 10:37PM
      sheep_of_doom; Butch_Urrh; Flashfire; TRBoss_Giovanni; et al
09/24/00  "Theory of Narration- Posted" by MrKite at 12:57PM
      Sir_Chargon; CrlnVrsn
09/25/00  "Page 3 of the Pokebattles movie" by DactaMPR at 02:54PM
      MrKite; JasonR; Sir_Chargon
09/25/00  "Zombies (please read concerns yall)" by Tornadomaster at 05:49PM
      MrKite; Supersquid_000; Ds_Of_the_sith; BrownWebmaster; et al
09/25/00  "Death? Or maybe not? Or maybe so?" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 06:16PM
09/25/00  "Idea!" by BrownWebmaster at 08:15PM
      JasonR; RobbyMVB; Flashfire; MrKite
09/25/00  "MSN messenger...." by zander_harris at 12:26PM
09/26/00  "*In Sing-Song Voice*..." by Miss_Nutso at 03:50AM
      JasonR; Falconcry
09/26/00  "ATTENTION: EVERYONE!" by Butch_Urrh at 12:45AM
09/26/00  "Pokemon Concentration" by MrKite at 06:46PM
      RobbyMVB; Flashfire
09/26/00  "Allrighty" by Sir_Chargon at 07:23PM
09/26/00  "Propaganda" by The_Scribe at 08:16PM
      CrlnVrsn; Tornadomaster
09/27/00  "Hrm...Flame is now off hiatus... *lots of people collapse in shock*" by Flashfire at 12:00AM
09/27/00  "Interesting thing." by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:36PM
09/27/00  "Page 4 of The Pokebattles Movie" by DactaMPR at 03:38PM
      Sir_Chargon; JasonR; 1CrimsonKing1; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
09/27/00  "Doo Doo Doo DOO! The Current Network!" by Skyler1234 at 05:35PM
      Tornadomaster; MrKite; Flashfire; Sir_Chargon
09/27/00  "The Criptic Messages (prologue)" by KevDude at 07:14PM
09/28/00  "*mutilates Xoom to the point of death*" by Skyler1234 at 04:29AM
09/28/00  "Death... *sigh* probable" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 04:50AM
      Flashfire; sheep_of_doom; Flashfire; Sir_Chargon; et al
09/28/00  "Page 5 of the Pokebattles Movie" by DactaMPR at 02:55PM
      1CrimsonKing1; sheep_of_doom; MrKite; Butch_Urrh
09/28/00  "The Mass Battle thing... "Narrate-A-Thon 2000: 32 Hours..."" by Flashfire at 03:33PM
      Skyler1234; MrKite; Ruby_WEAPON; Sir_Chargon; et al
09/28/00  "Cryptic Message #3 of 7" by JasonR at 04:42PM
      BrownWebmaster; Skyler1234; Ds_Of_the_sith; MrKite; et al
09/29/00  "Tornado Network Poll October 1st-14th" by Tornadomaster at 10:46AM
      BrownWebmaster; Supersquid_000; Ruby_WEAPON; MrKite; et al
      Emerald_Webmstr; 1CrimsonKing1; Tornadomaster; JasonR
09/29/00  "Thoughts spark up, life catches up, things must be sacrificed... But is this one of them?" by Sir_Chargon at 03:15PM
      BrownWebmaster; 1CrimsonKing1; Supersquid_000; Ruby_WEAPON; et al
09/29/00  "Ruby Version Gallery addition x2 again!" by Ruby_WEAPON at 06:33PM
      BrownWebmaster; sheep_of_doom; JasonR; 1CrimsonKing1
09/29/00  "The Ditdit Post #10 (Main News: Nothing much; just the IRC RPG reminder...)" by Ditto36 at 07:33PM
09/30/00  "Question to JasonR" by Articuno255 at 02:41AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR; RobbyMVB; Supersquid_000; et al
09/30/00  "Network Proposal" by JasonR at 03:19PM
      wakuseino; Sir_Chargon; sheep_of_doom; Flashfire; et al
09/30/00  "Uh... Huzzah?" by Sir_Chargon at 04:02PM
09/30/00  "To Mattchu and Deborah." by MrKite at 04:02PM
09/30/00  "Choco off hitaus (or whatever the freak matt calls it)" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 05:10PM
      Flashfire; BrownWebmaster; Flashfire
09/30/00  "At long last... *grumble*" by Ruby_WEAPON at 07:15PM
09/30/00  "It may be insanity... It may be boredom... No, it's just -- hey, it IS insanity! Or boredom... BAH!!" by Sir_Chargon at 08:02PM
      sheep_of_doom; Supersquid_000; Butch_Urrh; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
09/30/00  "Let's try this again.... -_-;;" by Ruby_WEAPON at 12:25PM
      DactaMPR; 1CrimsonKing1; 1CrimsonKing1; DactaMPR; et al
09/30/00  "Page 6 of the Pokebattles movie" by DactaMPR at 12:27PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; BrownWebmaster; Sir_Chargon; JasonR; et al
10/01/00  "What would you do if the reincarnation of John Fitzgerald Kennedy walked up to you in the street?" by DarkLord666 at 04:53AM
      lordsloth1999; Ruby_WEAPON; lordsloth1999; Pegasus750; et al
10/01/00  "Jason..." by zander_harris at 05:04AM
10/01/00  "Page 7 of the Pokebattles Movie" by DactaMPR at 08:44AM
      Supersquid_000; Sir_Chargon; wakuseino; Flashfire; et al
10/01/00  "It's a miracle!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:51PM
10/01/00  "Guess who's bored?" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 02:31PM
      MrKite; sheep_of_doom; Falconcry
10/01/00  "Pokebattles Popcorn." by MrKite at 02:43PM
      IndigoMan; Flashfire; Supersquid_000; CrlnVrsn; et al
10/01/00  "Pokebattle Support Site: 10/1/00" by IndigoMan at 02:56PM
10/01/00  "How Pokebattles Popcorn will work" by MrKite at 07:04PM
      JasonR; The_Scribe; Miss_Nutso; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
10/01/00  "All read!!!" by The_Scribe at 07:51PM
      MrKite; Falconcry
10/01/00  "Network Vote for 10/1/00 - 10/8/00" by JasonR at 09:26PM
      Articuno255; Sir_Chargon; Skyler1234; Tornadomaster; et al
10/01/00  "Question" by Emerald_Webmstr at 12:21PM
      IndigoMan; JasonR; MrKite
10/02/00  "Ruby Version Classics, 1-20: Feedback needed!! ^_^;;" by Ruby_WEAPON at 04:45PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Sir_Chargon; Supersquid_000; BrownWebmaster; et al
10/03/00  "Yet another survivor ripoff" by Articuno255 at 02:07AM
      Tornadomaster; Skyler1234; RobbyMVB; Supersquid_000; et al
10/03/00  "News for ICQ users in PokéBattles.." by Flashfire at 09:36AM
10/03/00  "End of School holidays" by Articuno255 at 12:16AM
10/03/00  "[Ruby] Another Untitled Battle (#150)" by JasonR at 03:59PM
10/03/00  "Doompuff's return" by Mreman at 06:54PM
      Sir_Chargon; BrownWebmaster; CrlnVrsn; MrKite; et al
10/03/00  "Official Pokebattles Popcorn" by MrKite at 09:36PM
10/03/00  "POKEBATTTLESurvivor players" by Articuno255 at 10:35PM
      sheep_of_doom; Miss_Nutso; RobbyMVB; Flashfire; et al
10/03/00  "Has anyone yet?" by Miss_Nutso at 12:31PM
      sheep_of_doom; JasonR; BrownWebmaster; Ds_Of_the_sith; et al
10/04/00  "Crossover Battle" by Falconcry at 07:49AM
10/04/00  "[Light] Battle!: Once Upon a Forehead (#151)" by Falconcry at 08:12AM
      RobbyMVB; RobbyMVB
10/04/00  "What happens when you get a tad bit obsessed with Chrono Cross... aka, more Ruby Doodles. ^_^;" by Ruby_WEAPON at 03:08PM
      JasonR; Sir_Chargon; Miss_Nutso; lordsloth1999; et al
10/04/00  "D2 Usernames" by Mathemaniac at 08:18PM
      lordsloth1999; JasonR; wakuseino
10/05/00  "Battle not designed to be claimed" by Articuno255 at 03:03AM
10/05/00  "AOK style intro to PokéBattles" by Articuno255 at 03:30AM
10/05/00  "Sid Meier's Civilization type intro to pokebattles" by Articuno255 at 03:59AM
      1CrimsonKing1; lordsloth1999
10/05/00  "Network ranking rankings" by Articuno255 at 04:07AM
      The_Scribe; Tornadomaster; RobbyMVB; Flashfire; et al
10/05/00  "Night Version's.... Alive?!!" by wakuseino at 11:57AM
      Flashfire; sheep_of_doom; JasonR
10/05/00  "From basic beginnings...." by Articuno255 at 12:44AM
10/05/00  "PBSupport Site: A reminder" by IndigoMan at 02:26PM
10/05/00  "Cryptic Message #4 of 7" by JasonR at 05:19PM
      Comic-San; Mathemaniac; 1CrimsonKing1; Ds_Of_the_sith; et al
10/05/00  "Commercial Thread IV: An Evaluation" by Flashfire at 12:58PM
      1CrimsonKing1; 1CrimsonKing1
10/06/00  "Pokebattles Survivor" by Articuno255 at 01:40AM
      sheep_of_doom; Miss_Nutso; Skyler1234; wakuseino; et al
10/06/00  "Visit to Pokebattles Survivor Island" by IndigoMan at 10:43AM
10/06/00  "ok.. i think Rainbow's dead.." by RockmanAndForte at 11:37AM
10/06/00  "Network Friday Night Rankings" by Imposter12 at 07:13PM
      Sir_Chargon; RockmanAndForte; Sir_Chargon; Flashfire; et al
10/06/00  "PowerBattles......My style!" by Ice_Mewtwo at 08:14PM
      Flashfire; Ds_Of_the_sith
10/07/00  "News on #pokebattles IRC..." by Flashfire at 05:50AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; JasonR; MrKite
10/07/00  "[Emerald] Story Chain/RPG: WHEEEEEEE! The Yellow Version Narrator. (#152)" by Falconcry at 06:56AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Ice_Mewtwo
10/07/00  "PokeSurvivor" by Articuno255 at 12:26AM
      Flashfire; Flashfire; Tornadomaster; Supersquid_000; et al
10/07/00  "For the Fans... all three of you..." by The_Scribe at 02:54PM
10/07/00  "[Lavender] Enter the dragon, Cut the Cheese. (#153)" by Ryushikaze at 08:28PM
10/07/00  "PokeSurvivor Voting for public" by Articuno255 at 08:40PM
10/07/00  "PokeSurvivor" by Articuno255 at 11:29PM
      Flashfire; Supersquid_000; Tornadomaster; Supersquid_000; et al
10/07/00  "Call for Network Volunteers" by JasonR at 12:33PM
      Falconcry; sheep_of_doom; Skyler1234; Ruby_WEAPON; et al
10/08/00  "Your Network Ranking for Sunday Morning" by Flashfire at 01:34AM
      TRBoss_Giovanni; Tornadomaster; Supersquid_000; Ds_Of_the_sith; et al
10/08/00  "For Your eyes only Vol.1 issue 1." by hacker_fiend at 07:03AM
      IndigoMan; Ds_Of_the_sith; 1CrimsonKing1; Sir_Chargon; et al
10/08/00  "Network Vote for 10/8/00 - 10/15/00" by JasonR at 03:53PM
      MrKite; Skyler1234; RobbyMVB; The_Scribe; et al
10/08/00  "BAH!! *chop, smack, crunch, rip, etc*" by Ruby_WEAPON at 04:06PM
      Skyler1234; MrKite; Sir_Chargon; sheep_of_doom; et al
10/08/00  "Read this! It is important for you, your loved ones, and the fate of the free world!" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 06:10PM
      BrownWebmaster; MrKite; Flashfire; Skyler1234; et al
10/09/00  "[Cloud] Bah, a battle. Make up yer own title for it. I'm too lazy too.. (#154)" by CrlnVrsn at 12:22AM
10/09/00  "PokeSurvivor" by MrKite at 03:39PM
      Sir_Chargon; Skyler1234; Ruby_WEAPON; RobbyMVB; et al
10/09/00  "To Articuno...(reincludement) Fault: Gamers.com" by Comic-San at 04:18PM
10/09/00  "Deb goes scanner happy. ^_^ (AKA more Ruby Doodles)" by Ruby_WEAPON at 04:40PM
      Skyler1234; lordsloth1999; JasonR; Skyler1234; et al
10/09/00  "Hiatus" by MrKite at 08:45PM
10/09/00  "PokeSurvivor" by Articuno255 at 10:29PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Flashfire; Sir_Chargon; Tornadomaster; et al
10/10/00  "[Wind] Another Fiery Battle.. (#155)" by Flashfire at 04:46AM
10/10/00  "When faced with writing block.. (Sketches from me)" by Flashfire at 09:11AM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Miss_Nutso; 1CrimsonKing1; JasonR; et al
10/10/00  "[Emerald] ULTRAINER REAPPEARED! (#157)" by Ultrainer at 10:31AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr
10/10/00  "For your eyes only Vol.1 issue 2." by hacker_fiend at 04:30PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Flashfire; Flashfire; Sir_Chargon; et al
10/10/00  "The Ditdit Post #11" by Ditto36 at 06:14PM
      Sir_Chargon; Skyler1234; Flashfire
10/10/00  "PokeSurvivor" by Articuno255 at 11:51PM
      RobbyMVB; Supersquid_000; Sir_Chargon; Supersquid_000; et al
10/11/00  "I just realized something.." by Skyler1234 at 02:01PM
      wanna-be; lordsloth1999; wanna-be; Flashfire
10/11/00  "Live Battles at the PBSupport Site" by IndigoMan at 02:34PM
      JasonR; RobbyMVB
10/11/00  "lntroducing... PLAID VERSION!" by Diggeroney at 06:26PM
      Comic-San; BrownWebmaster; 1CrimsonKing1; sheep_of_doom; et al
10/12/00  "PokeSurvivor" by Articuno255 at 12:43AM
      Flashfire; RobbyMVB; Supersquid_000; RobbyMVB; et al
10/12/00  "Cryptic Message #5 of 7" by JasonR at 01:34PM
      Supersquid_000; Pory; 1CrimsonKing1; RobbyMVB; et al
10/12/00  "Page 17, and finally, the Finale" by Skyler1234 at 03:23PM
10/12/00  "[Ruby] No fancy title needed for this hot battle! (#156)" by JasonR at 04:08PM
10/12/00  "Tornado News (I'm not dead)" by Tornadomaster at 06:56PM
10/13/00  "what the heck is gundam wargreymon?" by Ultrainer at 10:12AM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr
10/13/00  "PokeSurvivor" by Articuno255 at 12:11AM
      BrownWebmaster; Ruby_WEAPON; Flashfire; Supersquid_000; et al
10/13/00  "More Doompuff Stuff" by JasonR at 04:21PM
      1CrimsonKing1; EricMHE; Butch_Urrh; Ds_Of_the_sith
10/13/00  "A few slightly important note from the PB Site" by IndigoMan at 05:38PM
      Comic-San; Skyler1234
10/13/00  "Fun and games! Fun and ga.. ah, get to it already!" by wanna-be at 06:13PM
      Skyler1234; 1CrimsonKing1; BrownWebmaster; Ruby_WEAPON
10/13/00  "Brown Version does a dance and then.........dies" by BrownWebmaster at 07:12PM
10/14/00  "PokeSurvivor" by Articuno255 at 01:00AM
      Flashfire; Ruby_WEAPON; RobbyMVB; Ruby_WEAPON; et al
10/14/00  "Tornado Network Poll October 14-27" by Tornadomaster at 05:52AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Comic-San; Ditto36; Flashfire; et al
10/14/00  "Robby!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 06:37AM
10/14/00  "Chargon Q!" by Tornadomaster at 07:21AM
      Sir_Chargon; BrownWebmaster
10/14/00  "Finally! Live Battles are at the PB Support Site!!" by IndigoMan at 07:34AM
10/14/00  "Announcement: Live Battles Week" by JasonR at 11:11PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Flashfire; RockmanAndForte; Emerald_Webmstr
10/15/00  "Aiii yaiii" by Emerald_Webmstr at 05:31AM
10/15/00  "PBSupport: Sorry about the slowed update" by IndigoMan at 08:32AM
10/15/00  "Update on Network Ranking: Sun 7:08pm GMT" by Flashfire at 11:19AM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Sir_Chargon; Comic-San; MrKite
10/15/00  "Casual Battle for anyone who wants to join!!" by IndigoMan at 11:19AM
10/15/00  "PokeSurvivor results" by Articuno255 at 12:23AM
10/15/00  "8:29 Network Results couple more hours" by Imposter12 at 05:48PM
10/15/00  "Pokebattles Popcorn" by MrKite at 06:00PM
10/15/00  "The history of pokemon" by MrKite at 06:02PM
10/16/00  "okay, -nt" by Ultrainer at 11:32AM
      BrownWebmaster; Flashfire; JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr
10/16/00  "Faces, and some opinions needed. (title v2, cursed spelling)" by Ruby_WEAPON at 02:08PM
      Flashfire; JasonR; The_Scribe
10/16/00  "Change in plans-support site owner please read" by MrKite at 04:01PM
      Supersquid_000; sheep_of_doom; Emerald_Webmstr
10/16/00  "Fun And Games Vol. 1 No. 2! Who Cares?!" by wanna-be at 06:51PM
      BrownWebmaster; Flashfire; BrownWebmaster; Flashfire; et al
10/17/00  "Lime News" by The_Scribe at 08:15AM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Mathemaniac; lordsloth1999; Tornadomaster
10/17/00  "[Ruby] A Battle vs. LordDiablo! (#157)" by LordDiablo at 05:08PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; wakuseino; Ruby_WEAPON; Falconcry; et al
10/17/00  "Does anyone here use Yahoo messenger? -nt" by Mathemaniac at 06:15PM
      sheep_of_doom; Ditto36; Flashfire
10/17/00  "The only way to get a job done right..." by JasonR at 08:32PM
      Mathemaniac; BrownWebmaster; 1CrimsonKing1; Tornadomaster; et al
10/18/00  "Future plans---Xtreme Pokebattles News #1" by Tornadomaster at 11:52AM
10/18/00  "Emerald Version \UPDATE\ 10-18-00" by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:43PM
10/18/00  "Oy, apologies to all, especially cloud version." by MrKite at 02:35PM
10/18/00  "BATTLE!" by MrKite at 03:14PM
10/18/00  "Tornado Network Rating Predictions" by Tornadomaster at 04:04PM
      The_Scribe; Falconcry; The_Scribe
10/18/00  "[Tornado] Fun And Games Vol. 1 No. 3! Be careful with those nukes! (#158)" by JasonR at 04:11PM
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10/18/00  "Hey all" by KitFlareon at 05:59PM
      lordsloth1999; Flashfire
10/18/00  "Survey" by Tornadomaster at 06:48PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; BrownWebmaster; RobbyMVB; sheep_of_doom; et al
10/18/00  "Brown Version Banner" by BrownWebmaster at 08:12PM
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10/19/00  "Well, hi." by Ciaran_H at 04:51AM
      1CrimsonKing1; Flashfire; Tornadomaster; The_Scribe; et al
10/19/00  "metalversion will probably not be returning...." by Ultrainer at 10:31AM
10/19/00  "Yellow Zombie has arrived!" by Tornadomaster at 10:51AM
10/19/00  "Link change last time Jason" by Tornadomaster at 11:51AM
10/19/00  "HTML HELP" by Tornadomaster at 02:16PM
10/19/00  "Cryptic Message #6 of 7" by JasonR at 03:56PM
      wanna-be; Skyler1234; Ds_Of_the_sith; Falconcry; et al
10/19/00  "Fun And Games Vol.1 No.4 !" by wanna-be at 04:03PM
10/20/00  "?!?!?!?!" by wanna-be at 05:48PM
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10/20/00  "Just a question to make your viewing experience a better one" by IndigoMan at 06:42PM
10/21/00  "Tornado..." by Emerald_Webmstr at 10:11AM
10/22/00  "Some Version name suggestions." by Skyler1234 at 03:01PM
10/22/00  "Update" by Tornadomaster at 07:19PM
      The_Scribe; JasonR; Flashfire; MrKite
10/22/00  "Request for RPG Readers" by JasonR at 08:24PM
      Butch_Urrh; Butch_Urrh; Emerald_Webmstr; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
10/23/00  "Network Ranking Update" by JasonR at 09:57PM
      Tornadomaster; MrKite; Tornadomaster; wakuseino; et al
10/23/00  "*bursts out of the ground zombie-style and is immediately assaulted for a lame joke*" by Seryph at 11:07PM
10/24/00  "About the Poll... (long post ahead; duck and cower..)" by Flashfire at 03:52AM
      Tornadomaster; Ruby_WEAPON; 1CrimsonKing1; JasonR; et al
10/24/00  "Lime News Oct. 24th" by The_Scribe at 05:50AM
10/24/00  "[#pokebattles] Info for the ops and 75s.." by Flashfire at 06:13AM
10/24/00  "Fun And Games Vol. 1 No. 5! The Games!" by wanna-be at 02:41PM
      Flashfire; Comic-San; BrownWebmaster
10/24/00  "Offer to anyone with a site [OT]" by lordsloth1999 at 02:55PM
10/24/00  "[Cinnabar] Be fancy! think of your own title! (#158)" by JasonR at 03:22PM
      DactaMPR; wanna-be; BrownWebmaster; wanna-be
10/24/00  "Argh... -_-;;" by Ruby_WEAPON at 05:26PM
      JasonR; BrownWebmaster; Sir_Chargon
10/24/00  "Tornado News (Because I'm bored)" by Tornadomaster at 06:40PM
10/24/00  "HTML HELP 2 (Anybody who wants to help my lost soul)" by Tornadomaster at 06:46PM
      JasonR; Sir_Chargon
10/24/00  "[Brown] Dragona and the Maurauder IIC (#159)" by Flashfire at 08:11PM
      wakuseino; JasonR; BrownWebmaster; Ice_Mewtwo
10/24/00  "Non-Pokemon Fanfic: Dragons Quest" by BrownWebmaster at 10:57PM
10/25/00  "Eureka! I FOUND IT!!" by Skyler1234 at 09:46AM
      Comic-San; JasonR
10/25/00  "Cryptic message #6 1/2! ... Well sort of" by wanna-be at 03:12PM
10/25/00  "#pokebattles? WHERE?!?!?!" by Silver_Mistress at 05:53PM
      Tornadomaster; Flashfire
10/25/00  "My (semi-) triumphant return! Uh... FUWAHAHA!!" by Sir_Chargon at 12:22PM
10/26/00  "Cryptic Message" by MrKite at 03:13PM
      Sir_Chargon; Diggeroney
10/26/00  "Cryptic Message #7 of 7" by JasonR at 05:36PM
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10/26/00  "Cryptic Message-revelations" by MrKite at 05:52PM
      Comic-San; 1CrimsonKing1; Silver_Mistress; Miss_Nutso; et al
10/26/00  "What is really happening?" by sheep_of_doom at 09:20PM
      BrownWebmaster; 1CrimsonKing1; JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr
10/26/00  "1 1/2 years of Pokebattles: An Interview with Jason Ross on the state of PB. {PART ONE}" by Diggeroney at 09:56PM
      JasonR; JasonR; 1CrimsonKing1; Flashfire; et al
10/27/00  "Poll: Red Version vs the Network" by TRBoss_Giovanni at 04:25AM
      BrownWebmaster; Flashfire; Pory; MrKite; et al
10/27/00  "[Plaid] 2 on one? Not fair! (#160) {Author: wanna-be} (Or, the "Battle claimed with Style")" by Flashfire at 05:36AM
      The_Scribe; wanna-be; Diggeroney; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
10/27/00  "Thinking..." by EricMHE at 11:14PM
10/28/00  "Doompuff...The Saga Concludes" by m3th0d at 02:14AM
      Flashfire; JasonR; sheep_of_doom; Diggeroney
10/28/00  "NINE FREE BATTLES (really!)" by IndigoMan at 07:14AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; MrKite
10/28/00  "IRC RPG Reminder" by Ditto36 at 08:16AM
      IndigoMan; Comic-San
10/28/00  "Rainbow Contest: Win a chance to BATTLE JASON!" by RockmanAndForte at 04:41PM
      EricMHE; Falconcry; Flashfire; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
10/28/00  "About the upcoming interviews" by MrKite at 05:33PM
10/28/00  "Portal man reminder" by MrKite at 12:18PM
10/29/00  "Tornado Network Poll 29-4" by Tornadomaster at 06:05AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; wanna-be; The_Scribe; MrKite; et al
10/29/00  "Tornado News" by Tornadomaster at 06:09AM
10/29/00  "Sentimental Stuff" by Miss_Nutso at 04:58PM
      Skyler1234; Flashfire
10/29/00  "*Sigh* A bit emberasing but...." by Miss_Nutso at 05:09PM
      JasonR; JasonR
10/29/00  "Flashes of Red: A Series of Interivews with Pokebattles's Most Influential People. [Crimson King]" by Diggeroney at 05:10PM
10/29/00  "Flashes of Red: A Series of Interivews with Pokebattles's Most Influential People. [Flashfire]" by Diggeroney at 05:43PM
10/29/00  "Ross for president!" by MrKite at 05:47PM
      Miss_Nutso; Diggeroney; sheep_of_doom; JasonR; et al
10/29/00  "The Early Edition: Lime News" by The_Scribe at 09:13PM
10/29/00  "New Version!" by Ciaran_H at 12:03PM
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10/30/00  "Flashes of Red: A Series of Interviews with Pokebattles's Most Influential People. [Wakuseino]" by Diggeroney at 03:50PM
10/30/00  "Flashes of Red: A Series of Interviews with Pokebattles's Most Influential People. [Deb]" by Diggeroney at 04:41PM
      JasonR; Ruby_WEAPON
10/30/00  "Flashes of Red: A Series of Interivews with Pokebattles's Most Influential People. [Eric, MHE]" by Diggeroney at 04:52PM
10/30/00  "Flashes of Red: A Series of Interviews with Pokebattles's Most Influential People. [Sir Chargon]" by Diggeroney at 05:42PM
10/30/00  "Wow..." by MrGraves at 07:31PM
      JasonR; Falconcry
10/31/00  "[Brown] Battle Day Battle Thingy of Doom and..er..N/m.. (#162) {author: Skyler1234}" by Flashfire at 04:30AM
10/31/00  "[Crystal] LAME BATTLE DAY BATTLE APPEARED! (#163) {Author: BrownWebmaster}" by Flashfire at 05:28AM
      wakuseino; CrystalWebMastr
10/31/00  "[Crystal] Lime's Battle day entrance... the edited Sean connery fight... (#164) {author: The_Scribe}" by Flashfire at 06:17AM
      CrystalWebMastr; JasonR; The_Scribe
10/31/00  "[Lavender]Pumpkin Vivisection, Or, Linus Goes Medieval On Charlie Brown's Arse(#165){author: Seryph}" by Flashfire at 10:34AM
10/31/00  "[Lavender] Battle: For This is the Way it was Meant to Be (#166) {author: Flashfire}" by Flashfire at 11:01AM
      Ditto36; Diggeroney
10/31/00  "[Wind] Escape from YV (#161) {author: wakuseino}" by Flashfire at 12:33AM
10/31/00  "[Ruby] Silver_Mistress's Battle Day Battle featuring Tim Mulligan and Professor Oak! (#168)" by Flashfire at 02:18PM
10/31/00  "[Lavender] Liquid's battle day battle! (#169) {author: MrKite}" by Flashfire at 03:00PM
10/31/00  "All Hallow's Eve" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 05:19PM
      Diggeroney; wakuseino
10/31/00  "[Wind] Battle Day Battle: Ack (#170) {Author: CrlnVrsn}" by JasonR at 05:22PM
10/31/00  "[Wind] Baaaaaattle day battle day battle day battle day battle..er.. @_@ (#171) {Author: Ditto36}" by JasonR at 05:44PM
10/31/00  "[Lavender] The sucky battle day battle! (#172) {Author: DactaMPR}" by JasonR at 05:51PM
10/31/00  "[Silver] maybe-if-i-make-you-go-crazy-ill-win-vip-stat Battle! (#173) {Author: Diggeroney}" by JasonR at 06:47PM
      Silver_Mistress; Silver_Mistress; CrystalWebMastr
10/31/00  "[Wind] Ketran+Sugar=This Battle Day Battle (#174) {Author: Star_Ellimist}" by JasonR at 09:13PM
      TRBoss_Giovanni; Skyler1234
10/31/00  "[Wind] An odd for battle day,yep. *nods* (#175) {Author: OddLani}" by JasonR at 09:57PM
10/31/00  "[Lavender] Battle Day Battle: BATTLE DAY (By Duo) (#167) {author: CrystalWebMastr}" by Flashfire at 12:57PM
11/01/00  "Why I couldn't to battle day! (And important news to Scribe, Jason, and Sir Chargon)" by Tornadomaster at 04:57AM
11/01/00  "Lime News: Special Edition" by The_Scribe at 05:22AM
      CrystalWebMastr; lordsloth1999; Tornadomaster; MrKite; et al
11/01/00  "Theme Songs For Your Pokebattles Version" by CrystalWebMastr at 09:26AM
11/01/00  "[Wind] Yet another stupid battle for Battle Day? (#176) {Author: Wakuseino}" by JasonR at 12:50AM
11/01/00  "Flashes of Red: A Series of Interivews with Pokebattles's Most Influential People. [OddLani]" by Diggeroney at 02:30PM
11/01/00  "Is Silver Worth It?" by Silver_Mistress at 05:28PM
      Tornadomaster; BrownWebmaster; MrKite; Diggeroney; et al
11/01/00  "Proposal" by Tornadomaster at 07:40PM
11/01/00  "Battle Day Results" by JasonR at 08:01PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Mathemaniac
11/01/00  "Blood River picture" by MrKite at 08:24PM
11/02/00  "Poké-Survivor 2" by CrystalWebMastr at 08:51AM
      Supersquid_000; Silver_Mistress; Ditto36; MrKite; et al
11/02/00  "The Wacked Beginning... of a new fanfic!" by Star_Ellimist at 10:34AM
11/02/00  "Introducing...a special pokebattles irc battling room." by MrKite at 07:38PM
      CrystalWebMastr; Ditto36; Comic-San
11/03/00  "*Arms Crossed, Foot Tapping*" by Miss_Nutso at 03:39AM
      TRBoss_Giovanni; JasonR; CrystalWebMastr; BrownWebmaster; et al
11/03/00  "Should I start posting The Pokebattles movie again?" by DactaMPR at 02:05PM
      Star_Ellimist; BrownWebmaster; sheep_of_doom; MrKite; et al
11/03/00  "2000 Pokebattle Awards" by Tornadomaster at 04:20PM
11/03/00  "WHO SHOT JASON ROSS?" by Diggeroney at 04:49PM
      CrystalWebMastr; CrystalWebMastr; DactaMPR; Star_Ellimist; et al
11/03/00  "IRC RPG Project Reminder Thingy..." by Ditto36 at 06:30PM
11/03/00  "Erm... second part thingy here?" by Star_Ellimist at 09:47PM
      sheep_of_doom; Silver_Mistress
11/04/00  "Liquid special news." by MrKite at 01:26PM
11/04/00  "2000 Pokebattle Awards: Best Personal Graphic" by Tornadomaster at 01:56PM
      BrownWebmaster; MrKite; CrystalWebMastr; Emerald_Webmstr
11/04/00  "Battle Auctioning" by IndigoMan at 03:42PM
11/04/00  "The Return.............. delayed. Bah!" by Ruby_WEAPON at 04:56PM
11/04/00  "Olay! Part number three!" by Star_Ellimist at 05:35PM
11/04/00  "The time has come..." by Mystery03 at 12:16PM
11/05/00  "Poké Shipping?!!" by wakuseino at 02:21AM
      Silver_Mistress; Sir_Chargon; JasonR; EricMHE; et al
11/05/00  "Inner Arguments" by Silver_Mistress at 06:57AM
11/05/00  "...idea..." by MrKite at 03:11PM
      lordsloth1999; Silver_Mistress; Miss_Nutso; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
11/05/00  "Uh, hey?" by Ryko at 10:27PM
11/06/00  "New URL" by Tornadomaster at 03:53AM
11/06/00  "Lime News" by The_Scribe at 07:06AM
      MrKite; Skyler1234; Tornadomaster
11/06/00  "Poké-Survivor 2" by CrystalWebMastr at 02:49PM
      OddLani; wanna-be; wakuseino; Supersquid_000
11/06/00  "Birthday time.." by wanna-be at 08:24PM
      JasonR; Comic-San; Ruby_WEAPON
11/07/00  "Tornado Network Poll November 5-10" by Tornadomaster at 03:57AM
      Skyler1234; The_Scribe; MrKite; sheep_of_doom; et al
11/07/00  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, O ALMIGHTY WEBMASTER!" by Skyler1234 at 04:04AM
      wanna-be; The_Scribe; JasonR; Ciaran_H; et al
11/07/00  "Special Pokebattles Election" by MrKite at 05:23PM
      Falconcry; wakuseino
11/07/00  "Picture page" by MrKite at 05:56PM
11/07/00  "Aargh... it was so close too!" by Star_Ellimist at 06:58PM
11/09/00  "The election's over" by MrKite at 06:43PM
11/09/00  "What you think Lord Sloth looks like" by lordsloth1999 at 09:06PM
      EricMHE; RobbyMVB; Supersquid_000; Ds_Of_the_sith
11/09/00  "He who voted "Other" in the poll. (About 3 or 4 posts)" by Butch_Urrh at 11:15PM
      JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr; Flashfire
11/10/00  "Eh...EEVHAL MATH TEACHER..." by Skyler1234 at 05:06AM
      Flashfire; JasonR; BrownWebmaster; Mathemaniac; et al
11/11/00  "Poke-Survivor" by IndigoMan at 01:54PM
11/11/00  "Ruby Version News, 2000: No, nothing about the Presidency o_O;" by Ruby_WEAPON at 04:04PM
      BrownWebmaster; Silver_Mistress
11/11/00  "SEE JASON ROSS' PICTURE!" by MrKite at 06:47PM
      Mathemaniac; Flashfire; 1CrimsonKing1; RockmanAndForte; et al
11/11/00  "Liquid news, volume 2(please read, sky version webmaster)" by MrKite at 06:55PM
11/11/00  "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" by JasonR at 09:05PM
      Skyler1234; Sir_Chargon; lordsloth1999; Comic-San; et al
11/12/00  "Why Tornado Network wasn't updated!" by Tornadomaster at 01:54PM
11/12/00  "Beto Chávez: Fact or Fiction?" by JasonR at 09:01PM
      sheep_of_doom; lordsloth1999; The_Scribe; MrKite; et al
11/13/00  "Lime News: News that's not about the recount !!!" by The_Scribe at 05:57AM
      MrKite; Ruby_WEAPON; Mathemaniac
11/13/00  "The Rainbow Version Contest (battle Jason!) RESULTS" by RockmanAndForte at 11:34AM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Star_Ellimist; Comic-San
11/13/00  "Is it that bad?" by BrownWebmaster at 12:45AM
      JasonR; JasonR; Comic-San
11/14/00  "In Response to the whole Webmaster photo thing..." by PurpleWebmaster at 02:46PM
      Mathemaniac; MrKite; JasonR; BrownWebmaster; et al
11/16/00  "No Time" by MrKite at 05:23PM
11/16/00  "tornado Network Update!" by Tornadomaster at 06:14PM
11/16/00  "Question" by BrownWebmaster at 08:00PM
      Mathemaniac; JasonR; 1CrimsonKing1; Ruby_WEAPON; et al
11/17/00  "The whole 'claiming' idea..." by Ciaran_H at 03:11AM
11/17/00  "Who Wants to be a Millionaire: reminder" by IndigoMan at 10:35AM
11/17/00  "Look at the message" by wanna-be at 05:12PM
11/17/00  "IRC RPG Project: NEW OPENINGS!" by Ditto36 at 05:34PM
      wakuseino; wakuseino; wakuseino; Flashfire; et al
11/17/00  "You know what just occurred to me?" by Pory at 12:10PM
11/18/00  "Help!" by webmasterlil at 09:23AM
      1CrimsonKing1; sheep_of_doom; Ciaran_H
11/18/00  "two notes, one for jason, one for ds of the sith" by MrKite at 11:21AM
      JasonR; 1CrimsonKing1; Ds_Of_the_sith
11/18/00  "Jason, it's an I.E. 5.0 glitch" by MrKite at 01:42PM
      JasonR; Ciaran_H
11/18/00  "Tornado Network Update" by Tornadomaster at 03:33PM
11/18/00  "Anyone having the same probs?" by Ds_Of_the_sith at 04:55PM
11/19/00  "The picture page is up" by MrKite at 06:03AM
      IndigoMan; Ruby_WEAPON; Miss_Nutso; Flashfire; et al
11/19/00  "PBSupport: Battle AUCTIONING" by IndigoMan at 06:20AM
      MrKite; sheep_of_doom
11/20/00  "WE SHALL NEVAH SURRENDAH! {Old Thread}" by MrKite at 01:22PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Ruby_WEAPON; JasonR; Miss_Nutso; et al
11/20/00  "The Liquid Contest- Win a Slot in the Liquid Fanfic" by MrKite at 07:17PM
      IndigoMan; Comic-San
11/21/00  "People who miss the Blue Version and everyone else who want to be part of something big!!" by Tornadomaster at 05:13PM
      Comic-San; sheep_of_doom; MrKite
11/21/00  "a message from a forgotten ex-webmaster" by zander_harris at 07:50PM
11/21/00  "anyone remember me?" by neo-illumina at 12:08PM
      Comic-San; 1CrimsonKing1; Flashfire; EricMHE; et al
11/22/00  "Anglefire" by Miss_Nutso at 09:09AM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Tornadomaster; Ciaran_H
11/22/00  "Purple Version Battles" by PurpleWebmaster at 02:10PM
11/22/00  "PBSupport: The joined forces............." by IndigoMan at 05:33PM
11/22/00  "Ask Duo, Week #1" by CrystalWebMastr at 08:28PM
      MrKite; MrKite; MrKite; Silver_Mistress
11/23/00  "PBSupport: Redesign information and new tool" by IndigoMan at 05:17AM
      Flashfire; Ciaran_H
11/23/00  "Happy Birthday to Me...." by Silver_Mistress at 05:39AM
      Ciaran_H; Comic-San; EricMHE; sheep_of_doom; et al
11/23/00  "Goodbye" by Emerald_Webmstr at 08:41AM
      Tornadomaster; Comic-San; MrKite; 1CrimsonKing1
11/23/00  "Happy Thanksgiving..." by zander_harris at 11:09AM
11/23/00  "Liquid news, volume 3(Portal man, fanfic thingy, etc.)" by MrKite at 11:09AM
11/23/00  "AN ALMIGHTY Liquid contest!" by MrKite at 11:53PM
11/23/00  "uh.. to jason & lani..." by RockmanAndForte at 12:57PM
11/24/00  "i have truly remerged....." by Ultrainer at 07:33AM
11/24/00  "i have updated" by Ultrainer at 08:25AM
11/24/00  "Electric update warning" by Miss_Nutso at 04:18PM
11/24/00  "Battle Contest Idea" by Miss_Nutso at 04:30PM
      Ultrainer; Ultrainer; Ultrainer
11/24/00  "heh heh,i have a fan.......thanks for the support Anonymous!" by Ultrainer at 09:48PM
11/24/00  "'Nother Big Idea!" by Miss_Nutso at 10:08PM
      Ultrainer; Tornadomaster; Flashfire; MrKite; et al
11/25/00  "OH NO! JASON ROSS IS DEAD!" by Diggeroney at 03:24AM
11/25/00  "Tornado Network Tonight!" by Tornadomaster at 06:33AM
11/25/00  "i'm going on to expanden my horizens... you may laugh at this..." by zander_harris at 06:01PM
      CrystalWebMastr; Ditto36; Star_Ellimist; Emerald_Webmstr
11/25/00  "IRC" by Miss_Nutso at 07:58PM
11/26/00  "How many versions is dark taking over?" by MrKite at 01:00PM
      TRBoss_Giovanni; EricMHE; Miss_Nutso; BrownWebmaster; et al
11/26/00  "I am the Very Model of an Anime Hero Wonderful -- nifty little song parody ^^" by Sir_Chargon at 01:10PM
      Miss_Nutso; EricMHE; Star_Ellimist; sheep_of_doom; et al
11/26/00  "Just so you know..." by neo-illumina at 10:03PM
11/26/00  "Yeep. (Or, What Happens When Ketrans Dream Pokebattles Dreams)" by Star_Ellimist at 12:53PM
11/27/00  "Happy Belated Thanksgiving" by Skyler1234 at 05:32AM
      Flashfire; Comic-San; Star_Ellimist
11/27/00  "To JR and Chargon if JR says yes" by Tornadomaster at 01:56PM
11/28/00  "Problems updating Banana-Skin... ><" by Ciaran_H at 03:26AM
11/28/00  "IRC and the art of /ctcp PVERSION" by Ciaran_H at 03:57AM
11/28/00  "Reminder: Results of Red Version Poll #18" by Ciaran_H at 08:57AM
      JasonR; Silver757
11/28/00  "What? No-one wrote and entry for the fanfic contest?" by MrKite at 06:35PM
      Skyler1234; Comic-San
11/29/00  "Jason Ross' picture is UP!!!" by MrKite at 11:12PM
      Miss_Nutso; BrownWebmaster; Flashfire; Ruby_WEAPON; et al
11/29/00  "Da beginning of a new saga.." by Skyler1234 at 12:32PM
      sheep_of_doom; MrKite; Star_Ellimist; Ruby_WEAPON
11/30/00  "Results of Banana-Skin Poll #1" by Ciaran_H at 06:35AM
11/30/00  "The Ditdit Post #12" by Ditto36 at 01:17PM
      Comic-San; Silver757; Skyler1234
12/01/00  "VOTE: what should happen to strawberry version" by pikachu00200 at 02:22PM
      sheep_of_doom; MrKite; Flashfire; webmasterlil; et al
12/01/00  "Important Read" by Tornadomaster at 07:52PM
      MrKite; sheep_of_doom; IndigoMan; Silver_Mistress
12/02/00  "Liquid news, volume 4(Portal Man, Fanfic, Picture Page, etc.)" by MrKite at 06:26PM
12/02/00  "Cloud Version News, Volume 1" by sheep_of_doom at 09:34PM
12/02/00  "Tornado Network Bonus Points" by Tornadomaster at 12:09PM
12/03/00  "Strawberry manifesto" by pikachu00200 at 04:31AM
12/03/00  "PBSupport: Cya Other Stuff" by IndigoMan at 06:00AM
12/03/00  "The product of obsession..." by Skyler1234 at 09:05AM
12/04/00  "The reasoning behind everything...." by Skyler1234 at 03:56AM
12/04/00  "AHEM!!!! *poke*" by pikachu00200 at 02:26PM
      MrKite; Flashfire
12/04/00  "Idea (We've been seeing quite alot of them eh?)" by Mathemaniac at 04:54PM
      Silver_Mistress; sheep_of_doom; The_Scribe; Star_Ellimist; et al
12/05/00  "Am I seeing things, or..." by 1CrimsonKing1 at 07:14AM
      Ciaran_H; sheep_of_doom; MrKite; Star_Ellimist; et al
12/05/00  "Poké Battles category in the Open Directory Project" by Ciaran_H at 08:59AM
      sheep_of_doom; Silver_Mistress; JasonR; neo-illumina; et al
12/05/00  "Ditto look here...W2 fans as well." by sheep_of_doom at 07:17PM
12/05/00  "Never... should've let... fic drift like this..." by Star_Ellimist at 08:43PM
12/05/00  "Random Ramblings" by Silver_Mistress at 12:54PM
12/07/00  "question?" by pikachu00200 at 11:33AM
12/07/00  "IRC" by Tornadomaster at 01:30PM
      BrownWebmaster; MrKite; Flashfire; Seryph; et al
12/07/00  "Millionaire Update" by JasonR at 01:46PM
      Skyler1234; pikachu00200; Joeno
12/07/00  "a load of questions" by pikachu00200 at 02:32PM
      Tornadomaster; Ciaran_H
12/07/00  "Tornado News" by Tornadomaster at 02:43PM
12/08/00  "Tornado Updated" by Tornadomaster at 06:15PM
12/08/00  "DRAMA!" by Miss_Nutso at 08:21PM
12/09/00  "Tornado Network News (Updated)" by Tornadomaster at 09:58AM
      sheep_of_doom; Joeno; Miss_Nutso
12/09/00  "Liquid news, volume 5(Portal Man, Picture Page updated, and a quick poll, please read comic-sans)" by MrKite at 11:56PM
      sheep_of_doom; 1CrimsonKing1
12/10/00  "Purple Version...and you thought it was dead!" by PurpleWebmaster at 11:24AM
12/11/00  "Webmaster conference, scheduled." by MrKite at 01:09PM
      Miss_Nutso; Rojin; Miss_Nutso
12/11/00  "In light of the new conferences..." by Skyler1234 at 01:42PM
12/11/00  "Must...........Know!" by Miss_Nutso at 06:28PM
      MrKite; JasonR; Flashfire
12/11/00  "The Night Before New Year's...Part 1" by Skyler1234 at 12:36PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Miss_Nutso; Rojin
12/11/00  "Bah." by RockmanAndForte at 12:44PM
12/12/00  "Okkeeday.... Weird......" by IndigoMan at 03:42PM
12/12/00  "IRC---AOL can go back!" by Tornadomaster at 07:06PM
12/14/00  "Dacta...can DRAW??" by DactaMPR at 03:20PM
      MrKite; JasonR; Miss_Nutso; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
12/15/00  "Awards Ceremony" by sheep_of_doom at 03:26PM
      Mathemaniac; Miss_Nutso; Tornadomaster; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
12/16/00  "Tornado Network" by MrKite at 10:59AM
      Flashfire; Tornadomaster
12/16/00  "'kay... I'm ba-ack!" by Star_Ellimist at 04:44PM
12/16/00  "Updates" by Silver757 at 06:00PM
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12/16/00  "HOW DO YOU LINK THINGS?!" by Silver757 at 06:11PM
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12/16/00  "End of Liquid Version?" by MrKite at 09:48PM
      Skyler1234; Tornadomaster; Comic-San
12/17/00  "Unauthorized Fan Site" by Silver757 at 03:18PM
      sheep_of_doom; sheep_of_doom
12/17/00  "Battle: MissingNO2 {Author: Silver757}" by Silver757 at 03:32PM
      sheep_of_doom; Flashfire; sheep_of_doom; JasonR
12/17/00  "Has anyone seen my lost Battle?" by Silver_Mistress at 06:24PM
12/17/00  "What should happen to Shadow, Shell, Light, and Surf versions?" by Silver757 at 06:51PM
      1CrimsonKing1; sheep_of_doom; Tornadomaster; Miss_Nutso; et al
12/17/00  "Pokebattles Radio!" by MrKite at 11:27PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Tornadomaster; Emerald_Webmstr
12/18/00  "Millionaire Notice" by JasonR at 01:37PM
12/18/00  "Goodbye" by Silver757 at 08:09PM
      sheep_of_doom; JasonR; Big_Mud; Silver_Mistress; et al
12/19/00  "A prediciment in the top 5, eh?" by Skyler1234 at 04:07AM
      Tornadomaster; Flashfire; Flashfire; sheep_of_doom; et al
12/19/00  "No updates for a while..." by Ciaran_H at 09:01AM
12/19/00  "BOOM! Its all over" by BrownWebmaster at 04:18PM
12/19/00  "[Electric] Brown Versions Last Battle: Christmas Special (#174)" by BrownWebmaster at 04:34PM
      JasonR; Miss_Nutso; sheep_of_doom; Tornadomaster; et al
12/19/00  "Mud Version-No battles" by Big_Mud at 12:47PM
      Silver_Mistress; Tornadomaster; Star_Ellimist; MrKite; et al
12/20/00  "Blue Version" by Tornadomaster at 07:55AM
12/20/00  "Hello, hello, hello! ·•A Visitation of Andre, Winter Recess 2000•·" by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:26PM
      Skyler1234; Skyler1234
12/20/00  "Claim a battle! No puchase neccessary!" by Star_Ellimist at 04:21PM
12/21/00  "Please Read" by Tornadomaster at 11:09AM
12/21/00  "its my birthday,and i can post if i want to.....oh n/m" by Ultrainer at 08:49PM
      Miss_Nutso; Star_Ellimist; Unown13
12/21/00  "What you get when you stay up till 1:36 in the morning." by Miss_Nutso at 11:16PM
12/22/00  "End of an era" by MrKite at 04:34AM
      The_Scribe; Star_Ellimist; Skyler1234; JPG816
12/22/00  "Something that should be considered..." by The_Scribe at 05:53AM
      Flashfire; lordsloth1999; Tornadomaster; Flashfire; et al
12/22/00  "See a song 'side!" by Star_Ellimist at 10:01AM
      Rojin; sheep_of_doom; JasonR; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
12/22/00  "Mud Version - Gameshow - meet the peeps - play" by Big_Mud at 10:16AM
12/22/00  "Tornado Network Tonight!" by Tornadomaster at 10:22AM
12/22/00  "Um...er...I have...returned?" by Unown13 at 09:49PM
12/22/00  "Webmaster Tracker" by JasonR at 11:41PM
      1CrimsonKing1; Unown13; JPG816; JPG816; et al
12/23/00  "Webmaster Tracker 2............Reporting somewhat live from DisneyWorld" by Tornadomaster at 03:59AM
12/23/00  "Ice Version" by Articuno255 at 05:53AM
      Emerald_Webmstr; 1CrimsonKing1
12/23/00  "Er...he he..I'm having problems again..." by Miss_Nutso at 08:40AM
      sheep_of_doom; sheep_of_doom; sheep_of_doom; Joeno; et al
12/23/00  "G/S Version Colors" by Emerald_Webmstr at 09:23AM
      Skyler1234; Unown13
12/23/00  "...I'm sorry about the webmaster's conference." by MrKite at 06:31PM
      Comic-San; sheep_of_doom; Joeno
12/23/00  "Lovely...-_-" by DactaMPR at 12:53PM
12/24/00  "How do you post a battle on this board?" by Unown13 at 11:13PM
      sheep_of_doom; sheep_of_doom; Emerald_Webmstr
12/25/00  "About the network" by MrKite at 03:24AM
12/25/00  "[Moonlight] errr..... i'll list a fan battle (#175)" by Cyber_Mewtwo at 11:36AM
      sheep_of_doom; sheep_of_doom; Ruby_WEAPON
12/25/00  "BWEEEEE. Fun. Very nice. Yes, you shall read this topic..." by Butch_Urrh at 12:52AM
      MrKite; sheep_of_doom; Comic-San; MrGraves; et al
12/25/00  "Yet Another Webmaster Goes to Florida" by 1CrimsonKing1 at 05:06PM
      MrKite; JPG816; Star_Ellimist; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
12/25/00  "[Tornado] The Attack of the Pop-up Windows (#177)" by Unown13 at 05:17PM
      MrKite; Flashfire; Tornadomaster; Flashfire; et al
12/26/00  "Unofficial Lunar Version is here..." by JPG816 at 07:45PM
12/26/00  "JPG used APPEAR!" by JPG816 at 12:20PM
      Emerald_Webmstr; Star_Ellimist; Unown13; Emerald_Webmstr; et al
12/27/00  "#pokebattles on IRC: Level changes.. (many of them o.o)" by Flashfire at 06:14PM
      RockmanAndForte; Butch_Urrh; Articuno255; Emerald_Webmstr
12/27/00  "New from Emerald Version Software!" by Emerald_Webmstr at 12:23PM
      pikachu00200; Comic-San; MrKite; IndigoMan; et al
12/28/00  "I'm back!" by Tornadomaster at 10:37AM
12/28/00  "Jason, a request" by Emerald_Webmstr at 11:46AM
      Tornadomaster; Unown13; JasonR
12/29/00  "Ground is dead" by Brownie_Man at 07:27PM
      Skyler1234; Miss_Nutso; JasonR; Mathemaniac; et al
12/30/00  "SNOW VERSION" by pikachu00200 at 08:58AM
      sheep_of_doom; Big_Mud; JasonR
12/30/00  "Jason Ross, could you please do a poor hapless peasent a favor..." by JPG816 at 10:56AM
      Brownie_Man; Unown13; JasonR; DoubleD; et al
12/30/00  "The Mud Version Message Board (The Mud Puddle)" by Big_Mud at 05:44PM
12/30/00  "Brownie_Man has a picture?" by Brownie_Man at 06:19PM
12/31/00  "Happy new year!" by Articuno255 at 05:30AM
      MrKite; MrKite; Skyler1234; lordsloth1999; et al
12/31/00  "The SAGA concludes." by Articuno255 at 05:35AM
12/31/00  "Fully Functional DPA Alpha v2.0 Released! (everyone, read!)" by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:47PM
      IndigoMan; Joeno
12/31/00  "*checks watch* Less than an hour to go..." by Star_Ellimist at 08:45PM
12/31/00  "Access Denied." by Unown13 at 09:05PM
      Miss_Nutso; Supersquid_000; JasonR; Frost_Webmaster; et al
12/31/00  "How About...." by Miss_Nutso at 10:11PM
      kan300; Flashfire
01/01/01  "Brownie Drew a Picture(as if anyone cares)" by Brownie_Man at 03:08AM
01/01/01  "Like Kasparov, I have returned." by articool at 07:25AM
01/01/01  "PBSupport: 2001, time for an update" by IndigoMan at 08:52AM
      Tornadomaster; Emerald_Webmstr; Joeno; Silver_Mistress; et al
01/01/01  "Second Sites" by Miss_Nutso at 05:08PM
      Rojin; JasonR; Tornadomaster; Tornadomaster; et al
01/01/01  "If you haven't read the FF don't click." by Rojin at 06:14PM
01/02/01  "*Final* Fanfic..." by Emerald_Webmstr at 01:24PM
      Tornadomaster; Skyler1234
01/02/01  "Movin to the country, gonna eat a lot a peaches...." by Ds_Of_the_sith at 06:58PM
      Miss_Nutso; Miss_Nutso
01/03/01  "IRC screenshot" by Frost_Webmaster at 02:24AM
      JasonR; Flashfire; IndigoMan
01/03/01  "Odd PB Dream" by Silver_Mistress at 07:02PM
      sheep_of_doom; Miss_Nutso; IndigoMan
01/05/01  "Outta here...well, for now." by Unown13 at 07:43AM
01/05/01  "Poké Battles Census : January 2001" by JasonR at 03:57PM
      Star_Ellimist; Joeno; Comic-San; Cheese_Warrior; et al
01/05/01  "Celery Version Battles" by Cheese_Warrior at 12:45PM
01/06/01  "DON'T try to draw your NARRATOR!" by Miss_Nutso at 05:31PM
01/07/01  "Tornado Survey: January" by Tornadomaster at 08:51AM
      1CrimsonKing1; Flashfire; JasonR; sheep_of_doom; et al
01/07/01  "New E-mail" by PurpleWebmaster at 11:53AM
01/07/01  "JasonR site (due to the nature of this post, it is advised that Miss_Nutso does not read it)" by Frost_Webmaster at 03:43PM
      Ruby_WEAPON; Flashfire; TRBoss_Giovanni; Unown13
01/07/01  "Back in action" by Unown13 at 05:42PM
01/08/01  "Survey of sorts, a moch network thingy." by MrKite at 10:56AM
      1CrimsonKing1; JasonR; lordsloth1999; Mathemaniac; et al
01/08/01  "[Storm] another fan battle! (#176)" by Unown13 at 08:08PM
01/08/01  "Well, looks like I won't be on #pokebattles for a while..." by MrGraves at 08:20PM
01/09/01  "Poke-Survivor 3 Application (Completed)" by Tornadomaster at 02:13PM
      Comic-San; Silver_Mistress; Ruby_WEAPON; Supersquid_000; et al
01/11/01  "Da BUGGAH!" by DaRtH_SaTuRn at 02:43PM
01/12/01  "What's going on here?" by The_Scribe at 05:53AM
      Tornadomaster; lordsloth1999; JasonR
01/13/01  "Um...Jason(or anyone else who knows)?" by JPG816 at 09:24AM
      Unown13; Star_Ellimist; JasonR
01/13/01  "Heyas Omae..." by MrKite at 03:43PM
01/13/01  "I don't know why...." by DoubleD at 05:33PM
01/14/01  "I'm starting to think my battles suck..." by JPG816 at 03:30PM
      Unown13; Tornadomaster; TRBoss_Giovanni; Tornadomaster; et al
01/14/01  "Why was Blue Version shut down?" by JPG816 at 03:37PM
      Rojin; MrKite; kan300
01/14/01  "Top 5 PKBattles Jokes" by JPG816 at 03:56PM
      Unown13; DoubleD; Emerald_Webmstr; DoubleD
01/14/01  "Dark Webmaster --- READ THIS!!! THE FATE OF THE WORLD LIES IN YOUR HANDS! Wait, no - that's a pen." by DoubleD at 07:04PM
      JPG816; JPG816; JPG816; TRBoss_Giovanni
01/14/01  "Not to insult you Flashfire, but..." by JPG816 at 07:36PM
      DoubleD; MrKite; JasonR; 1CrimsonKing1; et al
01/14/01  "BOARD used DIE!" by Unown13 at 09:35PM
01/21/01  "EVX2 Poll" by Emerald_Webmstr at 08:49AM
01/21/01  "Anyone have/find Pokémon G/S songs?" by Unown13 at 10:09AM
      JPG816; sheep_of_doom
01/22/01  "George W. Bush haters please read this." by angryscientist at 04:47PM
01/22/01  "Re: George W. Bush haters please read this" by Unown13 at 08:18PM
01/24/01  "OI!!!! PLEASE READ THIS TOPIC! ESPECIALLY JASONR!" by Unown13 at 04:41PM
01/24/01  "I've got a question" by Brownie_Man at 04:51PM
      MrKite; JasonR